Hostess Gift Ideas: What To Bring To A Holiday Party

Holiday parties are filled with food, excitement, and festive cheer. The hostess of the party spends weeks and weeks planning this event so everyone comes over and has a great time. While it’s typical protocol to bring a food or drink item, it’s also a good idea to bring a gift for the hostess to show your appreciation for them throwing the party. Here are some hostess gift ideas to help you know what to bring to a holiday party.

Wine Gifts That Any Hostess Will Love

Wine themed items always make good hostess gifts. While you can simply bring them a bottle of wine, it’s better to make it even more special by bringing it in a festive wine bag or container that they can keep. In addition to the wine, you can also give them wine themed items, such as a cheeseboard accompanied by a fancy cheese. These are wine gifts that any hostess will surely love.

Insulated Wine Clutch With Opener

Wine Clutch With Opener

Give a bottle of wine to your hostess in style with these insulated wine clutches.

They can keep the bag as part of the wine gift and use it the next time they are bringing a bottle to someone else’s party. Choose from black, buffalo plaid, leopard, or red.

Wine Bottle-Shaped Cheese Board With Spreader

Wine Bottle Shaped Cheese Board With Spreader

These wine themed cheeseboards with spreaders are the perfect gift for a hostess.

The cheeseboards are shaped like wine bottles and they can use them for every party they host! Choose from “Wine a Little Laugh a Lot” or “Wine & Friends are a Great Blend”.

Faux Fur-Trimmed Plaid Wine Bags

Faux Fur Trimmed Plaid Wine Bag

Give the hostess a holiday themed wine gift with these faux-fur trimmed plaid wine bags.

These bags can hold most standard size wine bottles and can even be used for other small gifts. Choose from a deer or snowman design.

Holiday Serveware That A Hostess Can Use At Their Party

Holiday serveware can be a beautiful hostess gift idea because it’s something they can use right away during their party, or they can save it for another special occasion. You can even bake or cook something for them and display it on the serveware – a treat and a gift all in one! They will be grateful for this festive, fun, and unique holiday serveware.

Holiday Cutting Board & Spreader Sets

Holiday Cutting Board And Spreader Sets

These cutting board and spreader sets feature beautiful winter and Christmas artwork that anyone will love.

The cutting boards are made of glass and can even double as serving trays. Choose from the Santa design, snowman design, or red truck design.

Set of 3 Melamine Giving Plates

Set of 3 Melamine Giving Plates

Bake some delicious holiday cookies and give them to the hostess on these melamine giving plates.

The purpose of a giving plate is for the recipient to continue passing the plate with baked goods to another friend or family member. You can even track the plate’s travels by writing your name and date in permanent marker on the back.

Glass Domed Serving Plates – Galvanized or Bronze

Glass Domed Serving Plates

Bake a pie or some cookies and give them to your hostess in one of these glass domed serving plates that they can keep.

These serving plates not only protect and cover the food, but they also present them in a beautiful way. Choose from a galvanized base or a bronze base.

Food & Drink Gifts For A Hostess To Indulge In

While there will be a lot of food and drinks at the party, the hostess deserves a special separate treat to thank them for the party. Candy, chocolate, and food gift boxes are all easy hostess gift ideas that can be universally enjoyed. Cocktail mixer sets are also a great idea because they can share them with other guests at the party or save them for another fun event.

Captain Morgan Cocktail Mixer Gift Set

Captain Morgan Cocktail Mixer Gift Set

This cocktail mixer gift set is a great gift to give to a hostess to use the night of the party.

The set comes with 8 different flavors – something for everyone at the party to enjoy. You can also bring a bottle of Captain Morgan as part of the gift to pair with these mixers.

3-Box Festive Holiday Cheer Tower

Holiday Cheer Tower

This delicious holiday cheer tower is a great gift to give to any hostess at a Christmas party.

The tower comes beautifully wrapped with festive cheer and includes a box of snickerdoodle cookies, salted caramel popcorn, and raspberry candies.

Sander’s Chocolate Holiday Gift Boxes

Sanders Chocolate Holiday Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? These tasty gift boxes are a sweet way to say ‘thank you’ to a hostess.

Choose from dark chocolate peppermint patties, dark chocolate sea salt caramel, milk chocolate pecan caramel cluster, or milk chocolate sea salt caramel.

Relaxing Scented Gifts A Hostess Will Appreciate

Everyone deserves a relaxing home, especially someone who hosts a lot of parties and gatherings. Scented items are wonderful hostess gift ideas, and holiday scents can be even more fitting. From essential oils to Christmas scented candles to aromatic soaps and lotions, they will appreciate these stress-relieving scented gifts.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffuser

This lighted essential oil diffuser is a thoughtful and relaxing hostess gift for them to enjoy.

The diffuser also acts as a color-changing lamp, shifting from shades of blue to purple to green to red to pink to yellow. It’s a wonderful gift to boost energy or promote relaxation.

Holiday Jar Candles

Holiday Jar Candle

These crackling holiday jar candles are a perfect way for a hostess to set the mood of a Christmas party.

Choose from 4 festive scents including Through The Woods, Sugarplum Dream, Winter Delights, and Candied Cinnamon.

Mason Jar Soap & Lotion Sets

Mason Jar Soap And Lotion Sets

These mason jar soap and lotion sets are delightfully scented gifts to give to a hostess for their home.

There are variety of scents to choose from including Apple Crisp, Cherry Blossom, Lavender, and Vanilla Coconut.

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