15 Unique Wall Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

Blank walls give you endless possibilities to freshen up your house and revamp your home decor style. Your living room wall decorations can make or break the aesthetic and overall design of the room. Certain types of frames, paintings, shelves, and more can accentuate different areas of the room. Here are 15 unique wall decoration ideas for the living room.

1. Hang Up A Gallery Of Frames On The Wall

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Wall Frame Gallery

Hang up a big collage of framed photos or framed wall art above your living room couch to create an interesting looking gallery. This collection of frames can include anything from family photos to artsy vacation photos to abstract paintings.

For an artistic appearance:

  • Arrange the frames in a scattered pattern along the wall, but make sure to keep them fairly close together. Even though they are scattered, they should also flow nicely.
  • Use a different frame for every photo so they each stand out individually. Frames with patterns are especially eye-catching.

For a more traditional appearance:

  • Arrange the frames in even rows, wide enough to line the width of the couch.
  • Use the same frame for every photo. The frames should match the main accent colors in your living room.

2. Give The Living Room A Fresh Style With Patterned Wallpaper

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Decorative Pattern Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns on your living room walls. Patterned wallpaper can add some depth and creativity to the room without having to hang up any framed artwork. You can use the most simple patterns or the most complex; this wall decorating idea is all based on personal style.


  • Put the wallpaper on the wall behind your couch and paint the other walls a plain color. An accent wall gives the room a big decorative element without being too over the top.
  • Large geometric patterns bring a nice modern touch to the room, while floral patterns give vintage vibes.
  • You can use temporary wallpaper if you don’t want to commit or if you are renting.
Weathered Shore Planks Peel And Stick Wallpaper
Sandstone Peel And Stick Wallpaper
Timber White Peel And Stick Wallpaper

3. Use Mirrors As Living Room Wall Art

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors can be both functional and decorative and should definitely be included in your living room. It’s not only convenient to have a mirror in your living room, but it also can help make the room look bigger. Mirrors can also bounce natural light around to make the room even brighter during the day.

Decorative Mirror Ideas:

  • You can create a collage by hanging up assorted sizes of circle mirrors. This is best to hang on the wall above your couch.
  • Hang up a big mirror on the wall above your mantle as a statement piece.
  • Use a small funky mirror in the room for a more subtle yet charming effect.

Have a small living room? Mirrors are one way of creating the illusion of a bigger space, but there are other tricks you can add to the room too. Here is How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger.

4. Mount The Television To The Wall Instead Of Sitting It On A Stand

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - TV Hanging On Wall

Instead of keeping your television on a stand on top of your console table or cabinet, hang it up on the wall to instantly create more counter top space. This can help make the room look more open and clean, and it also allows you to decorate with more tabletop accents.

Additionally, placing your TV on a stand can make it difficult to decorate the wall above it. Hanging the television up is a great solution to fill in the blank wall space to make the room feel more balanced and complete.

5. Brighten Up The Living Room With Bold Colored Paintings & Wall Art

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Colored Paintings

Artwork is a great wall decoration idea for the living room because there are so many possibilities with the types of paintings you can hang up. Hanging up a bold or bright colored painting can be a strong statement piece in the room.

Wall art can also set the stage for the rest of the decorative accents in your living room. Match your throw pillows to the colors in your main painting or put up other decorations that coordinate with the patterns in your painting. This can help tie the room together nicely and it creates a beautiful flow throughout the room.

Personalized Mason Jar Name Art
Personalized Toes In The Sand Wall Art
Personalized Watercolor Foliage Wall Art

6. Add Greenery To The Living Room With Wall Plants

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Wall Planters

Greenery can instantly brighten up the room and transform the whole atmosphere. If your living room doesn’t have a lot of free floor space for big potted plants, wall plants and hanging planters are a good way to go.

Place small indoor planters on top of floating shelves or even hang planter baskets directly on the wall. You can also decorate with flowers on your shelves to add even more colors to the room. Use either real or faux plants to give your living room some natural and bright elements.

Rooster Or Hen Galvanized Wall Planters
Macrame Plant Holders
Hanging Metal Wall Planters

7. Use Floating Shelves To Display Framed Artwork

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Frame On Floating Shelf

Shelves don’t just have to be for small decorative accents. If you don’t want to hang paintings or pictures directly onto the wall, putting them on shelves is a great solution. This method also brings a unique decorative element to the living room that brings more attention to all the decor on the shelves.

Lean frames against the wall on top of floating shelves, line several kickstand picture frames on top of a shelf, or display one big painting on a large wall shelf.

Wall-Mounted Quilt Rack With Shelf
Window Pane Wall Decor With Shelf
4 Piece Classic Floating Wall Shelf Sets

8. Hang Baskets On The Walls To Add A Boho Style To The Living Room

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Wall Baskets

If you’re looking to add a bohemian style to your living room, basket wall hangings can give the room a unique style transformations. The texture, design, and layout of these baskets bring a completely new and different layer to the living room walls.

Basket Wall Hanging Ideas

  • Intermix different colors and types of baskets into a collage on the wall and overlap some if possible. This creates the illusion of a large, singular wall piece.
  • You can hang up a bunch of flat baskets of various sizes. Flat baskets or basket bowls are typically easier to hang on the wall.
  • You can also choose to hang a traditional basket or woven bucket on the wall and store items in it.

9. Use A Giant Wall Clock As A Living Room Statement Piece

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Decorative Wall Clock

Wall clocks can act as a functional and decorative piece for your living room. While many people these days use digital clocks or the clock on their cell phones, analogue clocks can make the room look elegant and sophisticated.

You can either hang up a giant wall clock on a blank wall, or create an interesting collage of smaller clocks. Make sure the clock matches your living room decor style and colors so it will blend in well with the rest of your room.

Metal Windmill Wall Clock
Vintage-Inspired Key Wall Clocks
Oversized Wood And Iron Farmhouse Clock

10. Hang Up A Mix Of Decorative Plates On A Section Of The Wall

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Decorative Hanging Plates

Decorative and delicate plates can look especially nice in an antique style living room; however, they can fit into any style room if incorporated in a subtle way. Hanging them on the wall is a great alternative to displaying them on a stand on a table.

Hang a large decorative plate on the wall above a console table, or hang up a row or two of matching or mismatched plates. Choose plates with detailed designs and rich colors so they will stand out as as a noticeable decoration in the room.

11. Take Up An Entire Wall Of The Living Room With A Full Length Bookshelf

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Full Wall Bookshelf

Books can bring a lot of character to a living room, especially if you have a giant library of them. Bookshelves can look nice in the living room and can also give you easy access to something to do when you’re relaxing on the couch. Decorative bookends also add a special touch to the shelves.

If you have the space for it and enough books to fill it, install a full wall bookshelf in your living room. This can be done in a couple ways:

  • Install a full wall unit that has shelves and cabinets – fill all the shelves with books.
  • Install 3 levels of full wall floating shelves and fill them up with books and unique bookends.

12. Use Yarn & Fabric Wall Hangings To Add Some Texture To The Room

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Macrame Wall Hanging

Another way to bring a bohemian element to your living room is to use yarn and other fabric wall hangings. These types of decorations can add some fringe and texture to your walls

Macrame wall hangings are some of the most common to find, with their unique knotting patterns and fringed ends. You can also go a different route and hang up dream-catchers in your living room. This is a bold choice since dream-catchers are mostly hung up in a bedroom, but it can really bring something fresh and different into the living room.

13. Paint A Large Mural To Cover An Entire Living Room Wall

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Full Wall Mural

If you really want to commit to your living room wall decor, a mural can bring a whole new artistic style to the room. It acts as a backdrop for the rest of your decorations and can sometimes create the whole theme of the room.

Hire a professional to paint a specific scene across your wall. This can be a cityscape, a nature scene, or even an abstract layout of colors. Make sure it reflects your personality and the overall style of your house. Use a picture or photograph for inspiration. If you’re an artist you can even paint it yourself!

14. Hang Up Wall Sconces To Display Decorative Lighting

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Lighted Wall Sconce

If you’re looking for new ways to add more lighting into your living room, wall sconces are a great way to save space, brighten up the room, and add an extra decorative element. These wall sconces can be used in addition to traditional table lamps and lighting.

Hang up a lighted wall sconce on each side of the couch or on each side of the TV to make the room feel balanced. Play around with different lamp shades, different colored light bulbs, and placement of the wall sconces to fit your home’s style.

Flat Iron Hurricane Wall Sconce
Hanging Mason Jar Sconce
Rustic Metal Wall Sconces

15. Create An Accent Wall With Stone or Brick Tiles

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room - Tile Accent Wall

An accent wall can highlight certain aspects of your living room in a new and fresh way. The wall behind your couch is a solid choice for the accent wall because it can help showcase the main pieces of furniture in the room.

Stone or brick tiles on your accent wall can add a natural or rustic element to the room. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can construct an actual brick or stone wall. But if you want to save time, you can use brick or stone patterned wallpaper across the wall. This type of wallpaper creates a pretty realistic effect without the hassle of redoing the whole wall, and it can help you take the first step in transforming your space.

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