10 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For The Whole Family

The traditional Easter egg hunt with candy prizes is always fun, but a little extra creativity can make the hunt even more exciting. Whether you want to start a new Easter tradition, or do something different each year, putting a unique twist on the main Easter activity is a great place to start. Here are 10 creative Easter egg hunt ideas for the whole family to participate in!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

1. Golden Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter egg hunt idea involves an extra special egg that results in an extra special prize! Paint one of the eggs a golden color and hide it in the most difficult hiding spot you can think of. The finder of the golden egg will get a unique prize at the end of the game. You can hide multiple golden eggs if you have a large group of children playing so everyone has a fair chance.

You can also opt to hide a golden ticket inside one of the eggs instead, making the hunt even more mysterious and fun!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Golden Eggs

2. Color Coded Easter Egg Hunt

This color-coded Easter egg hunt idea is perfect for a larger group of children! Choose the correct amount of colors and hide an even amount of each colored egg. Then, assign each child to a color. They will only have to search for the eggs in their color. This can help prevent fighting over eggs and it assures that everyone has a good time!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Color Coded Easter Eggs

3. Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Take your Easter egg hunt to the next level by doing it at nighttime! This one is especially fun and unique for older kids.

Fill plastic eggs with glow sticks and hide them around the yard. Kids will have to search for the glowing lights in this exciting Easter egg hunt game. You can even do a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt inside – simply hide the eggs in the basement and turn off all the lights, or make it even more fun by hiding eggs in different rooms and turning off every single light in the house.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

4. Easter Egg Hunt With Rewards

Instead of getting candy in their Easter eggs (because let’s be real, they will have a lot of candy that day anyway), put in strips of paper that list off special rewards for them to redeem. These can be things that they can use over a longer period of time. They can be big or small things, up to the parents’ discretion.

Here are some examples of rewards that you can write down:

  • Stay up 15 minutes past the normal bedtime
  • Skip one chore day
  • Go on a special lunch date with mom or dad
  • Choose what to watch for the next movie night
  • Pick one toy from the store
Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter Egg Hunt Rewards

5. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

A traditional Easter egg hunt is fun, but as your kids get older, it’s even more fun to give them a little bit of a challenge. The Easter egg treasure hunt is the perfect way to switch things up a bit! This one takes a little bit more preparation and work, but it’s well worth the enjoyment they’ll have.

Each egg should contain a slip of paper with a clue that leads them to the next egg. For example, if you hide an egg in a tree house, the first clue can say something like: “The next egg is found in a place where you look down at the ground”. The kids can work together to solve the clues and find the eggs. The treasure hunt should lead them to a special prize at the end.

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

6. Easter Egg Exercise Hunt

The excitement of Easter and the sugar from candy can bring out a lot of energy. This Easter egg exercise hunt can help get the kids’ energy out in a fun and productive way!

Each Easter egg should contain a slip of paper that lists off an exercise they need to complete before looking for another egg. These should be simple and fun exercises/activities that are quick for them to complete. Some examples include:

  • Hop like a bunny 10 times in a row
  • Run to the other side of the yard and back twice
  • Dance like a chicken
  • Do 10 jumping jacks while singing a song
Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter Egg Exercise Hunt

7. Blind-Folded Easter Egg Hunt

While this idea strays away from the traditional way of walking around and searching for eggs, it’s a great alternative for kids of any age.

To do the blind-folded Easter egg hunt, fill a large bucket with a mix of candy, random Easter items, and Easter eggs. Fill up some of the Easter eggs with slips of paper that list special prizes. Make sure to leave enough empty eggs in the bucket as well. Each player is blind-folded and gets 30 seconds to try and collect as many eggs as they can. At the end, they get to redeem the prizes from any slips of paper they received.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Blind Folded Easter Hunt

8. Puzzle Piece Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter egg puzzle idea combines thinking skills with fun and excitement! It also requires the kids to work together to receive a prize at the end.

Hide a puzzle piece in each egg, and let the kids know how many Easter eggs are hidden. The first step is for them to find every single egg. The next step is for them to put the puzzle together as a team. Once they find the eggs and complete the puzzle, they will win prizes.

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Puzzle Piece Easter Egg Hunt

9. Three-Legged Easter Egg Hunt

This three-legged Easter egg hunt idea is a fun and hilarious one for kids to do with parents or to do in teams with each other.

Each kid will get into teams of two (either with an adult or with another kid). Use a scarf or band to tie each person’s leg to their teammate’s. They must work together to go on their Easter egg hunt with “three legs”. Make sure some rules are set in place for safety, such as no running.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Three Legged Race Easter Egg Hunt

10. Lego Easter Egg Hunt

The Lego Easter egg hunt is pretty much two games in one! The first step is to buy a fun Lego set that the kids will enjoy together. Place a couple Lego pieces into each Easter egg. Make sure you keep track of how many eggs you hide so all Lego pieces are found.

Once the kids find all the eggs, show them the Lego set that they need to build. They can work together to build the Lego creation. Once they finish it, you can reward them with extra prizes or candy.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Lego Easter Egg Hunt

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