10 Decorating Ideas For A Traditional Country Kitchen

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Wooden Walls

The traditional country decor style can make any room feel extra welcoming, homey, and charming. With elements of wood and warm colors, this style has a unique look that can be a perfect fit for the kitchen. Your kitchen can be transformed by incorporating plaid patterns, rustic materials, and much more. Here are 10 decorating ideas for a traditional country kitchen.

1. Country Patterns Combined With Warm Colors Can Set Up The Environment

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Gingham Patterns

Color schemes and patterns are some of the first things you should think about when decorating a country kitchen. These main elements will set up the entire mood of the kitchen which can make or break the style you want to achieve. You should carefully coordinate the colors and patterns of your wall, flooring, decorations, and appliances so they flow nicely throughout the kitchen.

Neutral Colors

Choose neutral shades for the main color of your kitchen walls, such as white, cream, or beige. This helps to create a level of overall simplicity, which in turn helps small and charming accents stand out more. A neutral setting also allows you to to have more flexibility with different types of furniture made of various materials.

*Note: not all country kitchens necessarily need to have neutral colored walls; it just depends on your interpretation and style.*

Warm Colored Accents

Decorations, accents, and wall art are what really make a country kitchen shine. Traditional country kitchens typically have warm colored accents, such as reds and browns. Red is an especially great choice for the fabrics in your kitchen, such as towels and curtains.

However, you can also choose muted colors that are inspired by nature such as pale greens and subtle yellows. These types of colors still give off a charming, homey, and rustic vibe without feeling too modern or overly bright.

Country Patterns

Patterns are a must because they add another level of interest within a country kitchen. Opt for traditional country patterns such as plaid, gingham, floral, paisley, and farm animal prints. These patterns can be incorporated into backsplash wallpaper, kitchen towels, window curtains, and wall art.

Set of 2 Hanging Kitchen Towels

Set of 2 Hanging Country Star Kitchen Towels

Black & White Check Table Linens

Back & White Check Table Linens

2. Antique Kitchen Appliances & Furniture Can Give Off A Traditional Country Feel

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Antique Retro Fridge

While antique decor mostly fits into a retro themed kitchen, certain antique elements are perfect for a traditional country kitchen. This is due to their rustic and charming appeal that meshes well with distressed wood that is typically seen in country decor.

Choose a retro style refrigerator and pick up a used wooden table from an antique store. These pieces can turn the kitchen into a more charming and humble environment, which pairs well with your traditional country accents. In retrospect, if you used stainless steel appliances mixed with country decor, you would have a more modern country kitchen.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo the antique furniture because that may give your kitchen a completely different style than what you were aiming for.

3. Use Copper Pots, Pans, & Decor To Give Your Kitchen Rustic Elements

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Copper Pots

Copper matches well with warm country colors and it can give off a more natural and “worn-in” aesthetic than stainless steel. You can bring copper into the room with the use of kitchen tools and cooking supplies, along with different styles of rustic decorations.

How To Incorporate Copper Into Your Country Kitchen

  • Display copper pots and pans by hanging them on wall hooks while not in use.
  • Decorate with copper wall art such as rustic barn stars or metal sentiment signs.
  • Use copper planters to display real or faux plants and flowers as a table centerpiece.
  • Install copper ceiling lights to hang over your kitchen island.
  • Include smaller copper tabletop accents throughout the kitchen.

4. Have Dishware & Kitchen Items On Display With Open Shelves Or Clear Cabinets

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Floating Shelves

Showcasing a collection of items is a classic country-style thing to do because it gives off a sense of charm and personality that is unique to you and your house. Instead of putting away all of your dishes, a traditional country kitchen leaves nothing to hide.

Instead of having blocks of kitchen cabinets, use sturdy wooden floating shelves to display your dinner plates and bowls, canisters of salt and sugar, decorative jars, and other small items. You can also show off your coffee mugs by hanging them on wall hooks or putting them on a free-standing display case.

If you still like the style of cabinets, opt for ones with clear glass doors so you can still visually show off all your dishes and dinnerware.

5. Add Country Sentiment Decor For A Charming Touch In Your Kitchen

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Country Sentiments

Country sentiments, words, and quotes are always clever and charming, which can help add a finishing touch to your kitchen and fill in a missing piece. Country sentiments are best represented on wall signs made of galvanized metal or distressed wood, but they can also look nice as tabletop block signs or in standing picture frames.

Use signs that incorporate barn animals to bring a true farm element to your traditional country kitchen. Words like “Market” and “Farm Fresh” are also incredibly fitting because they help give off that authentic country appearance. Additionally, long-form quotes can look especially charming as framed wall hangings.

Sentiment Farmhouse Block Signs

Sentiment Farmhouse Block Signs

Country Market Kitchen Sign

Country Market Kitchen Sign

6. Use A Rug Under Your Table To Bring Your Country Kitchen To Life

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Kitchen Rugs

The more fabric you can add to your country kitchen, the better. So many strong country patterns are found in fabrics and you should take advantage of that in your kitchen. Rugs are a great way to add more fabric to your kitchen while covering a large surface area.

Place a large area rug underneath your kitchen table to make the table look more prominent in the room. You can also use a rug to divide the room – you can give the appearance that the dining area/table is in a separate room.

Lean towards braided rugs, country patterned rugs, and rugs that match the accent colors in your kitchen.

3-Pc. Braided Rug Sets

3 Piece Braided Rug Set

Nonslip Berber Area Rugs

Nonslip Berber Area Rugs

7. An Apron Front Sink Can Give Your Kitchen An Authentic Country Look

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Farmhouse Sink

Apron front sinks, otherwise known as farmhouse sinks, are a classic addition to a country kitchen and can become a defining piece in the kitchen. These sinks work well in both traditional and modern country kitchens thanks to their timeless style.

These sinks look best with marble or wooden counter tops and a unique tiled backsplash. However, there are so many different types of materials for apron front sinks that can blend well into any style kitchen. For instance, there are ones made of cast iron, enameled steel, copper, and more.

Keep in mind that the installation of a apron front sink may require an adjustment to your counter tops and cabinets so they can hold the weight of such a heavy sink. But even so, it’s well worth the time and investment to have this unique piece in your kitchen.

8. Hang Unique Light Fixtures To Add Something Extra To Your Country Kitchen

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Brass Light Fixture

A country themed kitchen doesn’t stop at eye-level decorations. Rather than using regular ceiling lights, hanging light fixtures can add a little something extra to the kitchen.

Hanging light fixtures with unique materials and designs can be the finishing touch that your country kitchen needs to feel complete. You can even match the fixtures to your accent colors or use a fixture that has the same material as the majority of your appliances. It’s important to coordinate the lights with the rest of your kitchen so they look like they belong in the mix.

Country Kitchen Light Fixture Ideas

  • Brass or copper light fixtures
  • Wicker basket light fixtures
  • Wooden pendants or chandelier light fixtures
  • Candle holder light fixtures

9. Put Wooden Bar Stools Around Your Country Kitchen Island For Charming Seating

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Bar Stools

Wooden bar stools can add a lot to the charming aspects of your traditional country kitchen. Their simple yet unique appearance makes them both decorative and functional pieces of furniture.

If you don’t have a kitchen island, you can choose to use stools at a high-top kitchen table. However, to stick with the theme, be sure that your high-top table is rustic or galvanized.

Regular wooden chairs can also work well in a country kitchen if you aren’t a fan of bar stools. Look for ones made of distressed wood to give the kitchen more of an authentic country feel.

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stools

Adjustable Height Bar Stool

31″ Swivel Seat Bar Stools

Swivel Seat Bar Stool

10. Patterned Tile Floors Can Give Your Country Kitchen A Unique Style

Decorating Ideas For Country Kitchen - Tiled Floor

Regular wood floors can look nice in a country kitchen; however, if you want to have more of an overall traditional charm, tiled floors are the way to go. There is so much variety when it comes to tiled kitchen floors, which means you are bound to find tile that works for your kitchen.

While you can pick tiles that are a bit more “funky” than average, make sure that they still blend in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. Whether it’s complementing the tile colors to your decorative accents, matching the pattern on your backsplash, or finding a different way to coordinate, get creative with your floor choice.

You can choose white tiles with colored shapes and patterns, a warm shade of red or brown tiles, paisley or floral tiles, black and white checkered tiles, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

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