Taking Care Of Succulents: A How-To Guide

Succulents come in all different types, shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. They are versatile in the types of environments they can be planted in. Whether they are planted indoors or outdoors, succulents can bring a lot to your home or to the rest of your garden. Are you looking to plant some succulents but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are some tips on taking care of succulents to get you started.

Taking Care Of Succulents - Colorful Succulents

Indoor vs Outdoor Succulents

The great thing about succulents is that you can plant them in an indoor or outdoor environment, as long as they are taken care of properly and all factors are accounted for.

While one environment doesn’t necessarily take reign over the other, there are several pros and cons to each one. Keep in mind that succulents won’t be able to thrive outdoors in certain climates and locations. It depends on where you live and what season it is. You can also opt to keep your succulents outdoors for part of the year and move them indoors during harsher seasons.

Note: certain types of succulents are also solely meant to grow outdoors or indoors – be sure to check the specific care tips when buying a succulent.

Indoors● Protects plants from harsh temperatures and weather
● Prevents most pests from destroying your plant
● Easier to care for than outdoor plants
● It can be difficult to get the right amount of sunlight through the window
● Soil takes longer to dry out due to less air circulation
Outdoors● Plants naturally thrive the best outdoors
● There’s a lot more space for the succulents outdoors than indoors
● There is better access to direct sunlight outside
● They can be harmed by excessive sunlight and heat in certain climates
● They won’t thrive in wet and rainy climates due to too much water in the soil

How To Take Care Of Indoor Succulents

Taking Care Of Succulents - Indoor Succulents

Indoor succulents can add a lot of color and brightness into your home anytime of year. The great thing about indoor succulents is that they require low effort and minimal upkeep. This is nice for people who don’t have a lot of time to care for plants but who still want some greenery in their house.

Keep in mind that not all succulents can thrive indoors; make sure you research the types of succulents that you are interested in and check on the specific care tips. While these are general tips for indoor succulents, it’s crucial that you refer to your specific succulent’s guidelines to assure proper care.

In general, naturally green succulents will thrive better indoors and be able to maintain their color, where vivid colored succulents won’t stay vibrant indoors due to lack of direct sunlight.

Indoor Succulent Care Tips

  • The amount of sunlight depends on the type of succulent you have. Make sure to follow the guidelines for your specific succulents. Too much heat or not enough heat can harm the plant.
  • If your specific succulents don’t need a large amount of sunlight, place them near a window that has a sheer curtain.
  • Make sure you occasionally rotate your succulent so each side of it gets the same amount of sunlight through the window.
  • Your pot should have proper drainage holes on the bottom to avoid rotting soil.
  • Check specific guidelines on how often to water your succulent. Watering too often will harm your succulents. Most succulents only need to be watered when the soil is completely dry.
  • Succulents are susceptible to pests – if you catch them early enough, you can clean them away with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to keep infested plants isolated to prevent the spread of pests to other plants.

How To Take Care Of Outdoor Succulents

Taking Care Of Succulents - Outdoor Succulents

Succulents can add a lot to your outdoor garden, and there is a lot more space outside for large succulents to grow and flourish. Additionally, there are more opportunities to grow colorful succulents outside because that’s where they will receive the best sunlight to keep their vivid colors.

Just like the indoor succulents, make sure to research the types of succulents that will thrive the best outside. There are certain succulents that are meant to be planted outdoors. Also, always refer to the specific care instructions for the succulents that you choose, seeing as each type of succulent will require varied care.

You can plant succulents outdoors in two different ways. You can either plant them directly in the ground with the rest of your garden, or you can plant them in pots. If you plant them in pots, you have the ability to easily move them inside when weather calls for it. It depends on your climate and location.

Outdoor Succulent Care Tips

  • When planting succulents outside, make sure to use soil that drains well. It’s best to backfill the hole with sand to allow for easy drainage.
  • If you live in an area that gets harsh winters, plant succulents in pots instead of the ground. That way, you can easily bring them inside when the weather starts to get bad. Make sure to use pots that have drainage holes to avoid too much moisture retention.
  • Planting in a pot is also a good idea if you live in a particularly rainy location. Make sure you don’t over-water your succulents – bring them inside on rainy days.
  • Make sure to plant your succulents in a spot where they’ll receive enough direct sunlight. Keep in mind that some succulents will need more or less sunlight than others; plan accordingly as to not overheat them.
  • Only water the succulents when the soil is completely dry. Make sure to only water the base of the plant and keep the leaves dry for the best growth results.

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