10 Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts For The Ultimate Spa Day

Your mom deserves the best everyday, but Mother’s Day is an excellent time to give her extra care and to show your appreciation for her. There’s nothing better than giving your mom a nice and relaxing gift that she’ll be able to use as she pleases. Here are 10 relaxing Mother’s Day gifts for the ultimate spa day.

1. Day/Night Hemp Oil Hydrating Face Creams

Relaxing Mother's Day Gifts - Hemp Oil Face Cream
Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Hemp Oil Face Cream

Your mom deserves some healthy pampering! These Day/Night Hemp Oil Hydrating Face Creams are perfectly formulated to give your mom the wonderful spa night that she needs. She can keep these creams in her bathroom to use on a daily basis as a part of her morning routine, or to use during a night of relaxation.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Made of hemp seed oil, these creams provide healthy hydration for normal to dry skin types.
  • This collection features three different types of hemp creams to meet specific needs. Choose from Collagen, Rosehip, or Vitamin C.
  • Free of any fragrances and chemicals, these hemp creams are gentle to your face and keep your skin feeling healthy and fresh.

2. Comfy Giftable Loungewear In A Bag

Relaxing Mother's Day Gifts - Comfy Giftable Loungewear In A Bag
Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Loungewear Pants

Loungewear is a necessity for any relaxing spa night! This loungewear set already comes in a chic bag, making it the ideal Mother’s Day gift. Give your mom this nice and cozy outfit; she deserves to feel relaxed.

Why She’ll Love It

  • This loungewear set is made of super-soft brush fabric, making it incredibly comfortable and not too heavy or thick to wear in the warmer seasons.
  • Choose from a gray or navy colored set – she will love either one of these soft and delicate colors.
  • The top has loose raglan sleeves and the pants have an elastic waist, making it the ideal cozy outfit to wear on a rainy day or any random weekend.

3. Ultrasonic Color-Changing Diffusers Or Essential Oils

Relaxing Mother's Day Gifts - Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a great way to have a relaxing spa night! This Ultrasonic Color-Changing Diffuser and these Essential Oils are a supreme Mother’s Day gift for any mom who needs a nice addition to their nighttime regimen.

Why She’ll Love It

  • She can use this in the bath or in the bedroom at nighttime – the diffuser has a glass dome on top and has a light show setting with various colored lights.
  • The Marble Diffuser and the Celestial Diffuser are both beautiful and will fit in well with other decorations. She’ll love either style!
  • The set of 4 essential oils includes a lovely mix of scents she’ll enjoy: cinnamon, lavender, mint, and rosemary.

4. Huggle™ Hoodie

Relaxing Mother's Day Gifts - Huggle Hoodie
Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Huggle Hoodie

From spa nights to movie nights and all nights in between, your mom will absolutely love this warm and cozy Huggle Hoodie! This hoodie blanket is the ultimate combination of comfy and convenient. This is an ideal Mother’s Day gift for moms who love to relax.

Why She’ll Love It

  • The Huggle is like a blanket and a hoodie all wrapped up into one. She can feel warm and comfortable whenever she wants while still having easy access to use her hands and even walk around the house.
  • This blanket hoodie is reversible: it features ultra-plush material on one side, and super-soft premium fleece on the other side.
  • Choose from the color she’ll like the most; it comes in burgundy or gray.

5. Fireplace Tart Warmer Or Tarts

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Fireplace Tart Warmer
Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Warmer Tarts

A cute decoration and a delightful experience wrapped up into one, this Fireplace Tart Warmer is a super unique Mother’s Day gift for moms who enjoy scented candles! You can even throw in the Tart Sampler pack to get her started on some relaxing scents.

Why She’ll Love It

  • The warmer looks like a small fireplace with a base that lights up as it heats up the wax. She’ll love using this at nighttime!
  • Giving off a strong scent as it warms up and melts the tarts, this warmer is a quick way to make a room smell delicious.
  • She will love the fragrances in the Tart Sampler pack. It includes spiced apple cider, pine garland, cinnamon stick, baked apple pie, pumpkin pecan, and french vanilla.

6. Fur-Lined Faux Suede Scuffs

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Fur Lined Faux Suede Scuffs
Fur Lined Faux Suede Scuffs

Your mom will never want to take off these cozy and chic Fur-Lined Faux Suede Scuffs! These comfy slipper shoes are perfect for a relaxing spa night at home. She’ll absolutely love receiving these as a Mother’s Day gift!

Why She’ll Love It

  • She can wear these scuffs indoors and outdoors. Their treaded outsole makes them perfect for lounging indoors or running quick errands outdoors.
  • The faux fur trim gives them a classic look, disguising them as upscale shoes when worn in public. Her feet will feel warm at all times thanks to the comfortable fur lining.
  • Choose the color she’ll like the best. These scuffs come in black or brown.

7. Coconut Hemp Oil Skin Care Collection

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Coconut Hemp Oil Skin Care Collection
Coconut Hemp Oil Skin Care Collection

This Coconut Hemp Oil Skin Care Collection comes with several options that you can give to your mom for Mother’s Day! Give her the one that she’ll love the most or give her the whole collection so she can have the ultimate relaxing spa night in the comfort of her own home.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Chemical free and made of coconut oil and hemp seed oil, and blended with vitamins A and E, this collection will treat her skin with care and kindness!
  • She can use the body scrub in the shower to exfoliate her skin and follow it with the body wash to cleanse while moisturizing her skin.
  • After the shower, she can put on the hypoallergenic body lotion to maker her skin even softer and to keep it even more moisturized.

8. Cozy Cat Pillows

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Cozy Cat Pillows Black
Cozy Cat Pillows Leopard

There’s nothing like laying back and watching TV in the midst of a relaxing spa night. Whether your mom loves cats or just loves feeling comfy, she would be ecstatic to get these adorable Cozy Cat Pillows for Mother’s Day!

Why She’ll Love It

  • These polyester pillows are soft and cuddly. They’re perfect for her to use on her couch, in her bed, or even to use for back support while sitting in a chair.
  • Choose from a black, white, or leopard cat silhouette or give her all three so she can display them as decor while not in use.
  • If she’s a cat lady or an animal lover, she’ll be so excited to get these pillows as a gift!

9. CBD Essential Oil Inhalers Or Roll-Ons

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - CBD Essential Oil Roll-Ons
CBD Essential Oil Inhalers Or Roll-Ons

Essential oils make the best addition to a spa night and can be used on a daily basis for regular relaxation and well-being. These CBD Essential Oil Inhalers Or Roll-Ons are a great gift for Mother’s Day because they combine relaxation with many other natural health benefits.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Aromatherapy can now be on the go thanks to these portable inhalers or roll-ons! She can take them with her wherever she goes and use them throughout the day.
  • The inhaler contains 1000 puffs which will last her 90 days, and the roll-on oil comes as .33 fluid ounces to last her awhile.
  • Both the inhaler and roll-on oil come as different formulas to provide different benefits: Tranquil can help her be alert yet relaxed, Sleep can help her get a peaceful rest, Energy can help her stay invigorated during the day, and Relief can help with her everyday aches and pains.

10. Brain Games™ Relax & Solve Puzzle Books

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts - Brain Games™ Relax & Solve Puzzle Books
Brain Games™ Relax & Solve Puzzle Books

If your mom enjoys activities and puzzles, she’ll love getting these Brain Games™ Relax & Solve Puzzle Books as a Mother’s Day Gift! She can use use these books during a relaxing night at home or she can take it on the go and use it while she’s traveling or even while sunbathing at the beach.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Choose from her favorite type of puzzle: Crosswords, Sudoku, or Word Search, or give her all three books that she can alternate between!
  • These books are challenging enough for an adult to work on, but simple enough for her to have a peaceful time completing the puzzles.
  • She can work on these books as a part of her nighttime routine before bed or she can bring them with her on road trips and airplane rides.

Still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Shop our entire Gifts For Her section to find personalized, thoughtful, unique, and interesting gifts that she’ll love!

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