7 Country Bedroom Ideas To Add Cozy Charm To Your Space

The country decor style is a popular decorating style because of its charming and welcoming elements. While this style is typically seen in kitchens and living rooms, there are many easy ways to bring this warm decor style into your bedroom as well. Here are 7 country bedroom ideas to add cozy charm to your space.

1. Add A Ruffled Quilt & Extra Pillows To Your Bed For A Cozy Country Feeling

Country Bedroom Ideas - Ruffled Quilts

Your bed should the coziest part of your bedroom, so why not transform it into a full comfy country setting! This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to turn your bedroom into the country environment of your dreams.

Instead of going with a regular bedspread, throw a ruffled quilt on top of your sheets. Quilts emulate that same homey feeling that the country decor style gives off, so it’ll fit perfectly into your country bedroom. You can also use a quilt that has country patterns or symbols, such as gingham print, hearts and stars, or even patchwork.

In addition to the quilt, add a bunch of throw pillows onto your bed. These can range in size, colors, and patterns. Adding in a random mix of pillows will give your bed that unique country charm and add a personal touch to your room. You can also coordinate your throw pillows to match other decor in your room for a more concise appearance.

2. Choose Galvanized Metal & Distressed Wood For Your Country Bedroom Decor

Country Bedroom Ideas - Distressed Wood

The country decor style is shown through certain materials and finishes that help give off the style’s rustic vibes. Incorporating country style materials can help your bedroom have a warmer and more welcoming aesthetic.

Distressed wood is a huge element of the country decor style. To include this in your bedroom, choose wood decorations in almost any color, including cherry red, brown, and even white. Make sure that all wood pieces have a distressed look to them; the wood should look slightly antiqued and worn. You can also have all your main furniture pieces be made of distressed wood, such as wood dresser or side table.

Galvanized metal is another material that is typically seen within the country decor style. This type of metal has a slightly faded and weathered appearance. You can incorporate galvanized metal in your bedroom with small accents on your dresser or a unique metal statement wall piece.

3. Use Warm Lighting & Warm Colors For A Welcoming Country Bedroom

Country Bedroom Ideas - Warm Lighting

A main goal of the country decor style is to give you that warm and cozy feeling. That warmth is typically achieved through the use of colors, lighting, and patterns.

Color scheme should be a huge part of planning your country bedroom. Having a consistent array of warm colors throughout your bedroom can really help set the tone of the entire room. Mix warm colors such as red and rustic orange with neutral colors like beige and white. You can also use a colors found in nature, such as green, if you don’t like the warm colors. This will still give the room a welcoming country vibe.

Warm lighting is an easy element to add into your country bedroom. Place several lamps around your room with rustic lamp shades and warm colored light bulbs. You can also achieve the warm lighting with a variety of candles or country style wall sconces.

4. Use A Gingham & Checkered Patterns In Your Country Bedroom

Checkered Patterns

Country patterns can bring life to the room and create more dimension while still giving your bedroom the feeling of comfort and coziness.

Gingham and checkered patterns are commonly seen in the country decorating style. An easy yet effective way to include these patterns is to put a giant gingham area rug in the middle of the bedroom. This can set the room up as a defining decoration and allow you to decorate the rest of the room with simple tabletop accents and subtle bedding.

You can also choose to incorporate country patterns into other decorations if you don’t have room for a large rug. You can do this with checkered bedding, wall art, decorative accents, and even window curtains if you want something more bold.

5. Replace Your Bedroom Drawers With Baskets For A Natural Country Look

Country Bedroom Ideas - Basket Drawers

When it comes to bedroom storage, there are many ways to make it look subtle and blend in with the rest of your country bedroom decorations.

One of the best ways to do this is to use wicker baskets as drawers. This can give your bedroom a more natural look, which works well for a country bedroom. You can either buy open cubby shelves and place baskets in them, or you can many times find dressers and desks that already come with basket drawers.

You can also find ways to put baskets around your room to use as open baskets on display. Place a wide, shallow basket on your dresser and put country decor on top, or use it in the corner of your room for magazines, books, or lotions and beauty items.

6. Incorporate Flowers & Floral Accents Into Your Country Bedroom

Country Bedroom Ideas - Floral Accents

It’s important to think about all the small details when it comes to the country decor style. Flowers and floral patterns are a nice and charming detail that can add a lot to your country bedroom.

Hang up flower wall art, use a floral quilt and flower patterned pillows, or put flower patterned accents on your dresser and side table. Make sure that these flower decorations are neutral colored to fit in with the warm vibe of the country decor style. Go for browns, tans, and deep reds when searching for florals.

You can also take it up a level by regularly keeping fresh flowers in your room. This will also add some nice scents into your room which creates a wonderful and welcoming environment. Make sure to place your flowers inside of a country themed planter, such as a pitcher.

7. Decorate With Charming Sentiments To Put A Finishing Touch On Your Country Bedroom

Country Bedroom Ideas - Country Sentiments

Since the country decor style is all about the charm, there’s no better way to amplify that charm than with quirky and cute sentiments!

While there are typical country sentiments such as “blessed” and “home sweet home”, any sentiment that gives off a sweet appeal and welcoming vibe will work as a country decoration. You can incorporate country sentiments through wall art, picture frames, and even throw pillows.

Find your favorite country sentiment and display it loud and proud in your country bedroom. It will make you feel happy and welcomed every time you walk into the room.

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