10 Easy Home Improvement Ideas To Modernize Your Home

Upgrading your home doesn’t always necessarily need to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of your time. There are many simple and quick things you can do to make the inside and outside of your home look fresh and new. From a fresh paint job to quick cabinet hardware installations and more, here are 10 easy home improvement ideas to modernize your home.

1. Paint Your Front Door & Your Rooms For A New Look

Home Improvement Ideas - Paint Your Front Door

A fresh coat of paint may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to home improvement ideas, but it’s sometimes overlooked. A great place to start is by painting the rooms of your house with modern and bright colors to give your home an entirely new style.

A bright color like yellow or light blue can give you that fresh feeling, while a classy color like light gray can quickly modernize your home in coordination with modern decorations.

The outside of your house can use a fresh repainting as well, but you don’t have to paint the whole house. Instead, paint your front door a bold color to add some new dimension to your home. If you’re weary about choosing a color for your door, get a variety of paint color samples to determine which one will look the best. While you can choose a stand-out color such as red or teal, make sure it still meshes well with the exterior color of your home.

2. Update Your Door Handles, Drawer Pulls, & Cabinet Handles

Home Improvement Ideas - Install New Cabinet Handles

Instead of a complete home renovation, swap out your door handles, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles for a quick and easy new look.

Start by getting a new set of handles for every cabinet in your kitchen. For a modern look, opt for sleek and simple silver handles. You can then work on the cabinets in other areas of your home, such as your bathroom. Your bathroom can have different handles than your kitchen to add more variety to your home, or you can keep the same look throughout.

You can also change up your door handles on all the doors in your house. This is especially beneficial if you have old door handles that are a bit loose or ones with broken locks. Installing a fresh door handle is a small yet powerful way to modernize and revamp your home.

3. Easily Switch Up Your Walls With Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Leaf Peel And Stick Wallpaper

If you want to change up your walls but don’t want to do something as permanent as paint, go for peel and stick wallpaper instead. That way, you’ll be able to apply a new look to any room and still be able to easily change it whenever you want.

Peel and stick wallpaper can be especially nice as a backsplash in a kitchen, it can transform a living room, or it can be used as a fresh accent wall in a bedroom. However you choose to use it, it can instantly change the aesthetic of an entire room and make it feel new.

There are so many patterns and designs you can find with peel and stick wallpaper. For a more modern look, lean towards minimal geometric patterns, marble designs, and clean stone or brick designs. You can also pair the wallpaper with modern wall art and wall hangings. These unique wall decoration ideas for the living room can help you get started.

4. Hide Outdoor Pipes With Faux Rocks & Greenery

Faux Garden Rocks To hide Pipes

Your outdoor pipes can be unsightly and take away from the beauty and design of your home. Hiding them in a creative and decorative way can instantly modernize your home and refresh it.

One of the best and quickest ways to hide the pipes is to use faux rocks and stones. These are lightweight enough for you to easily move around, but realistic enough to blend into nature and look nice outside your home.

You can also distract from pipes by planting flowers and greenery in logical areas outside of your home. Having a beautiful front yard garden is a great way to liven up your home and add to the modern appeal of it. Just make sure to plant strategically in areas where the plants will receive enough sunlight.

5. Paint Your Old Brick Fireplace To Modernize It

Home Improvement Ideas - Paint Your Brick Fireplace

Having an old brick fireplace in your home can give you a nice homey feeling and antique appearance; however, if you are striving towards a more modern and new style in your home, this doesn’t really match that aesthetic.

An easy fix is to paint over the bricks with a fresh color. Gray, black, and white are all ideal choices because they are colors that will match with almost anything in the room and they are fresh and modern shades to give you the look that you want.

Pair your newly painted fireplace with some unique artwork nearby and decorative accents on the mantle. Painting, along with decorating, will save you so much time and money than if you were to completely rebuild your fireplace with new materials.

6. Use Furniture Covers For A Quick & Easy Upgrade

Home Improvement Ideas - Furniture Covers

Couches can be expensive, and while yours may still be in pretty good shape, you may have a couch with an old fashioned pattern on it or you may just be tired of it. Rather than buying a whole new couch, use a furniture cover for an immediate transformation!

Whether it’s a solid colored furniture cover or one with a small pattern, this technique can instantly transform your furniture into looking fresh and new and help it fit in with the modern look you are going for in any room.

You can also get covers for other furniture in your home, such as chairs, so you can easily modernize your furniture in any room of your house. Just make sure to choose covers that will match well with the rest of the room and decorations.

7. Get A New Shower Head For An Instant Upgrade To Your Bathroom

Home Improvement Ideas - New Shower Head

When it comes to home improvement ideas, bathrooms can become a strong focus, but they can be expensive to completely renovate. t’s better to start off small with aspects of it that you can control. A great place to start is to replace your shower head with a new modern one!

A new shower head can give off the appearance that the room has changed a lot. Outdated shower heads can really show the age of a bathroom; a new one can modernize it instantly.

Pair your new shower head with a sleek and modern shower curtain for an even bigger transformation. You can even install sliding shower doors if you’re feeling extra handy and are good with tools. Sliding doors are another great way to add a modern touch to your bathroom.

8. Get Rid Of Old Shelving Units & Install Floating Wall Shelves Instead

Floating Wall Shelves

Clunky shelving units and old large cabinets can make your house feel way older than it is. Not only do they take up a lot of unnecessary space, but they also can look out of place if you’re trying to modernize your home.

Get rid of your old shelving units and replace them with floating wall shelves instead. Floating shelves are easy to install, they look sleek and chic in any room, they take up less space, and they are still able to hold your items.

If you are using these shelves for a lot of storage make sure you place your items inside of decorative baskets and containers on the shelves so they’ll blend in more. This will also help you achieve the modern and fresh look in any room of your house.

9. Install New Light Fixtures In Your Home For A Bright New Look

Kitchen Light Fixtures

Lighting can truly make or break a room when it comes to decor style and overall vibe. Changing up the lighting and light fixtures in your home is an easy way to improve and upgrade the style with minimal effort.

Start by replacing the light fixtures in your kitchen. This is an area of your home that should be the brightest and and it gives you the perfect opportunity to install unique hanging light fixtures. Hang new fixtures over your kitchen island, or even hang up a decorative chandelier over your kitchen table.

For an easy way to upgrade the lighting in the rest of your home, simply replace your old lamps with more modern looking lamps and hang up chic wall sconces in any room. Some wall sconces use candles or fairy lights, while others use regular bulbs. Either way, you can achieve a fresh new look.

10. Freshen Up Your Wood Deck To Give It A Whole New Look

Home Improvement Ideas - Fresh New Wood Deck

While modernizing your home and thinking of different home improvement ideas, you can neglect your backyard! If you have an old wooden deck, you have the perfect opportunity to make your own improvements on it and give it a nice refreshing new look.

Start by power washing your deck to instantly make it look cleaner and brand new. This is an important first step in transforming your deck. Next, you’ll want to sand down the entire surface to smooth out any rough edges. You’ll also want to hammer in any loose nails that are sticking out.

Once everything is smoothed out and good to go, you can then stain and paint your deck an entirely new color. A fresh natural wood stain can help you maintain a warm look, while a gray stain can give you a whole new modern backyard. After you transform your deck, pair it with some new modern furniture and enjoy your time outside!

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