12 Basement Remodeling Ideas For A More Inviting Space

There are so many different ways to turn a basement into a relaxing and unique environment. Whether you have an unfinished basement or you just want to update your current basement, here are 12 basement remodeling ideas for a more inviting space.

1. Install A Fireplace For A Relaxing Basement

Brick Fireplace

Basements don’t need to feel so cold and creepy. Add a fireplace into your space to give the area some physical warmth along with providing a warm and welcoming environment.

Depending on the decor you want in your basement, choose a fireplace style that fits in best with your overall theme. Generally, brick fireplaces can give off a more warm and homey feeling while a stone or wood fireplace can give off a sophisticated and modern feeling.

Create a comfy sitting area near the fireplace to make the area feel more complete. Block off the area with a curved sectional couch, a furry rug, and a wood coffee table.

2. Add Better Lighting To The Basement To Brighten Up Your Space

Ceiling Lights

Since the basement has the least amount of windows out of all the rooms in your house, it’s important to have proper lighting to make the space brighter and more welcoming.

The best way to add a lot of lighting to your basement is to install recessed lighting in the ceiling, along with a dimmer. That way during the day you can have them on their full brightness level, and at night you can dim them for a more relaxing environment.

You can also add in extra lamps and lighting throughout the basement for extra brightness. This is especially helpful if you work in your basement or spend a lot of time down there.

3. Set Up A Guest Bedroom In Your Basement

Guest Bedroom

Do you have a lot of extra space in your basement that you have no idea what to do with? Turn that extra space into a guest bedroom!

If you tend to have a lot of people stay over at your house, this is a great way to create extra space for them. Make the room more welcoming by building it near a window, installing carpet, adding some extra lamps, and sufficient storage space.

As a bonus, you can also add a bathroom next to it for added convenience.

4. Install A Bar In Your Basement For Entertaining

Basement Bar

Basement bars are a fun way to entertain guests and to have a unique space to gather in your house on any casual night.

Build a bar complete with bar stools and a large cabinet/drawer set to neatly organize all your drinkware essentials. If you have the room for it, you can even scatter some high-top tables around to give off the authentic feeling of a bar.

Display wine glasses and other glasses in a glass front cabinet to add an extra decorative touch.

5. Install Carpeting In Your Basement For A More Cozy Look

Basement Carpeting

A cold, concrete basement doesn’t elicit the homey feelings that you want a welcoming space to have. Spruce up your space with some carpeting throughout your entire basement.

Choose a soft, plush carpeting to give the entire area a comfortable and protective feeling. Add some contrast throughout the basement by painting the walls and using decorations with a variety of materials and warm textures such as rustic wood.

Finish off the comfy cozy look with a variety of throw pillows on a couch, soft blankets, and some bean bag chairs for extra charm.

6. Upgrade Your Basement Window Frames For A More Modern Look

Basement Windows

Basement windows don’t have to be dull and dungeon-like. While many basement windows are small, there are still ways to brighten up the room with natural light.

Upgrading your basement window frames can work wonders! A simple paint update or a new frame all together can brighten up your windows and make the basement look more fresh.

Bonus: if you don’t have many windows to work with, try decorating with paintings of nature, along with faux potted plants. Adding more greenery and natural elements into the basement can make it feel more lively and happy.

7. Install Sliding Barn Doors In Your Basement To Create Multiple Rooms

Sliding Barn Doors

If you want an easy way to section off your basement into multiple rooms, opt for installing sliding barn doors.

This home improvement tip saves you the time and money of building up extra walls and it also adds some rustic charm into your basement. These sliding doors work better with wood floors rather than carpeting, so make sure you’re properly set up to install them.

If you don’t like the barn door look, you can also use a different style of sliding doors to better suit your basement decor style.

8. Build A Wine Storage Wall In Your Basement

Wine Storage Wall

Cold basements make the perfect wine cellar! Store your impressive collection in an organized way to make your space look even more unique.

Install wooden box shelves across an empty wall or get regular wine racks to hang up on the wall. Organize your wine bottles so you’ll have easy access to what you’re looking for.

Your wine cellar also doesn’t necessarily have to be a full wall if you don’t have the room for it; feel free to make it smaller and just take up a simple corner of the room.

9. Install Basement Storage Shelves & Cabinets In Clever Places

Basement Storage Shelves

The basement is a great place to store extra items away until later use. However, a cluttered basement can make the space less appealing and overwhelming.

Hidden storage is the best way to keep your basement organized and to use your space wisely. Storage drawers, cabinet units, and slim storage bins are all clever ways to neatly store things away. Cabinets and drawers can easily blend in with the rest of your furniture and decor and are a better option than large storage containers.

If you have a smaller basement, take advantage of the empty space underneath your staircase. You can install a small storage unit under there to save room and still keep your clutter hidden.

10. Brightly Decorate The Walls Near Your Basement Staircase To Open Up The Space

Bright Staircase Walls

The staircase down to your basement is probably an area that you don’t think about too much; however, it’s the first thing people see when heading down to your basement.

Decorating the walls around your staircase can instantly brighten up the space and welcome guests with a bright and positive vibe. You can paint the walls bright colors or hang up interesting art pieces that bring life to the space.

You can also go the extra mile and paint your stair steps for a brighter and more whimsical appearance.

11. Install A Half Bath In Your Basement For Guests

Basement Half Bath

Installing another bathroom is a large commitment; however, it’s well worth it if you like to entertain and have gatherings in your basement area.

A half bath can add a lot of convenience to your basement and is especially nice if you have a basement guest room. If you have an especially large basement, it can also help you break up the space and make it look less empty.

While this basement remodeling idea can be slightly more expensive than the other ideas, it can be worth putting money into.

12. Build A Reading Nook In Your Basement For A Cozy Getaway

Basement Reading Nook

You don’t have to travel outside of your home to have a mini getaway! It can be nice to have a little cozy area that it just for you to enjoy, so why not build a reading nook?

Reading nooks come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you to determine which type you want. You can build a cushioned bench near a window or you can set up cozy bean bags and pillows in a corner with a rug. Your reading nook can be as large or small as you want.

Make it even more cozy with string lights and essential oils. Be sure to also install a bookshelf to keep your collection organized!

Are you ready to transform your basement? Shop our selection of Home Decor to find wall art, furniture, storage, decorative accents, and more to put the finishing touches on your space!

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  1. My wife and I have been wanting to get our basement remodeled ever since we started getting a bigger budget to work with and are looking for ideas on what to turn it into. I loved your example of a reading nook in a cozy space because we’ve already set up the kitchen as our main bar/entertainment area where most of the festivities will be so having a quieter space for people who want to relax will be a great use for our basement. I’ll be showing your article to my wife so we can have a better idea of what to ask from a remodeling contractor when they stop by. Thank you!

    • Elaine Lakeside says:

      Hi Afton- We’re happy to hear how helpful the article was! If you ever have questions please reach out to us.

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  6. about us says:

    Does adding a bedroom in the basement add value?

    • Elaine Lakeside says:

      Hello- It varies based on your location, etc. Before making any major renovations we recommend you verify with your zoning laws.

  7. Took inspiration from these inventive basement decorating ideas. Thanks!

  8. I really like your idea of a Half Bath In Your Basement For Guests. Thank you for sharing these modern and trendy ideas that we can incorporate to make the most of our new basement!

  9. Victoria says:

    How can I make my basement room more inviting?

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