7 Summer Patio Decorating Ideas To Enjoy All Season Long

As summer approaches it’s time to get your outdoor space ready for warm weather and sunshine! A beautifully decorated patio can make your summer even better because it provides a nice space for you to relax and lounge in the comfort of your own yard. Here are 7 summer patio decorating ideas to enjoy all season long.

1. Use Outdoor Curtains On Your Patio To Protect Yourself From The Summer Sun

Outdoor Patio Curtains

While you can use patio umbrellas and other types of shades to protect yourself from the summer sun on your patio, adding curtains can give you a lighter and more elegant look.

This works best if you already have a canopy but you there’s other options to get this flowy and beautiful appearance on your patio. If you’re crafty, you can build your own standing frame around your patio to hang curtains from, or you can buy one to make things easier.

Lighter and thinner curtains work best in the summertime because they’ll protect your skin from the sunlight but they won’t completely block you off from getting natural light. You should also opt for bug repellent curtains if you spend a lot of time outside at night.

2. Add Ambient Lighting To Your Patio For Cozy Summer Nights

Patio String Lights

A nighttime summer patio setting can’t be complete without lighting! While you can install bright backyard lights on your house, these can clash with the ambient look you’re going for.

Warm lighting will create a welcoming and relaxing vibe on your patio when you’re sitting outside on summer nights. Any type of lighting you include on your patio should have warm and soft bulbs to add to the atmosphere.

Summer Patio Lighting Ideas

  • String Lights/Fairy Lights
  • Decorative Lanterns
  • Solar Garden Accents
  • Porch Rail Lights
  • Solar Planter Stakes

3. Decorate With Outdoor Pillows For A Comfortable & Welcoming Summer Patio

Outdoor Throw Pillows

Cushions and pillows can make an outdoor area feel more cozy and welcoming. If you tend to sit outside a lot in the summer, you’ll want to feel comfortable!

Outdoor pillows can be used on any of your chairs or benches outside on your patio. Feel free to mix and match your pillows – decorating with a combination of colors and patterns can add more variety to your patio.

Adding cushioned seats to your outdoor bench or chairs can elevate your summer patio even more. Match the cushions to your outdoor color scheme or use bold colored cushions for a fresh summer look.

4. Create A Fun Theme With Your Patio Decor This Summer

Tropical Outdoor Pillows

Themed decorations are a great idea for your summer patio because you can create the exact type of vibe that you want.

You can achieve your summer decor theme through throw pillows, an outdoor rug, planters, tabletop decor, statues, garden flags, and more! Incorporating a decor theme with repetitive symbols can make your patio flow more and bring a fun vibe to your outdoor space.

Summer Decor Themes/Symbols

  • Coastal Style
  • Pineapples
  • Lemons
  • Nautical Theme
  • Palm Trees

5. Freshen Up Outdoor Patio Furniture With A New Coat Of Paint For A Summer Look

Black Wicker Furniture Patio Set

Outdoor furniture can add a lot to your patio space. If your current furniture needs an update, you don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture. You can even make your own furniture if you’re feeling crafty (5 Easy DIY Outdoor Furniture & Decor Ideas For Your Porch & Garden).

If you have wooden or metal furniture, put a fresh coat of paint on it to make it look brand new. Wood furniture can also be sanded down if needed. You can also swap out your old seat cushions for brand new ones or just put a new cover over your current cushions.

You can also opt for wicker furniture which will last you a little longer and won’t need a refresh. Black wicker can look especially chic on your patio while a lighter colored wicker can fit in well with a summer theme.

6. Put A Bar Cart On Your Patio For Refreshing Summer Drinks

Tropical Summer Drinks

When you’re lounging on your patio, you want to be surrounded by a relaxing and convenient environment, especially when you’re soaking up the summer sun.

Bringing a bar cart into your outdoor space can make your patio feel like a fancy resort or a cute outdoor restaurant. A traditional bar cart makes it easy for you to stock it up and roll it outside when you’re ready to use it and roll it back inside when you’re done.

If you want to make it even more decorative, you can turn any old piece of furniture into a bar cart with some simple crafting and painting.

7. Fill Your Patio With Colorful Plants & Flowers For A Beautiful Summer Setting

Summer Patio With Plants And Flowers

Summer wouldn’t feel complete without planting and gardening, so why not add some of these plants and flowers to your patio? This is one of the easier summer patio decorating ideas that is perfect for gardeners.

Add some beautiful flowers to your patio with some big decorative planters that coordinate with your furniture. Line the outer edges of your patio with some bright greenery to set up the perfect summer setting. You can also use hanging planters or vertical planters if you don’t have a large patio with a lot of space.

You can include as many or as little plants and flowers as you want; make the area your own beautiful wonderland.

Lakeside’s Summer Patio Decorating Ideas

Flip-Flop Garden Decor Collection

Flip-Flop Garden Decor Collection

Indoor/Outdoor Summer Fun Pillows

Indoor/Outdoor Summer Fun Pillows

Colorful Solar Scroll Lanterns

Colorful Solar Scroll Lanterns

No-See-Um Insect Repellent Outdoor Curtain

No-See-Um Insect Repellent Outdoor Curtain

Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Pillows

Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Pillows

Sunshade Awning Gazebo

Sunshade Awning Gazebo

Want to transform your outdoor space even more this summer? Shop Garden & Outdoors for patio decor, solar lighting, outdoor furniture, planters, and much more!

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