8 Ways To Keep Your House Cool All Summer Long

Soaking up the summer sun can be relaxing; however, feeling that heat inside your house isn’t. Luckily there are several preparations that you can do in your house to keep that summer heat out of your house. Here are 8 ways to keep your house cool all summer long.

1. Invest In Blackout Curtains To Keep The Heat Outside

Ways To Keep Your House Cool - Blackout Curtains

Your windows are one of the first things you should be thinking about when trying to cool your house down because they let in so much direct sunlight throughout the hot summer days.

Hanging up blackout curtains can help you block out a lot of that heat during the day by shielding the sun and also regulating the temperature inside your house. This works especially well if you are away at work all day. Keep your curtains closed all day and you’ll come home to a well balanced temperature.

Blackout curtains are also a great way to keep your house warm in the winter, so they’re a good purchase that gives you multiple uses.

2. Swap Your Heavy Bedding With More Breathable Materials

Ways To Keep Your House Cool - Lighter Bedding

Ditch the wool and fur this summer and swap it out for more comfortable bedding that won’t keep you up sweating all night.

Opt for sheets that are made of natural and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. This will allow you to still stay cozy under the covers while not overheating. You can even find cooling sheets that are specifically made to ward off sweat and regulate your temperature.

Switch your comforters and quilts for something lighter as well. Seek out a cotton, silk, or bamboo fabric comforter because these lightweight materials will help you stay cool in the summer.

3. Use Fans Strategically To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Use

Ways To Keep Your House Cool - Use Fans

Tired of running up the bill over the summer from overusing your air conditioning? Using fans strategically around your house can keep you cool enough to reduce your air conditioning usage!

If you have ceiling fans, set them to rotate counterclockwise. This allows the cool air to be pushed down and create a wind chill effect. Doing so will immediately cool you down, but won’t affect the actual temperature in the entire room. This will allow you to turn up your air conditioning temperature to save money.

If you don’t have any ceiling fans, you can also use other room fans to cool down your house. A quick cool down fix is to place a bowl of ice in front of a room fan. It will immediate send a cold breeze through the air.

4. Increase Air Flow By Keeping All Interior Doors Open

Ways To Keep Your House Cool - Keep Doors Open

A huge reason for rooms getting hot and stuffy in the summer is lack of air flow. Keeping doors open will increase air flow and allow the entire house to stay cool.

The best time to keep your room doors open is from late morning up until early evening. This is when the outside temperature will be the hottest. Keeping your doors open as often as possible will give you a cooler house all summer long.

Keeping your internal doors open will also increase the flow of your air conditioning, allowing you to decrease your use.

5. Reduce Indoor Heat By Ditching The Stove & Cooking Outside

Grilling Outside

Cooking and using the stove will instantly make the kitchen feel hotter and can even affect other room if you have a smaller house.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to cook outside on the grill as often as possible. Reducing your stove usage will help keep your house cooler, plus it gives you an excuse to make some delicious recipes on the grill!

If you need to use the stove, the best time to use it is early evening when it starts to cool down outside.

6. Switch The Lights Off When Possible To Reduce Heat & Save Energy

Switch Your Lights Off

Having a lot of lights on can drain so much energy and also heat up your house very quickly.

Keep your lights turned off as often as possible. Let in the natural light with heat resistant sheer curtains throughout the day and don’t turn on the lights until the sun goes down.

Additionally, change all your light bulbs to LED bulbs because they produce the most lumens per watt. This means that out of most light bulbs, LED bulbs will produce the least heat.

7. Plant Trees & Plants To Strategically Shade Your House From The Sun

Backyard Trees and Plants

The heat inside your house all starts with the heat outside of your house. Planting trees and plants strategically outside your house is a long term plan, but can be worth it in the end.

Planting trees around your house can help shade the sun from directly hitting your house. Try to plant tall trees about 20 feet away from your east and west facing windows. This will help shade your house from the rising sun and the setting sun.

You can also protect your windows from the sun with awnings and plants. Just make sure you find plants that can handle that much direct sunlight.

8. Open Your Windows At Night For A Cool Summer Breeze & Close Them By Late Morning

Open Window

Another way to reduce your air conditioning but still increase air flow is to open all your windows and let in the outside air.

You don’t want to keep your windows open during peak sunlight hours; however, keeping your windows open at night will let you get that cool summer breeze all night long. This lets you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Make sure to close your windows right before late morning approaches to keep the hot air out of the house.

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