How To Decorate With Rustic Style On A Budget

The rustic decor style is all about charming, welcoming, and warm vibes to give off a comfortable and homey look. With the use of materials such as distressed wood, galvanized metal, burlap, and twine, the rustic look can be achieved with some simple additions to any room. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this look! From DIY furniture to rustic painting techniques and more, here’s how to decorate with rustic style on a budget.

Use Reclaimed Wood To Build Your Own Rustic Furniture & Decorations

Distressed Wood Table

Distressed wood is a staple of the rustic decor style, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get that wooden look throughout your house. While you can sometimes find wonderful rustic wood furniture at thrift stores for cheap, the DIY route can get you an even more affordable look!

Depending on your level of DIY skills, you can build just about anything with reclaimed wood. Put together a rustic wood kitchen table or side table, completely change up your flooring with reclaimed wood planks, create a kitchen backdrop by painting old wood, or make something more simple such as a reclaimed wood picture frame.

Wondering where to find reclaimed wood? Check out your local lumber company or scrap yard. There also may be companies near you where you can pick up all different types of materials. You can even take apart an old wooden piece of furniture that’s sitting in your house and transform it; the possibilities are endless!

Incorporate Mason Jars Into Your Decor For Cheap & Easy Rustic Accents

Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Mason jars are so versatile and they fit in perfectly with the rustic style because of their charming and warm aesthetic. You can find sets of mason jars at your favorite craft store or you can be extra thrifty and save food jars that you can wash out and use for decor.

There are so many different ways to decorate with mason jars in any room of your house, even in your yard too! Mason jars are one of the easiest and simplest ways to get rustic style details into your home.

How To Decorate With Mason Jars

  • Place fairy lights into a mason jar and cover the top with a burlap square and twine. Use them as little lamps throughout your house.
  • Paint a mason jar and use it as a vase for real or faux flowers.
  • Use mason jars outside by connecting several on a string, filling them with fairy lights, and hanging them up across your fence.
  • Put mason jars all around your house with chalkboard labels to describe the contents – use them for utensils, toothbrushes, hair ties, craft supplies, and more!

Decorate With Twine & Burlap Details For An Inexpensive Rustic Home Makeover

Twine and Burlap Flower Vases

Twine and burlap are some of the cheapest materials that you can find within the rustic decor style. They can also instantly change the aesthetic of your home with a simple process.

There are many ways to use these materials on decorations and furniture that are currently in your home. For instance, you can tightly wrap twine around all your kitchen cabinet handles to bring a subtle rustic look to the room, or wrap twine around any table lamps to make it fit into the rustic theme. You can also reupholster your chair cushions with burlap for a unique rustic look.

Aside from using twine and burlap on items you already have in your home, you can also craft new items and decorations without spending an arm and a leg. Do a variety of twine and burlap crafts to add rustic accents into your home!

Add Chalkboard Labels & Signs To Every Room To Get The Rustic Look For Less

Chalkboard Magnet

Chalkboards can give a home a rustic look thanks to the nostalgic vibe they give off. Not only are chalkboards very easy to incorporate into your home, but they’re also incredibly budget friendly!

Aside from the obvious way of just hanging up a regular chalkboard on the wall, there are many unique ways to include this element into your home decor to get the complete rustic look.

How To Decorate With Chalkboards

  • Use chalkboard labels on mason jars and other containers throughout your home for a cute and charming addition.
  • Hang up a chalkboard magnet on your fridge for an easy way to write a to-do list, grocery list, or dinner menu.
  • If you’re feeling extra dedicated, hang up an entire chalkboard wall. Use chalkboard markers to draw charming artwork and rustic sentiments to complete the look.

Change Up Your Walls & Furniture For Cheap With A Distressed Rustic Style Painting Technique

Distressed Painted Furniture

The rustic decorating style incorporates the distressed look in a variety of ways. While you can get the distressed look by buying an already painted dresser or a wall art hanging, you can save money by doing the paint job yourself!

Whether you want to paint your furniture, paint your wall, or paint a piece of artwork, this distressed painting technique will give you the rustic look that you want!

How To Distress Furniture With Paint

Supplies Needed

Milk Paint (2 Different Colors)

Natural Bristle Brush

Old Rag

Paint Finishing Cream


  1. Apply paint to your piece of furniture, let dry, and apply a second coat.
  2. Let the paint dry completely overnight.
  3. The next day, paint your second color on top.
  4. Only let it dry for about 30 minutes. Then take a damp cloth and start distressing!
  5. Rub the top layer of paint in different areas to reveal the bottom color and give off the distressed look.
  6. Make sure to finish it off with paint finishing cream to seal in the look!

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