Coastal Decorating: 7 Ways To Turn Any House Into A Beach House

The coastal decorating style is inspired by the beach and includes a lot of ocean and seaside symbols and colors. Decorating with this style will result in a relaxing, serene, and tropical environment in the comfort of your own home. Here are 7 ways to turn any house into a beach house using the coastal decor style.

1. Make Your Front Porch Coastal Style With Some Wicker Furniture

Front Porch Coastal Furniture

If you want to turn your house into a beach house, you’ll want to start with the outside of your house to get the full effect. Some simple transformations to your front porch can make it feel like you’re sitting out by a beach front listening to the waves coming in.

Put some wicker furniture on your porch to create a comfy coastal setting. White wicker works especially well creating a fresh feeling for this theme, so lean towards some white wicker chairs or a bench, along with a wicker ottoman or side table. You can also use natural colored wicker with white accent pillows.

Decorate the rest of your porch with an ocean color scheme. Use some ocean blue outdoor pillows, sea green flower planters, and beach sentiment signs. Finish it all off with a rattan welcome mat to complement your accents.

2. Use Coastal Colors To Give Your House A Beachy Vibe

Coastal Colored Pillows And Blankets

Colors can really create the whole atmosphere of a decor theme and allow for design flow from room to room. When it comes to coastal decorating, the color scheme leans towards cool toned and natural colors to provide a serene and relaxing environment.

Incorporate the coastal color scheme through decorative accents such as throw pillows and blankets, tabletop decorations, wall art, window curtains, and indoor planters. If you want to go for a more bold look, consider painting your walls with your coastal color or choose bold colored furniture.

Coastal Decorating Colors

  • Seafoam green
  • Sky blue
  • Navy blue
  • Tan or beige
  • Natural wood
  • Teal or turquoise
  • White
  • Small touches of bright colors such as yellow, orange, or coral

3. Hang Up Ocean Inspired Artwork To Give The Effect Of A Beachside Home

Ocean Themed Artwork

A coastal themed house would not come together without ocean, sea, or beach imagery. Images of the water, sand, beach balls, boardwalks, seashells, and other related elements can make the theme come alive and bring out the coastal colors in any room.

Hang up a large wall piece in your living room or bedroom for a bold appearance. This large artwork can be a photograph of the ocean or beach for a more natural look, or it can be a painting for a more whimsical and colorful look. You can also choose to do a collection of smaller photos across the wall for a collage look.

Make your decor even more personal by hanging up photos that you took yourself on tropical vacations! Each time you look at these photos, it’ll take you back to those relaxing feelings you had while lying in the sand at the beach. It’ll make your coastal theme feel more realistic and natural.

For even more inspiration, check out these coastal living room ideas to learn more!

4. Incorporate Classic Coastal Symbols With Decorative Accents Throughout Your House

Seashell Decorations

Coastal decorating includes a wide range of symbols that are inspired by real life elements found by the beach along with things associated with the sea. Including these elements in your decorative accents can add more character and style to your home and make the theme feel more authentic.

How To Use Coastal Symbols With Decorative Accents

  • Use seashells that you’ve collected from the beach or faux shells from the craft store and place them in a clear bowl on your coffee table or in the center of your dining table. Display larger shells right on top of your dresser, bedside table, or bathroom counters.
  • Decorate with lanterns or lighthouses throughout your home as a unique way to include lamps and lighting.
  • Include anchors in your decorations with wall signs, a shower curtain, and anchor print pillows.
  • Add in some fish and other sea creatures through wall art and patterned throw blankets. If you’re willing to really commit to the theme, invest in a large aquarium for your home with some real fish for a beautiful scene!

5. Use White Linens & Furniture For A Serene Beach House Atmosphere

White Coastal Furniture

A big part of the coastal decorating theme is to achieve a relaxing and calm beach aesthetic throughout your home. The color white can radiate that serenity, so opt for white as your main color for the ultimate oasis.

Use all white sheets and a white comforter on your bed for an upscale beachside hotel vibe. incorporate white furniture in your home including a white coffee table, kitchen table, and dresser. You can also play around with different white accents such as a large white rug, white lanterns, or tall white planters in the corner of your living room.

Adding in some touches of coastal colors with your white color scheme can bring in those small elements of the ocean without overpowering the calmness of the white. Using colored throw pillows, small tabletop accents, and real or faux plants will give you the perfect pops of color!

6. Add Coastal Textures & Materials Into Your Home For A Natural Beach Vibe

Coastal Materials And Textures

In order to make your coastal theme look and feel more authentic, decorating with the right types of materials and textures can have a strong impact. You’ll want to lean towards more natural materials to give off that outdoorsy atmosphere of the beach.

These coastal materials can be incorporated through almost any decorations in your home including couches and chairs, shelves, baskets, wall hangings, doormats and rugs, table linens, and much more!

Materials To Use For Coastal Decorating

  • Sea Grass
  • Jute
  • Rattan
  • Wicker
  • Driftwood

7. Finish Off Every Room With Beach Inspired Scents

Beach Inspired Scents

Coastal decorating is mostly composed of visual elements that bring the whole theme together; however, scent is often overlooked when it comes to create your design style. Scents not only bring a lot to the coastal style, but they can also be combined with decorative accents that blend in perfectly with your other decor.

Whether you use essential oils, candles, room sprays, or reed diffuser sticks, you can easily add beachy scents to any room in your house to create the ultimate home decor aesthetic for all of your senses!

Common Beach & Coastal Inspired Scents

  • Coconut
  • Sea salt
  • Citrus
  • Bold floral scents
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood or pine

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