5 Ways To Transform Your House With Country Cottage Decor

Country cottage decor is a design style that gives a home a relaxing and serene aesthetic with a small touch of charm. This decorating style has a lot of flexibility in regards to personal preferences; however, the core elements of this style are seen in all country cottage themed homes. If you’re looking for a design style that provides a soft and mellow environment, country cottage is for you! Here are 5 ways to transform your house with country cottage decor.

1. Use Natural Looking Materials With The Help Of Country Cottage Accents

Country Cottage Decor - Seagrass Basket
Country Cottage Decor - Cotton Boll Accent Pillows
Country Cottage Decor - Peel N Stick Wood Plank Wallpaper

Rustic and natural materials add to the charming country aspect of the country cottage decor style. Materials are a great base to start with when transforming your home into a country cottage theme because these textures can be included in many of your decorative accents.

Opt for materials that have a rustic or distressed appearance with neutral colors. Using bold colors will take away from the cool and calming theme you’re trying to achieve. You can even emulate these materials through patterned fabrics that look like faded wood. Just having the general appearance of these materials will give you the unique relaxed look throughout your home.

You can use a variety of materials for this design style but some of the ones that are typically seen include:

  • Seagrass Baskets
  • Burlap
  • Distressed Wood
  • Melamine
  • Twine

2. Decorate With All White Furniture For A Calm Country Cottage Look

Country Cottage Decor - White Wood Buffet Cabinet
Country Cottage Decor - White Wood Bathroom Shelf
Country Cottage Decor - White Mandala Cabinet

An all white color scheme can give your country cottage home a light and breezy effect with minimal effort on your end. Use white as your main decor color can also help you establish unique accent colors throughout your home.

Decorating with all white furniture is the simplest and easiest way to establish the white color scheme. Use defining pieces such as a white wood cabinet in your dining room, a rustic white coffee table in your living room, white shelving units in your bathroom, and a white floral patterned dresser in your bedroom.

Lightly contrast your white furniture with colored accents. Country cottage decor accents have similar colors to the coastal decor theme, included seaside colors like teal or aqua, green, and taupe. Including these colors near or on top of your white furniture will give off a soft and subtle contrast to blend in nicely with the theme.

3. Incorporate Light & Flowy Fabrics With Country Patterns For A Classic Cottage Style

Patchwork Cottage Bedding
Patchwork Cottage Furniture Cover
Gingham Window Coverings

Choosing the right fabrics is a key part of transforming your home with the country cottage decor theme. It’s important to keep your fabrics light and flowy to keep up with the serene spa-like theme. If you use too many thick fabrics, it will take away from the breezy atmosphere.

Lean towards thin and simple window coverings in your home. If you want room darkening curtains, choose ones with muted colors to give the illusion of lighter fabric. Also use minimal blankets, pillows, and coverings on your couch and bed, and use soft pastel bedding to complete the look.

Additionally, make sure to include traditional country patterns within your fabrics to promote the charming and welcoming side of the decor theme. These patterns can include gingham, plaid, patchwork, hearts, and stars.

4. Bring In Soft Pastel Florals To Accent Your Country Cottage Home

Lighted Country Floral Arrangements
Galvanized Vase with Country Faux Flowers
Country Enamel Vases or Floral Arrangements

Bringing in certain types and colors of flowers and floral patterns into your country cottage home can make it feel more authentic and rural, which brings out a natural aesthetic in a more detailed way.

While you can use real or faux flowers to achieve this look, faux flowers can help you get a more permanent look in your home without any maintenance. Use faux flowers in soft colors such as white, muted pink, pastel blues and purples, or even simple greenery. Use country vases and planters to amplify the look – this can include galvanized metal vases, milk jug planters, and tin buckets. Even some vintage style vases can blend in well with your country cottage decor.

Aside from faux flowers, floral patterns also work nicely in a country cottage theme. These floral patterns can be incorporated through your bedding, tablecloths, kitchen towels, and even through rustic wall art as well.

5. Fill Your Kitchen With Melamine & Enamelware Dishes To Complete Your Country Cottage Home

Country Enamelware Kitchen Collection
Melamine Serveware Collection
Rustic Melamine Serving Collection

Dishware is often overlooked when it comes to designing a house with a specific decor style; however, it can really add a whole new layer to the style and make your home feel more complete. A lot of these dishes and kitchen accessories can be showcased throughout your kitchen on your counter tops, dining table, and kitchen island. These dishes can also be combined with kitchen table linens for the full country cottage look.

There are many different styles and types of dishware, serveware, and kitchen accessories that can blend in well with your country cottage decor, but the ones that are the most common include:

  • Melamine – soft colored serveware with a rustic appearance
  • Enamelware – white plates, dishes, canisters, and utensil holders
  • Light Wood – serving trays and cutting boards
  • Themed Dishes – dinnerware and serveware with country patterns such as gingham or charming country sentiments

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