Decluttering Your Home: How To Organize A Bathroom Countertop

An organized bathroom can make your space feel more clean and calm. From storage items to organization techniques, here are some simple ways to organize a bathroom countertop.

Place Toiletries & Bathroom Essentials On A Decorative Tray

Decorative Bathroom Tray

If you have a lot of daily use items that you need to keep out on your bathroom counter, it’s best to combine them with decorative elements to make the bathroom flow more smoothly.

Take a decorative tray that matches with your bathroom color scheme and design style. A glass tray can add some elegance to the room, a wood tray can give the bathroom a serene spa vibe, while a colorful tray can bring some extra vibrancy and excitement.

Place your items in an ordered assortment on the tray. Keep things organized by size, type of item, and color. Keeping them in order will assure consistent organization and a clutter free space. Feel free to intermix some decorations on the tray if you have room, or even just a couple of decorative candles.

Use A Tiered Makeup Organizer For A Variety Of Bathroom Items

Makeup Organizer

Makeup organizers aren’t limited to just holding cosmetic items! Bring in a tiered makeup organizer to neatly organize your bathroom countertop. The tiered element allows you to build up vertical space instead of taking over the entire area.

Tiered organizers with drawers can help you hold smaller items such as cotton balls, q-tips, hair ties, and floss. Use the openings in the organizer to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste, lotions, and any other items you use in your morning and nighttime routine.

You can even use a tiered makeup organizer on your bathtub ledge to hold soaps, bubble bath, loofahs, shampoo, and other bath time essentials.

Utilize Wall Hooks & Shelves To De-Clutter Your Bathroom Countertops

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

If you have especially small bathroom counters, it’s best to keep as many items off it as possible. Utilize your bathroom wall space instead with floating shelves and hooks as a way to organize essential items without cluttering up the room.

Hang up floating shelves above your toilet or above your sink and organize your items on top of them. Store items such as cotton balls and q-tips in clear mason jars and place other essential bathroom items in decorative bins and baskets.

Wall hooks can also keep unexpected items off your counters. Use wall hooks to hang up hair tools such as hair dryers and curling irons. You can also use hooks to store toothbrushes, which eliminates the need for a toothbrush cup on your counter.

Install An Extra Cabinet & Organize Items In Baskets To Keep The Countertop Clear

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

If you’re in need of more storage space in your bathroom, consider installing a wall cabinet to hold items and to help organize your bathroom countertop.

Install a deep wall cabinet in your bathroom above your toilet or above your sink. Stay organized by keep specific types of items within the same baskets or bin. Use shallow bins or trays in the cabinet for easy access. This works especially well if you have limited cabinet space beneath your sink.

Cabinets are also great way to store extra towels in your bathroom. Use the rolling technique when storing your towels to allow for even more room for other items within the cabinet.

Only Keep Daily Use Items On Your Bathroom Countertop

Minimal Bathroom Countertop

While it may seem obvious, one of the best methods to organize a bathroom countertop is to keep unnecessary items off the counter and only keep the bare daily essentials out in plain view.

If your counter is truly overbearing, take a little time each day to get organized. Every morning, simply remove one unnecessary item off the counter and place it nicely in a drawer, closet, or cabinet. Removing one item each day will eventually help you clear off the counter.

Having a minimal looking counter will make the space feel more clean and calm. While it may take some time to clean up and develop an organization system, it’ll be worth it to maintain your space.

Looking for more ways to organize your bathroom countertop and keep the entire room tidy? Shop Bathroom Storage & Furniture to find countertop organizers, shelves, storage bins and more!

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