7 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plaid

Plaid patterns can add warmth, comfort, and coziness to any room of your house, especially in the fall and winter seasons. There are many ways to incorporate plaid into your home through decorative accents, wall art, linens, and much more. Here are 7 ways to decorate your home with plaid.

1. Create A Bold Look With Plaid Wallpaper

Decorate With Plaid Wallpaper

If you’re wondering how to decorate your home with plaid, your walls are a great place to start! Changing up your walls can make any room feel brand new and can allow you to bring in a fresh decor theme.

Plaid wallpaper is the best way to achieve this look, and peel and stick wallpaper can make it even easier. Start by choosing a plaid pattern and color that works best for the room. Red plaid can give the room a warm and comforting look, while black and white blends in well with a farmhouse decor style.

Next, decide which room you want to have plaid walls. Kitchen walls typically work best with this pattern; however, you can make it work anywhere. If you don’t want to commit to changing all the walls in a room, start with a plaid accent wall. Finally, once you apply your wallpaper, display some small plaid accents around the room to complement it nicely.

2. Make A Statement With Plaid Rugs In Every Room

Decorate With A Plaid Rug

Plaid patterns should always add more warm and welcoming energy into your home! Amplify this feeling by adding plaid rugs into every room.

Start by adding different plaid rugs into each room how you see fit. Consider an extra large area rug for the living room, small accent rugs for the kitchen and bathroom, a runner for the hallway, and another large rug in your bedroom. The color of plaid you choose should fit the color scheme of the rest of the room.

Make the rug the only plaid decor in the room to stand out as a unique and eye-catching statement piece.

3. Reupholster Your Furniture With Plaid Patterned Fabrics

Reupholster Your Furniture With Plaid

Another great way to decorate your home with plaid is to reupholster your furniture with plaid patterned fabrics. While this one requires some crafting skills, the results can be well worth it!

You can reupholster a smaller piece of furniture to have a subtle plaid accent in the room or you can go big and make your entire couch plaid. It all depends on the look you’re going for and the style of your entire room.

Furniture To Reupholster With Plaid

  • Fabric dining chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Bench cushions
  • Couch slipcovers

4. Mix And Match Different Colored Plaid Decor For A Funky Style

Decorate With A Mix Of Plaid

There doesn’t always need to be rules when it comes to decorating! If you prefer a more non-traditional and unique look in your home, consider decorating a room with a mix of different colored plaid patterns.

Start by choosing a main color – this should be the color of the large plaid items you place in the room such as furniture and a rug. Next, bring in some mid-sized plaid accents of a different color, such as throw pillows, blankets, candle holders, and wall art. Finally, bring in small plaid accents of a third color. These small accents should be the most subtle pieces in the room.

Try to stick with the same plaid pattern structure when decorating with different items. For instance, some plaid patterns have wider squares while others have lines that are close together. Keeping up with the same exact pattern will make the room look less cluttered.

5. Bring In Plaid Linens, Curtains, And Bedding To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Decorate With Plaid Blankets

With all the different ways to decorate your home with plaid, it should make you feel comfortable, especially in the fall and winter. Amplify that cozy feeling with your linens, curtains, and bedding.

Hang up plaid curtains in your living room, accent your couch with plaid throw blankets and pillows, switch up your bedroom with a plaid comforter and sheets, decorate with plaid kitchen towels, or add some plaid cushions to your kitchen chairs.

Whichever way you decide to incorporate plaid fabrics, it is sure to give you that warm and welcoming feeling in any room of your house!

6. Use Plaid Ribbon To Decorate In A More Simple And Subtle Way

Use Plaid Ribbons To Decorate

If you want small elements of plaid in your house with minimal effort, decorating with plaid bows and ribbons is a smart and simple solution. Pick up your favorite plaid patterned ribbon from the craft store and get creative with the ways you incorporate it throughout your home!

Ways To Decorate With Plaid Ribbon

  • Adhere plaid bows to your favorite candle holders or jar candles
  • Embellish a plain lampshade with ribbon
  • Glue ribbon onto a wooden picture frame
  • Tie plaid bows on the back of your dining chairs for a holiday look
  • Trim the outer edge of plain window curtains with ribbon
  • Make a wreath for your front door out of plaid ribbons

7. Hang Up Wall Art With Touches Of Plaid To Make Your Theme Feel Complete

Hang Up Plaid Wall Art

Wall decor can make any room feel fully decorated and can add some eye catching elements into the room. Include plaid in your wall art to complement other plaid decor in the room!

Plaid wall art is a great way to match throw pillows in the living room, blankets in the bedroom, and towels in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have a lot of plaid decor in the room already, try to find wall hangings that contain a small touch of plaid to get a more subtle look.

If you want to make your wall hangings the main plaid elements in the room, opt for larger artwork with bold plaid patterns or plaid fabric wall hangings.

Decorate Your Home With Lakeside’s Plaid Decor

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