Home Decor Tips: How To Start Decorating For Fall

Transitioning your decor from summer to fall can be made easy with some simple and subtle methods! With the fall season approaching, there are many ways to incorporate warm colors, pumpkins, and cozy aesthetics into your home with little to no effort. Here are some tips on how to start decorating for fall to get your home looking beautiful for the harvest season.

Start To Replace Summer Flowers With Fall Foliage Around Your Home

Decorating For Fall - Fall Foliage

Bright flowers and floral decorations are a big part of summer decor. A great way to start your transition from summer decor to fall decor is to remove all your summer flower decorations and replace them with fall foliage.

Start by placing faux fall leaves around your home in decorative ways to bring out the season’s natural beauty. Create a full autumn spread on your mantel with small accents, fall sentiment block signs, fall scented candles, and faux leaves distributed across the surface.

You can also place fall leaves in a basket with candles to place on your coffee table, put leaves on the shelves of a bookcase, display them on an entryway table with pumpkins, or even take real leaves and frame them for a quick DIY fall decoration.

Lighted Faux Fall Arrangements

Replace your faux summer flower arrangements with faux autumn florals. Opt for flowers with fall colors such as red, orange, deep green, and touches of yellow.

You can also decorate with other types of plants that fit the warm color scheme. These can make really attractive centerpieces for your dining table when paired with festive fall place settings.

You can usually find prearranged fall flower and plant assortments or you can be creative and put together your own with faux flowers from the craft store.

Make sure to put them in a fall themed planter, rustic wood planter, or up-cycle other rustic items such as old paint cans and mason jars.

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Bring In Touches Of Warm Colors To Get Fall Vibes

Decorating For Fall - Use Warm Colors

When you think of fall, you tend to think of warm colors such as orange, red, and yellow. In order to get the fall vibes in your home, it’s important to gradually incorporate these warm colors as the autumn season approaches. You’ll want to start off with small touches of colors in order to seamlessly shift from summer decor to fall decor.

If you have a lot of bright summer decorations, you can begin to slowly swap them for fall colored items to easily transition to the next season. To prevent colors from clashing, make sure that you wait until all summer decor is transferred out to then add large fall decorations into the room.

Harvest Tabletop Decor Collection

The best way to slowly bring in fall colors is through small decorative accents. Start by adding one fall accent into each room of your home or keep your focus on decorating just one room at a time.

In your living room, start adding small decor to your bookshelves, coffee table, and mantel. In the kitchen, you can add a couple of small fall accents on the counters. If you want to start adding fall colors to your bathroom, you can start with the hand towels, and eventually change the shower curtain or opt for a full fall bathroom collection.

Here are some fall accents you can add to your home to gradually add warm colors into each room:

  • Tabletop accents such as ceramic pumpkins or fall sentiment block signs
  • Fall colored vases (orange, red, or yellow)
  • Candles – these can add fall colors but also make the room smell like fall!

Decorate With Fall Throw Pillows & Blankets

Decorating For Fall - Plaid Blanket

A big part of fall decor is incorporating items that give off warm, comfortable, and homey feelings. An easy and simple way to add these vibes to the living room or bedroom is to bring in throw pillows and blankets.

You can match these comfy accents with other small decorative accents in the room to tie everything together while you’re gradually decorating for fall. You can even add fall throw pillows to a front porch bench – this is a great way to start decorating for fall outside!

Burlap Harvest Bench Pillows

When searching for throw pillows and blankets for fall, you’ll want to find ones that include the following patterns, colors, and themes:

  • Flannel, burlap, Sherpa, or wool fabrics
  • Plaid or gingham patterns
  • Autumn colors like orange, yellow, red, or beige
  • Fall sentiments such as Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed
  • Fall themed imagery such as pumpkins, leaves, and apples

There are no specific rules when it comes to adding fall pillows and blankets; however, it’s important to coordinate the colors and patterns throughout the room to make the decor blend in seamlessly.

Swap Decorative Summer Accents With Pumpkins

Decorating With Pumpkins

Last but certainly not least, a great way to start decorating for fall is to start putting pumpkins around your home! Pumpkins are the biggest symbol of fall and they’re a perfect way to bring those fun autumn feelings into your home as summer comes to a close.

You can begin by slowly adding decorative pumpkins into each room as the fall season gets closer. Whether you decorate with ceramic pumpkins, plush pumpkins, or even other decor with pumpkins printed on it, it’s a guaranteed way to make your decor transition smooth and simple.

Lighted Fall Grapevine Collection
Glass Art Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

  • Place a bunch of plastic pumpkins inside of a decorative bowl or tray and use it a centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table.
  • Decorate your mantel with ceramic pumpkins or hang up a small pumpkin themed wall art piece above it.
  • Place pumpkin patterned hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Display some glass pumpkins on an entryway table or in the center of your kitchen table.
  • Hang a pumpkin welcome sign on your front door for a fun way to “welcome” fall.

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