5 Early Fall Decorating Ideas & Tips

The transition from summer decor to fall decor can be simple and smooth by gradually changing different elements around your home. Towards the beginning of the fall season, you can start decorating in a subtle way and build your way up to a full festive harvest home. Here are 7 early fall decorating ideas and tips.

1. Start Decorating For Fall With Soft Elements

Early Fall Decorating Ideas - decorate with soft blankets

Fall is all about feeling warm and cozy inside your home. Elevate that feeling with soft decorative elements in each room to give off a comforting fall vibe.

A great place to start is with soft blankets. Add faux fur throw blankets onto your couch, bed, and even lay one over a chair. Incorporate other soft elements throughout your house with fabric wall hangings, plush hand towels, and cozy bedding.

You can also get that comforting fall vibe by including soft harvest colors in your home. Colors such as light gray, brown, off white, and beige are great colors to decorate with when transitioning into fall. From there, you can gradually add more prominent fall colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

2. Incorporate Black & White Plaid Decor For A Seamless Transition To Fall

Early Fall Decorating Ideas - Decorate with black and white plaid

If you aren’t entirely ready to let go of summer decor yet, black and white plaid is a great pattern to include in your decor when transitioning to fall. It’s neutral enough to blend in but it also gives off a harvest style atmosphere. Start with black and white plaid when decorating in early fall time, and gradually bring in traditional colored plaids as autumn approaches.

Black & White Plaid Decor Ideas For Each Room

  • Decorate with black and white plaid throw pillows in your living room.
  • Use black and white plaid hand towels in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Display a black and white plaid tablecloth on the dining table or kitchen table.
  • Use a black and white plaid quilt or comforter in your bedroom.
  • Hang up black and white plaid wall art in different areas of your house.
  • Fill any of your tables with black and white plaid decorative accents.

3. Use Warm Lighting Throughout Your House For An Early Fall Feeling

Decorate With Warm String Lights In The Fall

Since fall decor is all about giving your home warm and comfortable feelings, using warm lighting around your house is a great place to start. Not only is it a great way to transition into a warmer decor style, but it’s also incredibly easy and simple.

Start by changing some of the light bulbs in your house to warm white lights instead of cool white lights. The cool lights are great for practical areas of your home where you need to see things more clearly, such as in the kitchen while cooking. However, warm white lights are best for other areas of your home, including the living room and bedroom. The warm lights are more relaxing and can give off more comfortable fall vibes.

In addition to changing the light bulbs, you can also add in other warm lighting in each room to amplify that cozy fall feeling even more. Add things such as string lights or fairy lights, lamps, and lighted decorations. These can all double as lighting and decor, adding more uniqueness to any room.

4. Swap All Your Hand Towels For Fall Themed Ones

Decorate With Plaid Hand Towels

Hand towels are a sensible place to start when beginning your transition to fall decorations. They’re quick and easy to swap out and they’re subtle enough to fit in with your summer decorations as well.

Swap out your hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom for fall themed ones to get your first small touch of harvest cheer. You can also change out your bath towels as well, if you want to match. Eventually, you can start to change your shower curtain and add other small fall decorations on the counter. In the kitchen, you can eventually bring in other decor and a tablecloth as well.

Fall Patterns To Look For In Hand Towels

  • Plaid
  • Pumpkins
  • Harvest Sentiments
  • Fall Leaves
  • Fall Colors (Red, Orange, & Yellow)
  • Acorns & Chestnuts
  • Branches

5. Place A Bowl Of Artificial Apples Or Pumpkins In A Bowl On Your Kitchen Table To Welcome Fall

Decorate For Fall With A Bowl Of Apples

A simple centerpiece is another easy fall decorating idea to include right when summer is coming to a close. Centerpieces don’t just have to go on your kitchen or dining table – you can also include them on your kitchen island or coffee table as a unique decoration.

One easy fall centerpiece idea is to place a bowl of artificial apples or pumpkins on the table. Apples and pumpkins are strong symbols of fall and can instantly give your table a completely different feeling. This works great if you have a bowl of artificial fruit out all year long and change it every season such as cherries for summer, lemons for spring, and more.

You can also choose to use a bowl of fall scented potpourri as a centerpiece instead. This works best as a coffee table centerpiece because you don’t typically want those strong scents around your eating area. The potpourri can have fall symbols such as pine cones and leaves to give a visually appealing element.

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