7 Interchangeable Decorations For Fall & More

Interchangeable decor is a great way to decorate your house for every season and holiday with minimal effort. This seasonal decor works with centerpieces, block signs, welcome signs, and more. Here are 7 interchangeable decorations for fall and more!

1. Decorate Your Dining Table With An Interchangeable Centerpiece All Year Long

Decorating your dining table for each season or holiday can make your house feel more festive and complete.

This interchangeable centerpiece makes it even easier to decorate your table because you can update it throughout the year for fall, Christmas/winter, spring, and summer.

The fall version features the words “Give Thanks” and can be filled with the set of fall pumpkins, leaves, and sunflowers.

Coordinate the rest of your table this fall with this centerpiece. Set up your table with a harvest tablecloth and place mats. Then, place a fall themed plate at each seat with a small pumpkin and a folded orange or red cloth napkin.

Additionally, you can also add some warm lighting to the table with lighted decor, lanterns, or string lights strung across the table lengthwise.

Interchangeable Centerpiece or Decorative Fill Sets

2. Display A Seasonal Block Sign On Your Entryway Table

Seasonal sayings and sentiments are a great way to showcase your festive spirit for any holiday all year long!

This seasonal block chain is a simple decoration that can look beautiful displayed with other relevant seasonal decor on an entryway console table.

The fall side of the chain blocks reads “Thankful” and features a leaf in place of the letter “a”. This can be displayed during all of fall!

Finish off your fall themed entryway table with other leaf decor such as a leaf wall art hanging above it or decorative leaves spread across the table.

You can also include a bowl of pine cones and some pumpkin or cinnamon scented candles to bring the fall theme to the next level.

4-In-1 Seasonal Block Chain

3. Add Some Simple Charm To Your Home With An Interchangeable Decorative Accent

Simplicity is sometimes the best option when it comes to interchangeable decorations because it gives you the option to display it anywhere you want!

This interchangeable lighted panel truck is a small decorative accent that can be displayed on a covered porch or on a tabletop inside your house.

The fall filling is a mix of pumpkins and leaves that sits in the back of the truck with a string light wrapped around it.

Display this truck on your mantel with a leaf garland, decorative pumpkins, and a fall sentiment block sign.

You can also display the truck on a small side table on a covered porch. Coordinate it with fall patterned throw pillows on an outdoor bench next to it and a country pumpkin welcome mat.

5-Pc. Interchangeable Lighted Panel Truck

4. Greet Guests In Style With An Interchangeable Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is always an easy decoration that makes sense to keep up all year round – so why not get an interchangeable one?

This interchangeable welcome home sign features a variety of wreaths to use throughout the year!

You can hang this welcome sign in your entryway above a console table, hang it on your front door, or even hang it up in your kitchen or living room.

The fall wreath features a mix of leaves and berries. Hang this above a console table in your entryway and decorate the table with matching leaves spread across the top and a collection of fall scented candles.

Alternatively, if you hang this sign directly on your front door, you can finish off your fall porch with a pumpkin doormat and pumpkin string lights wrapped around your porch railing.

4-Pc. Interchangeable Welcome Home Sign

5. Decorate With An Interchangeable Tabletop Plaque For Every Time Of Year

Tabletop plaques can make cute and charming interchangeable decorations to display in any room of your house!

This interchangeable tabletop plaque features a different sentiment for each time of the year and a convenient wooden stand to make it easy to place anywhere.

With the thankful fall sentiment on the face of plaque, this seasonal decorations works especially well with other Thanksgiving themed decorations!

Display the fall plaque in the center of your kitchen island with a bowl of artificial apples and a small turkey figurine. Tie it into the rest of the kitchen with leaf patterned or fall sentiment kitchen towels.

You can also place this on top of your mantel, on an entryway table, or even on your bathroom counter to match s fall themed shower curtain and towels.

3-Pc. Interchangeable Tabletop Plaque

6. Display An Interchangeable Sentiment Sign On Your Mantel For Each Season

Interchangeable sentiment signs are a more subtle way to decorate for different holidays and seasons.

This interchangeable love sentiment sign features interchangeable icons to replace the letter “o” in love, making it a simple decoration that fits in with any holiday and season!

The fall options include a pumpkin icon and a turkey icon, with an additional option of a fall icon set of a ghost, acorn, apple, and football.

Display this love sentiment sign on top of your mantel and swap out the fall icons throughout the fall season.

You can also display this sentiment sign on your kitchen island with some fall candles and beautiful arrangement of fall flowers in a vase.

Interchangeable Love Sentiment or Icon Sets

7. Get Comfy & Festive With An Interchangeable Seasonal Pillow

Instead of getting new pillows for your couch every season, why not just get a set of interchangeable pillow covers?

This interchangeable seasonal pillows comes with four different covers that allows you to switch around for summer/spring, fall, Halloween, and Christmas.

Display the fall pumpkins pillowcase throughout the fall season and just switch to the Halloween one during the month of October to get into the holiday spirit.

Get multiples of these pillows to create a full spread across your couch or get a mix of other fall themed pillows to display during the harvest season.

Finish it off with a fall throw blanket, such as a pumpkin patterned one, a faux fur one, or a plaid one.

5-Pc. Interchangeable Seasonal Pillow

Looking for more ways to easily decorate for every season and holiday? Check out our full selection of interchangeable decorations. Find block signs, decorative accents, welcome signs, doormats, and much more!

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