5 Easy Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Fall decor is all about those warm, welcoming, and comforting feelings. You can quickly transform your kitchen for the harvest season with some simple tips and tricks. Here are 5 easy fall kitchen decorating ideas to give you some harvest inspiration.

1. Display A Fall Kitchen Island Centerpiece To Make A Statement

Decorative Fall Pumpkins and Leaves

An easy way to make a statement in your fall kitchen is to display a centerpiece on the kitchen island. This acts as the the starting point of the fall theme and can help you determine the rest of the decorative elements to add in your kitchen.

There are many ways to create a fall kitchen centerpiece by using the main symbols of fall such as pumpkins, leaves, and plaid. If you want a traditional fall color scheme, incorporate warm colors like red, orange, and gold. However, you can also match the centerpiece to your current kitchen’s color scheme.

Fall Kitchen Centerpiece Ideas

  • Set down a wooden cutting board and place a collection of decorative pumpkins, pine cones, and fall candles on top of it.
  • Decorate with a large vase filled with fresh fall flowers. Surround the vase with fall foliage and pumpkin accents.
  • Start with a large tray or flat bowl. Fill it with a vase of flowers and line the bottom of the tray or bowl with pine cones.
  • Fill a large bowl with pine cones, small pumpkins, or apples. Display a few fall candles next to it.
  • Set three flower vases next to each other in the middle of the island for a simple yet effective centerpiece.

2. Incorporate Bright Fall Countertop Accents For A Festive Kitchen

Bright Colored Pumpkin Decorations

While fall decor typically incorporates warm and rustic colors for a relaxing aesthetic, you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold and bright with some of your fall accents. Colorful fall decor can make your kitchen feel more fresh and exciting.

Instead of designating one area of your kitchen for fall accents, spread them around to different areas on your counter tops to add more colors throughout the room. Decorate with items such as ceramic or plush pumpkins, harvest sentiment block signs, decorative fall plates and dishes, and festive trinkets.

Play around with bright colors by complementing your current kitchen color scheme. For instance, if you have a blue or green color scheme, consider adding fall accents in bright shades of teal and aqua. If you have a more neutral color scheme, add in vibrant pops of orange, yellow, and green.

3. Decorate The Kitchen With Fall Fruits & Flowers

Decorative Apples and Pine Cones

Bring the freshness of the harvest season into your kitchen by decorating with fall fruits and flowers. Whether you use real or artificial fruits and flowers, you’ll still be able to capture that festive feeling.

Incorporate real or faux flowers and plants into your kitchen with fall themed planters and vases. These can look beautiful on your kitchen island and counters, or even in the center of your kitchen table. Seek out autumn flower arrangements that include sunflowers, dahlias, mums, orange roses, and berry vines.

Both real and artificial fruits make wonderful fall centerpieces when placed in a decorative bowl or basket in the center of the kitchen table or island. Apple and pears are both ideal for fall decor. Each of them can look nice when paired with pine cones, pumpkins, and decorative leaves.

4. Set Up Pumpkins & Fall Accents On Cake Stands In The Kitchen

Decorative Pumpkins On A Cake Stand

When it comes to fall kitchen decorating ideas, you sometimes need to think outside of the box and be creative to get a unique harvest look that matches your style and personality! An easy yet creative idea is to display fall decorations on top of cake stands in your kitchen.

You can find cake stands that match your kitchen decor style, whether it’s elegant or rustic, and pair them with festive decorations to add a clever touch of fall into the room. The great thing about decorating with a cake stand is that you can showcase smaller fall accents that may not stand out that much on their own in the room.

Fall Cake Stand Decorating Ideas

  • Set a few decorative pumpkins on top of the cake stand and display it on a ledge above your kitchen sink or on your kitchen island.
  • Start by laying down a fall patterned cloth on the cake stand and place a fall sentiment sign on top.
  • Display a vase of fresh fall flowers on top of the cake stand or display some greenery on top.
  • Use the cake stand on a coffee bar with a fall mug and coffee accessories set up on top of it.
  • You can also be more traditional and use the cake stand for food by piling on some pumpkin shaped cookies.

5. Show Off Your Favorite Fall Coffee Mugs On Hooks & Shelves

Display Your Fall Mugs On Hooks

There’s nothing quite like taking a sip of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa from your favorite mug on a chilly fall day. Putting your harvest mugs on display will not only give you easier access to them but they’ll also add more fall charm to your kitchen with minimal effort.

You can display your fall coffee mugs in a variety of ways to add some flair to your kitchen. A common way to display these is to hang them up on hooks on the wall, or on a fall wall hanging that has hooks on it. If you don’t want to hang them up, you can display the mugs on on open or clear shelves, or you can line a few of them next to each other in the middle of your island. You can even cleverly showcase them on a coffee bar cabinet.

Aside from showing off your mugs, you can also display other fall themed dishes such as decorative plates and bowls and unique cups or wine glasses. You can even swap out your flour, sugar, and other baking supply containers for fall themed jars instead. This way, you can easily add more fall flair to your kitchen counter tops.

Looking for even more fall kitchen decorating ideas? Shop our selection of fall harvest decor to find festive kitchen accents and linens, along with decor for the rest of your home!

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