9 Indoor Halloween Decorations To Display This Fall

Get into the holiday spirit by decking your home out in Halloween decor galore! From unique lighted decorations to charming accents and more, our Halloween selection can meet all your fun and festive needs. Whether you want to create a spooky scene or a friendly layout, here are 9 indoor Halloween decorations to display this fall.

Create A Mystical Vibe With Lighted Halloween Decorations

Lighted decorations can add a whole new level of wonder and excitement to your indoor Halloween decorations spread. The great thing about lighted Halloween decor is that it can be either magical or spooky, depending on how you style it. No matter what Halloween style you’re going for, these lighted decorations will add an extra element of surprise to your home when the sun goes down.

Color-Changing Lighted Pumpkins

Indoor Halloween Decorations - Color-Changing Lighted Pumpkins

These glowing pumpkins will add some bright colors to any room in your home this Halloween!

Put these pumpkins on a entryway table or on top of the mantel to add a pop of color. You can pair these with other kid-friendly Halloween decorations to create a fun decor spread without scaring the young ones.

Lighted Spider Web Lace Window Panel or Mantel Scarf

Indoor Halloween Decorations -Lighted Spider Web Lace Window Panel or Mantel Scarf

Get dark and spooky vibes by decorating with this lighted spider web mantel scarf and window panel!

Add to the spookiness of this spider web decor by decorating with other spider accents, black roses, and a dark colored candle holder. You can also add other scary symbols and character decor such as witches and vampires.

Lighted Halloween Character Trees

Indoor Halloween Decorations -Lighted Halloween Character Trees

Bring a Christmas element to Halloween by decorating with these Halloween character trees!

Display one of these trees in the living room, entryway, or at the end of the hallway. You can easily make these either spooky or friendly. Make it scary by surrounding it with dark and creepy decor like spiders and bats. Or, create a fun scene with bright pumpkins and cute sentiments.

Unique Halloween Accents That Will Add Charm To Any Room

While large indoor Halloween decorations can set the stage for a holiday theme in your home, it’s the smaller decorations that really add extra character and spark to any room. Decorative Halloween accents can make any room feel more complete and can help support the exact look you’re going for. These Halloween accents are a perfect way to fill in empty spaces in creative ways, and bring the entire room together.

Halloween Tabletop Plaques

Halloween Tabletop Plaques

Add some clever Halloween sentiments to any tabletop with the help of these festive plaques!

Set up a decor spread on your mantel by stacking some antique books and placing a plaque on top of them. Then, decorate the rest of your mantel with pumpkins, Halloween flowers, and a set of string lights spread out across the top.

Halloween Plush Collection

Halloween Plush Collection

Create an adorable scene on your mantel with this decorative Halloween plush collection!

Display the plush characters in the center of the mantel with the wooden sign behind them. Fill in the rest of the mantel with black ceramic pumpkins, a small Halloween branch tree, and spider web wall hangings above the mantel.

Gothic Rose Halloween Decor

Gothic Rose Halloween Decor

Bring a mix of creepy and elegant into your Halloween decor with this Gothic rose collection!

Set up the decor in your entryway: place the pumpkin planter on a console table with the wreath hanging on the wall above it. Set the broom next to the table to match. You can line the table with a lace spiderweb tablecloth to add even more dark vibes.

Bring A Touch Of Holiday Spirit Into Your Kitchen With Halloween Hand Towels

Whether you want to go all out with your Halloween kitchen decor or just want to add a little holiday spirit into the room, themed kitchen towels can do the trick! Swapping out your kitchen towels for each season and holiday is an affordable and easy way to decorate without sacrificing the design style of the room. No matter what style kitchen you have, these Halloween towels will add the perfect amount of charm!

Halloween Friends Kitchen Coordinates

Halloween Friends Kitchen Coordinates

These fun Halloween friends kitchen coordinates come with the option of hand towels and an oven mitt!

Featuring friendly pumpkins and ghosts, these look great displayed in the kitchen on their own or they can look cute paired with similar decor such as a ghost wall hanging or ceramic pumpkins on the counter.

2-Pc. Seasonal Kitchen Towel & Oven Mitt Set

2-Pc. Seasonal Kitchen Sets

Add a kid-friendly Halloween element to your kitchen with this adorable monster towel and oven mitt set!

Hang this towel and oven mitt in your kitchen for a splash of bright color. Combine it with some other green and pink themed Halloween decor and friendly characters to bring the theme into the rest of the kitchen.

Set of 2 Seasonal Hanging Kitchen Towels

Sets of 2 Seasonal Hanging Kitchen Towels

Decorate with cute pumpkin flair by hanging up these fabric-magic seasonal kitchen towels!

The towels feature different pumpkin characters with their own personalities. Decorate the rest of the kitchen with pumpkins, bats, and ghosts or let the towels stand out on their own as a subtle decoration for Halloween.

Looking for even more Halloween inspiration? Shop our selection of Halloween Decor & More to find unique accents, kitchen decor, bed and bath collections, string lights, and much more!

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