7 Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Fall

There are many ways to decorate your living room for the harvest season! Tabletop decor makes it easy to bring the fall theme into your living room. You can easily create a warm and welcoming environment. From florals to accents, to candles and more, here are 7 coffee table decor ideas for fall.

1. Decorate With Harvest Flowers To Freshen Up Your Living Room

Fall Coffee Table Decor - Large Grooved Ceramic Vases

Fresh fall flowers can transform your living room in a flash and can be consistently updated throughout the season.

Flowers can help you bring in some beautiful fall colors and contribute to the natural elements of the harvest season. They can also add some delightfully fresh scents into your living room.

While you can truly decorate with any flowers that you like, try to aim for fall ones. These include sunflowers, lilies, chrysanthemums, daises, and orange colored roses.

Make sure to place your flowers in a festive vase such as these Large Grooved Ceramic vases that look like the exterior of pumpkins! Opt for vases with warm fall colors or harvest symbols for a full festive appearance.

You can either decorate with a large flower vase in the center of your coffee table or use several small ones as accents to other tabletop decorations.

Large Grooved Ceramic Vases

2. Use A Fall Tray As A Base For Your Coffee Table Decor

Fall Coffee Table Decor - Harvest Tray

Add a fall tray as an elevated based on your coffee table to hold your favorite decorative accents and to create an easy fall display on the table!

This featured Harvest Tray is the perfect mix of decorative and functional, featuring a rustic design and plenty of space to hold any small decorations.

Place the tray in the middle of your coffee table as a unique centerpiece or angle it in the corner to make room for larger decorations on table.

Use the tray to display decorative accents such as small fall candles, ceramic pumpkins, sentiment block signs, or other trinkets.

You can also leave the tray empty and use it to hold snacks or drinks like your morning coffee or a warm cup of hot cocoa on a crisp fall night.

Harvest Tray

3. Incorporate Lighted Decor For A Warm Fall Aesthetic

Fall Coffee Table Decor - Fairy Lighted Pumpkins

Brighten up your living room at night for a relaxing fall aesthetic by including lighted decorations on your coffee table.

Warm lights, string lights in particular, are the best choice for your fall coffee table because they’re easier on your eyes than bright white lights.

These Fairy Lighted Pumpkins are the perfect fall addition to your coffee table due to their soft warm glow and delicate, elegant appearance.

You can also add lights to your coffee table with the help of unique lighted accent signs or LED candles. Flickering LED candles are especially effective for a relaxing fall evening.

Nicely complement your lighted table decor by added other lighted decor throughout the living room such as a lighted garland on the mantle or warm lanterns displayed on shelves in the room.

Fairy Lighted Pumpkins

4. Add Some Fall Sentiments To Your Coffee Table Decor Spread

Fall Coffee Table Decor - Tabletop Sentiment Crates

Fall sentiments can add some extra character and flair to your coffee table decor spread and they can easily complement many different fall symbols and colors.

Incorporate sentiments through various types of decorative accents such as wooden block signs, festive flower vases, and fall figurines.

These Tabletop Sentiment Crates are a great way to add fall feelings to your coffee table thanks to their variety of harvest-themed words and phrases.

Use these crates to hold faux flowers, LED candles, small pumpkins, cinnamon scented potpourri, and other decorative fillers.

You can even use the crates as a catchall for small items or use them to hold your television remotes and small electronic items.

Tabletop Sentiment Crates

5. Display Decorative Pumpkins For The Ultimate Fall Look

Give Thanks Harvest Country Pumpkins

You can’t decorate your coffee table for fall without including one of the most recognizable symbols of the harvest season: pumpkins!

Displaying decorative pumpkins on your coffee table will amplify your fall theme and look festive when combined with other harvest accents.

There are many ways to display pumpkins on the table: style them on a tray, place one on top of an antique book, or fill a bowl with small pumpkins for a bright centerpiece.

The Give Thanks Harvest Country Pumpkins that are featured are the perfect pumpkin decoration for your coffee table!

Pair these primitive pumpkins with other country decor and similar sentiments throughout the living room.

Give Thanks Harvest Country Pumpkins

6. Use Faux Plants & Foliage To Bring Fall Colors To Your Coffee Table

Lighted Faux Harvest Arrangements

Fall is all about the warm rustic colors that bring comfort and calm feelings. You can create this type of environment in any room with decor that includes these colors.

Faux plants and fall foliage is one of the easiest ways to bring warm fall colors to your coffee table because they require no maintenance or upkeep!

Fill rustic wooden planters and pots with faux plant and flower arrangements, such as the featured Lighted Faux Harvest Arrangements. These can make beautiful centerpieces for your coffee table.

You can also include faux leaves in your decor spread by scattering some across the table, or by filling a decorative bowl with pine cones and mixing the leaves into it.

With so many ways to decorate with foliage and faux flowers, you can easily style it to match your other room decor.

Lighted Faux Harvest Arrangements

7. Finish Off Your Coffee Table With Fall Candles & Scents

Harvest Holiday Diffuser with Fragrance Oil

Amplify the cozy fall feeling in your living room even more by adding a bonus element to your coffee table: scented decor!

Scented decorations can bring your harvest themed room to life and can make the environment feel more relaxing when you sit on your couch on a chilly fall evening.

Fall is all about warm and homey scents. Choose scents such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apples, cedarwood, coffee, chai, and variants of vanilla.

Candles are a great way to bring in these scents because they can also act as a beautiful decorative element on the table. Include various sizes of candles and candle holders on your table for a unique spread but make sure to mix scents wisely.

This featured Harvest Holiday Diffuser is also an easy and quick way to add fall scents to your living room with a decorative element.

Harvest Holiday Diffuser with Fragrance Oil

Seeking out more coffee table decor ideas for fall? Shop our full selection of Fall Harvest Decor to find decorative accents, plenty of pumpkins, lighted decor, and much more!

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