7 Ways To Add Buffalo Plaid To Your Home

Buffalo plaid decor can fit into your home anytime of year but it’s especially fitting for fall and winter. There are many ways to use this pattern throughout your house, whether it’s through linens and bedding or other creative displays. Here are 10 ways to add buffalo plaid to your home this holiday season.

1. Incorporate Buffalo Plaid Through Bedding & Blankets

Buffalo Plaid Bedding & Blankets

Bedding and blankets are the easiest way to include buffalo plaid in your home decor. Swap out your summer blankets and comforters for more cozy and relaxing ones to get your home ready for the fall and winter seasons.

Start by placing some plaid throw blankets on your couch. Red and black plaid is the typical color for the colder seasons; however, other colors will work as well. Simply coordinate with the color scheme you already have in your living room. The throw blankets can be any materials but the coziest ones to use are Sherpa or wool.

After you add throw blankets to the living room, it’s time to add buffalo plaid to the bedroom. Change your comforter out for a plaid one to really bring the pattern to life in your room. You can also use matching plaid sheets to emphasize the theme even more. If you want a more subtle look, opt for a simple plaid throw blanket to throw on top of a plain comforter.

2. Accent Your Home With Buffalo Plaid Pillows

Red and Black Plaid Throw Pillow

In addition to warm blankets and comforters, you can also incorporate buffalo plaid into your home through throw pillows.

You can start by setting up some buffalo plaid throw pillows on your couch. Create a decorative look by placing some white, black, or any solid color pillows down on the couch first. Layer each of the solid pillows with a buffalo plaid pillow in front. This will look especially nice when combined with a plaid throw blanket draped over the couch.

Aside from placing pillows on the couch, you can also use them in unexpected areas of your home. For instance, put them on an entryway bench or on top of a large decorative storage bin. This will create a unique look that allows you to add the pattern to various areas of your home with minimal effort.

3. Hang Up Buffalo Plaid Hand Towels In Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Plaid Kitchen Towels

Another simple and easy way to add buffalo plaid to your home is by hanging up hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom. This is a nice combination of decorative and functional and allows you to use the pattern in a subtle way.

Hang up some plaid kitchen towels over your stove handle, hang it from a hook on your kitchen cabinets, or leave them neatly folded on your counters. You can emphasize the pattern more by adding in some plaid accents throughout the kitchen to complement the towels nicely.

Once you’ve added hand towels to your kitchen, bring some to your bathroom by hanging them up on a towel rack. Add more buffalo plaid to the bathroom through wall hangings, a bath mat, a shower curtain, or even a soap dispenser.

4. Layer A Buffalo Plaid Rug Underneath Your Welcome Mat

Layered Rug With Plaid Underneath

Layers can make decorations look more stylish and unique. Add some buffalo plaid to your front porch by layering up your welcome mat with a plaid rug.

Simply start by laying out a buffalo plaid rug near your front door. Then, lay a welcome mat on top of it. The mat should be smaller than the rug so the plaid is clearly displayed behind it. Try to use a simple coil doormat on top to allow the plaid to really shine on its own.

You can also do this layering rugs technique inside your home in various areas such as in your entryway, by your kitchen sink, or even in your bedroom. You can get creative with the plaid rug layering to make the area look personal to your style!

5. Find Creative Ways To Decorate With Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

Plaid Ribbon

Aside from using plaid decorations that already exist, you can also get crafty and make some of your own DIY buffalo plaid decorations. Whether you want to make something simple and subtle or make a statement piece, there are many ways you can incorporate the pattern.

One idea is to use buffalo plaid ribbon to decorate your home in different ways. While there are an endless amount of possibilities for how to use ribbon, here are some ideas to get you started with your decor:

  • Glue the ribbon around a picture frame to display on a tabletop
  • Decorate a plain lampshade by gluing the ribbon around it
  • Tie a ribbon bow around a vase of flowers for a touch of festive flair
  • Hang up ribbon around your mantel to give it a simple accent
  • Line the edges of your shelves with the ribbon
  • Accent a side table with buffalo plaid by gluing the ribbon around the outer edge

6. Set Up Your Dining Table With Buffalo Plaid Linens & Dishes

Plaid Dining Table Linens

Another way to add buffalo plaid to your is by decorating your dining table with the pattern. Through table linens and even dishes, you can bring this festive pattern to your eating area in a fun and cheerful way.

You can either use a plaid tablecloth or table runner to set up your table. Then, neatly fold matching plaid cloth napkins on top of simple plates to coordinate the look. Tie everything together by adding some decorative candles in the center along with a display of branches and red berries.

You can also choose to use buffalo plaid dishes instead of linens. Simply set up a solid colored tablecloth or runner and place an assortment of plaid dishes at each place setting. You can also matching plaid place mats at each setting for an extra festive look.

7. Add Small Touches Of Buffalo Plaid With Decorative Accents

Buffalo Plaid Accents

If you want to add touches of buffalo plaid to each room of your house, the easiest way to do so is through decorative accents. This is a great option if you just want to add the pattern in a subtle way for the fall and winter seasons.

There are so many ways to display decorative accents around your house. You can display them on your mantle, coffee table, shelves, kitchen island, and much more. Plaid can be found in so many different types of decorative accents, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A simple wall hanging or tabletop block sign
  • A decorative figurine such as a pumpkin, reindeer, or other holiday symbol
  • A festive picture frame
  • A set of jar candles or candle holders
  • A vase or decorative container to hold other accents

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