7 Coastal Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Living Room

Christmas decor usually involves winter themes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a new spin on it! Give your home a festive holiday spirit with a warm beach house theme tied into it. Here are 7 coastal Christmas decorating ideas for your living room.

1. Decorate Your Coastal Christmas Living Room With A Tropical Color Scheme

Bring your coastal Christmas theme to life by decorating with a tropical color scheme!

While the traditional colors of Christmas are red and green, you can still create a festive holiday living room with this unique color selection.

Decorate with coastal colors such as white, teal, light green, and pale pink. Any colors that remind you of the beach and ocean will be suitable.

To make it feel more like Christmas, use holiday accents such as ornaments or even a colored tree. This will help you easily tie the themes together.

This set of 12 Shatterproof Coastal Ornaments will help you start your desired theme! With an assortment of tropical colors, your tree can be the main coastal focus of your living room.

Set of 12 Shatterproof Coastal Ornaments

Set of 12 Shatterproof Coastal Ornaments

2. Combine Classic Christmas Characters With Coastal Symbols

A simple and quick way to combine the coastal theme with Christmas is to combine characters and symbols through accents.

The combination of these core elements will tie these themes together smoothly and give your living room a nice balance.

Use accents with Christmas themes such as snowmen, Santa, trees, and string lights. Combine them with coastal themes like starfish, sand, and anchors.

It’s especially helpful to find these elements already combined in items such as figurines, wall art, and throw pillows.

Featuring a mix of beach and holiday themes, this Coastal Christmas Decor Collection is a great place to start!

Coastal Christmas Decor Collection

Coastal Christmas Decor Collection

3. Incorporate Christmas Sentiments In Coastal Style

Another easy coastal Christmas decorating idea is to take classic Christmas sentiments and give them a beach twist.

Start by choosing your favorite Christmas sentiments such as “joy”, “noel”, “peace”, or other jolly words and sayings.

Give the sentiments a coastal twist with the help of tropical colors and beach symbols. You can easily do this by buying a Christmas sentiment block sign and painting it.

You can also create a coastal themed Christmas sentiment on your computer to print out and place it in a beach themed photo frame.

These Coastal Christmas Table Signs make it even easier! Get started on your coastal Christmas theme by using these on your living room shelves or mantel.

Coastal Christmas Table Signs

Coastal Christmas Table Signs

4. Decorate Your Christmas Tree With A Coastal Theme

A great way to create a cheerful coastal Christmas living room is to bring the theme to your tree. This will instantly brighten up your room and match with the other coastal Christmas decorating ideas!

You can either start with a traditional green Christmas tree or you can opt for a white or blue one.

Wrap your tree with string lights. Choose white and blue lights as a base for your theme. You can also wrap the tree with ribbons in coordinating colors or with a burlap rope.

Finally, add some festive ornaments. Decorate with tropical colored ball ornaments. Then, add some themed ornaments such as starfish, sand dollars, tropical fish, and coastal sentiments.

This Printed Tree Collar is the perfect addition to your coastal Christmas tree to give it a finishing touch!

Coastal Christmas Printed Tree Collar

Coastal Christmas Printed Tree Collar

5. Add Fun Winter Elements To Your Coastal Christmas Decor

Aside from characters such as Santa and reindeer, you can also bring in more general winter themes to add to your coastal Christmas living room.

This will allow you to keep up the decor throughout the entire season, even after Christmas is over.

Bring in a mix of snowmen and other cold weather themed decorations and combine them with your coastal decor.

You can even combine opposing elements such as snow and sand through your decor. For instance, you can set up a snowman themed Christmas tree with a sandy tree skirt.

This Lighted Glass Coastal Snowman will give you the perfect mix of winter and the beach! Display it on your coffee table as a unique accent.

Lighted Glass Coastal Snowman

Lighted Glass Coastal Snowman

6. Hang Up Themed Wall Art With Coastal Christmas Sayings

Instead of decorating with traditional Christmas sentiments, make your living room feel more unique by decorating with creative sayings.

Find coastal Christmas decorations with fun sayings that can easily match well with the rest of your decor but stand out as a quirky piece in the room.

Incorporate these sentiments through wall art, throw pillows, small block signs, and tabletop accents.

You can even DIY some coastal Christmas sentiments or print out templates online to place inside of photo frames.

Hang up this Seas and Greetings wall art above your mantel to add a quirky element to your living room!

Seas and Greetings Wall Art

Seas and Greetings Wall Art

7. Complete Your Coastal Christmas Living Room With Themed Accent Pillows

Christmas decor is all about feeling comfy and warm inside your home during the chilly winter. You can still create that feeling with a coastal theme!

Create a comfortable spread on your couch by laying out some coastal colored throw pillows.

Then, add some pillows that contain coastal sayings and symbols. Make sure you only add a few of these; you don’t want your couch to look too busy.

Finally, add some brightly colored throw blankets to your couch to match the pillows. You now have a festive and cozy seating area.

Place these Coastal Christmas Accent Pillows on your couch for a festive and comfortable touch!

Coastal Christmas Accent Pillows

Coastal Christmas Accent Pillows

Looking for more coastal Christmas decorating ideas and inspiration? Shop Christmas Decor & More to find festive accents, ornament sets, wall art, and much more!

Want to learn more about coastal decorating? Check out these 7 Ways To Turn Any House Into A Beach House for easy tips and tricks.

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