Decorating For A Country Christmas: A How-To Guide

The country decor style can give any room a warm, welcoming, and homey feeling. Bringing Christmas cheer into your country style home can be made seamless with the simple combination of plaid patterns, rustic materials, festive symbols, and more. Here is an easy how-to guide on decorating for a country Christmas.

What Is The Country Decorating Style?

Country Christmas Ornaments

Whether you’re new to country decorating or are looking for more tips on amplifying the theme in your home, you can easily transform your home for the Christmas season or all year long! The country decor style combines warmth, comfort, and charm with a touch of vintage vibes and nostalgia. There are many ways to get this look in your home, but start with these core elements:

Warm Colors & Charming Patterns

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Natural Wood
  • Checkered & Plaid Patterns

Rustic Materials & Weathered Appearances

  • Galvanized Metal
  • Distressed Wood
  • Burlap
  • Rattan
  • Wool

Country Symbols & Sentiments

  • Hearts & Stars
  • Farm Animals
  • Red Trucks
  • Barnyards
  • Charming Sayings

Learn More About Country Decorating Styles

Country Christmas Decorating Guide

Country Christmas Tree

Now that you have a basic understanding of the country decor style, here is your simple guide to decorating for a country Christmas. This guide combines the core elements of the country decorating style with the traditional themes of Christmas. These styles blend together nicely to create a festive, down-to-earth look in any room of your home. From tree decor ideas to patterned accents to symbol and sentiment combinations, use these tips and tricks to transform your home for the holiday season!

Decorate With Buffalo Plaid For An Authentic Country Christmas Look

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Throw Pillows
Buffalo Plaid Lighted Holiday Swags

Buffalo plaid is a typical pattern for both the country decor style and the classic Christmas decor style. Including this pattern in your holiday decorations will give you an authentic country Christmas look that will blend in with a warm color scheme.

While there are many different types of plaid patterns that can work for your holiday decor, buffalo plaid is the main style that can give your home a country look. This type of plaid features large, intersecting squares, often seen on flannel shirts. It varies from other plaid patterns because it contains more simple blocks. It’s also typically a red and black pattern; however, it can also be designed with other colors such as black and white.

Buffalo plaid can be incorporated into your decorations through many different accents. Whether it’s throw pillows and blankets, Christmas tree ribbons, kitchen towels, table linens, or wall signs, this pattern can easily fit into any room.

Tip: Don’t overdo the plaid; you want to have a nice balance of the pattern throughout the room. Either place a few large plaid elements in the room to establish the theme or sprinkle in small plaid accents for a subtle touch.

Trim Your Tree With Country Christmas Ornaments

Galvanized Metal Windmill Ornament
Set of 4 Country Sentiment Tag Ornaments

It wouldn’t be a country Christmas without a themed tree. Set up an eye-catching element in the corner of your living room with a country Christmas style tree, dressed up to the nines! With the help of ornaments, ribbons, string lights, and a tree skirt and topper, you can easily give any Christmas tree an authentic country appearance.

Country Christmas Ornaments

The great thing about a country Christmas tree is that you can combine many different types of ornaments to get a charming and fun look. Country ornaments will typically represent symbols such as windmills, farm animals, and lanterns. They also might contain charming sentiments that combine country and Christmas sayings. Additionally, you can look for ornaments that have a rustic finish such as galvanized metal or distressed wood.

Other Country Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

  • Buffalo plaid ribbons and bows
  • Burlap tree skirt
  • Barn star or farm animal tree topper
  • Rustic wood tree box
  • Warm white string lights

Want more inspiration? Check out this guide on How To Decorate A Country Christmas Tree!

Incorporate Rustic Materials For A Charming & Welcoming Appearance

Burlap And Plaid Tree Skirt
Lighted Holiday Santas

As mentioned previous, rustic materials are a common feature in the country decorating style. The weathered look gives decor a vintage, charming, and homey look that blends in well with the traditional Christmas decorating style.

To reiterate, the most common materials in country decorating include galvanized metal, distressed wood, burlap, rattan, and wool. These materials can be incorporated through various Christmas decorations such as small accents, figurines, rugs, throw pillows, bedding, hand towels, and much more. You can create this rustic look for Christmas through large eye-catching decor as well as more subtle pieces throughout your home.

Combine the rustic elements of country decorating with the cheerful themes of Christmas by fusing these ideas together. For instance, you can decorate with items such as a distressed wooden Santa sign, a galvanized metal reindeer statue, a burlap Christmas wreath, a wool snowman blanket, or rustic wood tabletop trees. Just make sure to combine the rustic finish with Christmas symbols, and you’ll achieve the look you want!

Tie Together Country Symbols With Christmas Themes

Festive Plaid Truck Christmas Wall Art
Vintage Country Kitchen Collection

Another easy way to decorate in the country Christmas style is to combine country symbols with Christmas symbols. This is a very simple method due to the fact that these two styles match together well. Combine these symbols through a variety of decorations to get the complete look throughout your home.

Combine red country trucks with Christmas trees, charming farm animals with reindeer, barn stars with Christmas stars and lights, or even country sentiments with Christmas colors. There are so many different combinations that will work for a country Christmas style; get creative and have fun! Showcase these combinations in many different ways – create a display on your mantel, set up a unique centerpiece on your dining table, or decorate your front porch with holiday charm.

You can also combine these country symbols with winter themes. This will add longevity to your decor and allow you to keep it up after Christmas ends. Mix country elements with general winter symbols such a snowmen, snowballs, mittens, white twinkly lights, and comforting candles.

Looking for more inspiration on decorating for a country Christmas? Shop our selection of Christmas Decor & More to find themed ornaments, unique decorative accents, festive bed and bath collections, outdoor holiday decor, and much more!

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