9 Christmas Gnomes & Elves To Display This Holiday Season

Christmas character decorations can add a lot of fun and festive energy into any room! Decorate your home with a cheerful spirit this holiday season with the help of both classic and unique characters. Here are 9 Christmas gnomes and elves to display this holiday season.

Decorate For Christmas With These Outdoor Character Decorations

Decorate your outdoor space with a bright and joyful Christmas scene! There are many ways to decorate your outdoor area for the holiday season with yard stakes, doormats, string lights, and other accents. This outdoor Christmas gnome decor and elf decor will be a great addition to your front yard, backyard, and porch. Be the most festive house on your block with the help of these friendly characters!

Silly Elf Garden Stakes

Silly Elf Garden Stakes

Add some fun and quirky energy to your yard with these Silly Elf Garden Stakes!

Place one or all of these stakes in your backyard or front yard. Continue the whimsical theme by decorating the rest of your yard with candy cane stakes, red and green lights, and other outdoor elf decorations.

Christmas Gnome Stakes

Christmas Gnome Garden Stakes

Make your yard feel more festive with the help of these Christmas Gnome Garden Stakes!

Display these stakes in your backyard with an assortment of other Christmas gnome decor. This can include other stakes, wall signs to hang on your fence, or statues and figurines.

Elves Holiday Doormat

Elves Holiday Doormat

Welcome your guests with Christmas cheer by displaying this Elves Holiday Doormat!

Put this doormat by your front door with other decorations. To match the theme, decorate with elf statues, wall signs, and some festive throw pillows on a bench. Light up the area with some twinkly string lights.

Trim The Christmas Tree With These Festive Elves & Gnomes

Put a twist on the classic Christmas tree by adding an elf or gnome theme into the mix! These tree decorations and accents will add holiday cheer to your living room, entryway, kitchen, or any other room in your home. Whether you want to add a little something extra to your tree or if you want to create a full unique theme in your home, these decorations will work for you!

Lighted Elf Christmas Trees

Lighted Elf Christmas Trees

Bring a whimsical holiday style into your home with a Lighted Elf Christmas Tree!

Set up this pre-lit tree in the corner of your living room with an elf tree skirt. Fill the rest of the room with an elf theme through throw pillows, elf statues or figurines, and wall signs. Finish the look with some red string lights on the mantel.

Christmas Gnome Trees

Lighted Christmas Gnome Trees

Add these Lighted Christmas Gnome Trees to any small space for holiday cheer!

Create a fun entryway display by placing these trees on a console table with any red Christmas tabletop accents. Then, set up a full Christmas tree next to the table decked out with gnome ornaments and classic ball ornaments.

Elf Tree Skirt 

Elf Tree Skirt

Give your Christmas tree a fun twist by displaying this Elf Tree Skirt!

Decorate your Christmas tree with elf ornaments, red and green ball ornaments, plaid ribbons, and red lights. You can also use some other unique and whimsical ornaments. Add a quirky elf hat tree topper and tie it all together with the elf tree skirt.

Accent Your Home With These Fun Holiday Gnomes & Elves

When decorating with Christmas characters, you can either go all out or your can add some simple details to each room. Decorative accents make it easy to add those simple details without going overboard. These gnome and elf accents will add small touches of holiday fun to any room in your house!

Lighted Color-Changing Christmas Gnome

Lighted Color-Changing Christmas Gnome

The Lighted Color-Changing Christmas Gnome is a unique accent for your home!

Create a fun and colorful scene on your mantel. Start by placing this gnome in the center. Then, set up a selection of brush trees and other small Christmas gnomes. Finally, hang a wreath on the wall and wrap green string lights around the mantel.

Holiday Cheer Elf Figurines or Stocking Holders

Holiday Cheer Elf Figurines or Stocking Holders

Add these Holiday Cheer Elf Figurines or Stocking Holders to your mantel this holiday season!

Start by draping a Christmas mantel scarf on the surface, along with a display of fake snow. Then, scatter a mix of brush trees and ceramic trees on top. Set up the elf figurines or stocking holders in the center. Lastly, hang up a Christmas wreath on the wall above the mantel.

Ceramic Christmas Gnome Cookie Jar

Ceramic Gnome Cookie Jar

Bring the cheer into your kitchen with this Ceramic Christmas Gnome Cookie Jar!

Display this cookie jar on your kitchen island or counter. Then, decorate the rest of your kitchen with a gnome theme through hand towels, a rug, and wall signs, You can also bring in candy cane or snowflake accents to match the jar!

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