How To Decorate Your Mantel For Christmas

It’s that time of year to decorate with Christmas cheer! Your mantel is the perfect area of your living room to create a bright and cheerful holiday setting. Through the help of greenery, lights, accents, and more, you can instantly transform your mantel for the holidays. With some simple tricks and tips, here is how to decorate your mantel for Christmas.

Choose A Theme For Your Christmas Mantel

The first step in decorating for Christmas is choosing a holiday decor theme for your mantel!

There are so many different directions you can go in with colors, themes, and elements on your mantel. Choose one that best matches your spirit for the holiday season.

Holiday Theme Ideas For Your Mantel

  • Classic Christmas: red and green color scheme, familiar Christmas characters, classic sentiments
  • Feminine: rose gold color scheme, sparkly accents, floral garland
  • Country: natural color scheme, rustic wood and galvanized metal accents
  • Winter Wonderland: white, blue, and silver color scheme, snow themed accents, faux fur stockings

Holiday Sparkle Collection

Holiday Sparkle Collection

Add Some Christmas Greenery To Your Mantel

Greenery is a great way to bring in the natural elements of Christmas and winter and can help create a cheerful environment!

It’s very easy and simple to add greenery to your mantel to easily blend in with your Christmas decor.

Start with a garland draped around your mantel. A pine garland is the best choice for Christmas; however, any greenery will fit in. Find a garland that incorporates pine cones, string lights, and a snow dusted look.

Then, add in other greenery with the help of tabletop trees. Place a decorative tree in the center of the mantel or spread small brush trees around. Combine with other decorative accents to complete the look.

Christmas Pine Collection

Christmas Pine Collection

Dress Up Your Space With A Mantel Scarf

If you aren’t sure where to even start with your Christmas mantel, a mantel scarf is a great base for all your decor!

There are so many different types of mantel scarves that fit with a variety of holiday themes, styles, and colors. Choosing a mantel scarf is an easy way to set the vibe for the rest of your decorations.

Use a lace or silk scarf for a more elegant or classic theme, a colorful felt scarf for a fun and festive look, or a simple cloth one for any theme.

Finish off the look with some ceramic Christmas trees, holiday candles, sentiment block signs, and a garland draped behind your decor.

Silent Night Lace Mantel Scarf

Silent Night Lace Mantel Scarf

Make Your Christmas Mantel Feel Extra Fun With Colorful Stockings

Stockings are such a fun and traditional part of Christmas! Displaying them in a unique and decorative way can make your mantel feel even more festive and bright.

Hang up a different colored stocking for each person in your family. Match their favorite colors or create a funky color scheme to match your other decor!

You can also change it up by hanging the stocking on the wall above the mantel instead of in front of the mantel. This can make the stockings feel more like wall art and they can blend into your decor more.

There’s no real rhyme or reason when it comes to decorating with stockings. Have fun with the colors and designs and feel free to make your space match your personality and style.

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Brighten Up Your Mantel With Festive Holiday Candles

Lighting can make your Christmas mantel feel more warm, inviting, and magical.

Candles are the easiest way to brighten up your mantel! Place some festive LED candles on top of glass candle holders for a beautifully decorative look.

You can also bring in scented candles to amplify the cheerful holiday atmosphere. Candles scents such as cinnamon, pine, peppermint, vanilla sugar, and cloves can make the room feel even more like Christmas.

Aside from candles, you can also bring in other lighted decor such as string light garlands, lighted wall art, LED tabletop accents, and more!

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Add Some Character To Your Mantel With Festive Signs

Aside from greenery, candles, and fabric accents, there are other elements that can help you decorate your mantel for Christmas.

Wall signs and tabletop block signs are great additions to your holiday mantel because they can incorporate Christmas characters, winter wonderland scenes, and festive sentiments.

Find artwork with classic characters such as Santa, elves, reindeer, snowmen, and symbols like Christmas trees, wreaths, and angels.

Display a block sign on top of the mantel with other tabletop accents or hang up a large holiday wall sign above the mantel as an eye catching element in the room.

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Make Seasonal Decorating Quick & Easy With Reversible Decorations

One of the easiest ways to decorate your mantel for Christmas is to set up some interchangeable or reversible decorations that work for every season and holiday!

Interchangeable decor or reversible decor allow for a quick switch as each holiday or season approaches.

For instance, this seasonal block chain can be set up for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving/fall, or anytime of the year with the simple “Welcome” side.

An interchangeable seasonal sign can be displayed on your mantel all year round. You simply just need to change up the decorations around it for each holiday. You can also just keep it on its own with some neutral candles for a more simple look.

4-In-1 Seasonal Block Chain

4-In-1 Seasonal Block Chain

Looking for even more ways to decorate your mantel for Christmas? Check out our selection of Christmas Decor & More to find tabletop accents, lighted decor, greenery, wall art, and much more!

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