How To Decorate A Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

Christmas brings the wonder and joy to the winter season. Decorating with a winter wonderland theme for the holidays can transform your home into a magical and exciting environment. Here are some simple tips on how to decorate a winter wonderland Christmas tree.

Start With A White Or Snow-Dusted Christmas Tree

Decorate A Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree - Snow Dusted Trees

The winter wonderland theme is centered around a snowy, cold weather feeling mixed with the ideas of magic and comfort. One of the best ways to establish your winter wonderland theme is to decorate with a white or snow-dusted Christmas tree.

White Christmas trees can give you a more bright and unique look. They can also make colorful ornaments and string lights stand out more. A white tree is a great choice for a modern or farmhouse living room.

Faux snow-dusted trees on the other hand can give you more of a traditional Christmas look mixed with the winter theme. They fit in well with other winter decor in the room, such as snowmen accents, and can establish the theme beautifully.

Whichever tree you choose, it can help you determine what types of ornaments to display and what other Christmas decorations you want throughout the room to match. You can truly create a winter wonderland theme with either one.

Create A White, Silver, & Blue Color Scheme

How To Decorate A Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree - Silver, White, And Blue Ornaments

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree with a theme, the color scheme you choose can really bring out the aesthetic. For instance, a traditional Christmas theme would incorporate warm and cozy colors, but a winter theme would include a cold color scheme.

Typically, you would want to decorate with white, silver, and blue to get the look of a winter wonderland tree. You can choose to decorate with all or one of these colors, depending on how you style your tree. Using all the colors will your give your tree more depth and uniqueness, while sticking to one color can help you establish a modern and clean look. Check out these white Christmas decorating ideas for an extra festive look!

Through ornaments, string lights, a tree topper, and a tree skirt, you can create your color scheme to your liking. You can even wrap all your presents with coordinating gift wrap to match the color scheme if you want to fully commit to the theme.

After your tree is decked out with the cool toned colors, you can bring the same color scheme into the rest of the room through decorative accents, wall art, throw pillows, and lighted decorations. The more you stick to the color scheme, the more it’ll feel like a full winter wonderland themed room.

Hang Winter Themed Ornaments On The Tree

Winter Themed Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve establish a color scheme, it’s time to bring it to life with themed ornaments! Winter themed ornaments can make your tree feel more quirky and interesting or can establish simplicity, based on the angle you’re going for.

The Christmas ornaments can be centered around the typical icons, characters, and symbols that match the winter theme. Feel free to have fun when choosing these ornaments! You can also take a more simple route and opt for white, silver, and blue ball ornaments.

Winter Wonderland Ornament Ideas

  • Snowmen
  • Snowballs
  • Snowflakes
  • Sparkly stars
  • “Frosted” gingerbread houses
  • Winter animals such as white owls, polar bears, and penguins
  • Winter accessories such as mittens, sweaters, and hats

Incorporate The Winter Wonderland Theme Into The Rest Of The Room

Winter Themed Christmas Mantel Decor

Once you’ve fully decorated your winter wonderland themed Christmas tree, it’s time to bring the theme into the rest of the room! Make your living space feel more festive and complete by decorating the entire room with the theme.

Start by setting up your mantel with the winter style. Hang a simple pine garland over the top of your mantel. Accent it with silver, white, and blue ball ornaments, shiny ribbons, and winter icon ornaments. Then, hang some twinkling string lights on the face of the mantel to finish the look. Check out how to decorate your mantel for Christmas for more ideas and inspiration!

Next, decorate your coffee table and shelves with themed accents. Decor such as snowman figurines, faux snow, and other winter icons are fitting for the theme. For instance, you can create a full winter wonderland scene on a shelf by setting down an artificial snow runner with miniature houses, trees, snowmen, and small lights on top.

Lastly, add the finishing touches to your winter wonderland room. Bring in some snowman wall art, extra string lights, white faux fur pillows, a festive area rug, and any other decorative accents to make the room feel complete.

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