7 Living Room Organization Ideas: Storage Furniture & More

Maintaining a well organized living room can sometimes be a challenge. It’s the main hub of your house where everyone gathers for a multitude of activities and purposes, causing items to quickly clutter up. However, keeping your living room neat and tidy doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. With some easy tips and tricks, along with some simple additions of storage items, you can have the organized living room of your dreams. Here are 7 living room organization ideas with the use of storage furniture and clever organizing tools to make your life a little easier.

1. Make The Most Out Of Hidden Storage With A Coffee Storage Table

Living room organization ideas - Barn Door Coffee Tables with Storage
Living room organization ideas - Barn Door Coffee Tables with Storage

The coffee table is one of the main pieces of furniture in your living room, so why not invest in a coffee table with hidden storage! This type of furniture will allow you to maintain an organized living room with sacrificing the decorative style of the area.

A coffee storage table can be used to hold any items that you might need to quickly and easily grab while you’re on the couch. This can range from extra pillows and blankets, to books and magazines, to remote controls, and more. These items can neatly be tucked away inside a “secret” storage compartment inside of the table.

However, if you crave the more open look, you can opt for a storage table with multiple compartments and shelves. If you have a coffee table with storage shelves, consider adding small baskets to store your items in a more decorative way. You can also add closed top baskets on top of the coffee table for another convenient and stylish look.

2. Use A Simple Organizer On Your Couch Or Accent Chair For Remotes & Small Items

Living room organization ideas - Quilted Arm Rest Organizers
Living room organization ideas - Quilted Arm Rest Organizers

Sometimes it’s the smallest items that can get cluttered around your living room or on the coffee table. It can be a struggle to find a place to put these little items because you don’t want to lose them if you store them away.

Use a simple organizer that can be draped over the armrest of your couch or cozy accent chair. Many of these types of organizers come with pockets, perfectly sized to hold any small necessities in your living room! This is ideal for your TV remote, reading glasses, your cell phone, or other small gadgets that you can quickly grab while relaxing on your couch.

These types of armrest organizers can very easily blend into your decor while still being functional. Get an organizer that matches the color scheme in the room, the color of your couch, or just a neutral color such as white, black, or beige. If you’re looking for convenient living room organization ideas, this one is small but makes a huge difference.

3. Put A Ladder Shelf In Your Living Room To Combine Style & Function

Living room organization ideas - Classic Ladder Shelves
Living room organization ideas - Classic Ladder Shelves

Wall shelves and traditional cabinets are always solid options for living room storage. But if you’re looking for something different, consider adding a ladder shelf to the area for easy and simple organizing. Ladder shelves can help you keep items organized while maintaining a nicely decorated and stylish space.

Whether you use baskets on the shelf or just place items on the immediate shelves of the ladder, ladder shelves are a nice way to hold your essential living room items and display some decorative accents as well.

Why You Should Use A Ladder Shelf For Living Room Storage

  • Ladder shelves are typically more slim than traditional shelving units. This will allow you to make the room feel more open while still giving you sufficient storage space.
  • You can place decorative baskets on the ladder shelf and intermix them with decorations and items to store. You can alternatively place bins with closed tops on the ladder to conceal all the items you’re storing.
  • These types of shelves can look nice standing in an empty corner of the room or next to a TV stand. Depending on the setup of your living room, you can adjust a ladder shelf to fit into any size room.

4. Utilize The Space Behind Your Couch For Some Clever Hidden Storage

Skinny Sofa Table with Outlet
Living room organization ideas - Skinny Sofa Table with Outlet

That tiny space behind your couch may seem irrelevant and useless; however, when it’s used in a smart way, it can actually be very convenient along with the other living room organization ideas! If you have the space for it, you can use a slim table, or even a slim storage container, behind your couch for both storage and decorations.

How To Store Items Behind Your Couch

  1. Start by getting a slim table that will fit behind your couch. It’s best to match the length of your couch to make it look clean and blend into your room.
  2. Next, find a slim basket that will fit underneath the table. Optionally, you can also use other small baskets to place on top of the table.
  3. Then, decide which items you want to store behind the couch. If you’re putting items directly on top of the table, it’s usually best for your TV remotes and any other controllers you have in the room. If you’re storing things in a slim basket underneath the table, that space may be best reserved for extra blankets or anything that you don’t need everyday access to.
  4. Finally, add some decorative elements to the slim table. This can include small plants or bright accents to add a pop of color to an unexpected area of the room.

5. Organize Your DVD’s Or Video Games In Clear Bags To Keep Track Of Your Collection

Sets of 2 Media Storage Bags
Sets of 2 Media Storage Bags

If you have a lot of DVD’s, video games, CD’s, or other similar items, it can sometimes get hard to see everything that you own. Instead of keep your collection hidden away in a drawer and sorting through it each time you need something, keep them in clear storage bags.

Clear storage bags can help you stay visually organized and can also help you easily transport and move your collections anytime you need to. Keep the storage bags out on your shelves in the living room, place them inside of an ottoman, or even keep them behind your couch for a hidden storage option.

You can even use clear storage bags to store other items in your living room such as all your remote controls, kids toys, books, and other forms of entertainment. The bags will keep everything contained, organized, and you’ll always be able to keep track of everything you have in the room.

6. Add A Storage Cube Cabinet To Your Living Room For Simple Storage

Easy Assembly Storage Cube Cabinets
Easy Assembly Storage Cube Cabinets

Easy-assemble storage cubes are the simplest type of cabinet to add to any room, because they’re typically light weight and very quick to put together. You can also usually decide on the arrangement of the cubes, whether you want a short and wide cabinet or a tall and slim one.

The great thing about storage cube cabinets is that you can alternate storage drawers into the cubes, leaving some cube open to display decorations, books, or some quick grab items. The storage drawers can be used for video games, toys, DVD’s, remotes, magazines, books, and other entertainment type items that you want to keep stored away.

Storage cube cabinets can work well as a small TV stand, or you can place a small one in the corner to keep it out of the way.

7. Use A Basket With Your Living Room Side Table For Convenient Storage

Side Storage Table with Faux Leather Bin
Side Storage Table with Faux Leather Bin

Just like the idea of keeping a slim table behind your couch with a basket, you can also use a side table with a basket next to your couch. Combining the basket with the table is a great idea for hidden storage for quick grab items that you might need while sitting on the couch.

The slim basket inside the side table can be used for an extra blanket, slippers, phone chargers, remotes, books, and any other small items. You can optionally use a side table with shelving or drawers to make hidden storage even easier, or add a small basket on top of the table for extra convenience.

Lastly, make sure to add some decorative accents on top of the side table to tie in the colors of the room and make the storage blend in.

Looking for even more living room organization ideas? Shop our selection of Storage Solutions to find living room storage inspiration, along with storage ideas for every room in your home including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and much more!

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