7 Affordable Coastal Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom

The coastal decor style is a mixture of calming colors, seaside themes, and beachy patterns. If you already have the coastal decor style in the rest of your home, you can bring it into your bedroom to make the entire environment feel cohesive. You don’t have to spend a lot to achieve the beach themed bedroom of your dreams. From easy DIY tips to simple and quick transformation ideas, here are 7 affordable coastal decorating ideas for your bedroom.

1. Choose Only 2 Main Colors For Your Coastal Themed Bedroom

Coastal Decorating Ideas - coastal color scheme

The coastal decor color scheme typically features familiar beachside tones such as various shades of blue and teal, tan and beige, and white. While you can decorate with multiple colors on the coastal color palette, it’s best to only use two main colors when trying to save money.

For instance, if you were to choose a navy blue and white color scheme for your bedroom, keep it simple with white furniture and navy blue accents such as throw pillows, vases, and wall art. It’s more affordable to stick to simple colors because you don’t have to worry about incorporating a large amount of decor throughout the room. You tend to spend more money when you attempt to use a varying color palette.

If you really wanted to some more shades of blue in the room, do it very simply. Add little touches of other shades through small decorative accents on the dresser and side tables. Make sure to not go overboard so that way your true color selection will shine through.

2. Use Slipcovers On Side Tables & Accent Chairs To Save Money On Your Coastal Bedroom Update

Coastal Decorating Ideas - use slipcovers on side table and accent chairs

If you’re looking to update your current bedroom to the coastal decor style, you don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture to get your room feeling like a beachside oasis. A more affordable option is to instantly upgrade your furniture by using slipcovers.

Use slipcovers that match your color scheme and cover any accent chairs you have in the room. You can also cover your bedside tables with a table cloth, sheet, or a handmade fabric covering to go along with your colors. This will give you a quick transformation with spending little to nothing, depending on if you already own some of the fabric.

To really tie in the color of these fabrics, you can also swap your window curtains to match. While you can buy brand new curtains, you can also DIY your own to save money. This will also give you multiple uses out of any fabric you have to get the most efficiency out of your small purchases.

3. Decorate With Peel & Stick Wallpaper To Achieve A Coastal Wall Or Headboard

Coastal Decorating Ideas -  peel and stick wallpaper

Changing up your walls and headboard is a must for your coastal room transformation. But it can be expensive to paint the walls and to get a brand new headboard. The more affordable and much easier option is to use peel and stick wallpaper to give your bedroom the beach theme.

Choose an accent wall or cover your entire bedroom with peel and stick wallpaper in a coastal color or pattern. This can vary from blue stripes, anchors, seashells, or just a solid color. Not only will this typically cost less than buying paint to cover your walls with, it’s also a much easier and very quick process.

You can also use peel and stick wallpaper on your headboard. This will usually work best with a plain wooden headboard, which you can craft yourself with wood planks, or you can even find at thrift stores. If you just spend a little money on a simple headboard, you can give it a coastal makeover with the help of the peel and stick wallpaper.

4. Paint Your Bedroom Furniture For A More Affordable Coastal Transformation

Coastal Decorating Ideas -  Painting Furniture

As reflected in some of these other coastal decorating ideas, you don’t need to buy brand new furniture to get the look that you want. There are many ways to keep your current furniture and give it an affordable and easy upgrade to fit into your new coastal bedroom.

One of the best ways to transform your current furniture it to simply paint it to match your coastal color scheme. Give your dresser, side tables, bedframe, and any small accent furniture a touch of tropical paint to give your room the new style.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit on furniture, you can even buy some pieces from a thrift store and paint those instead. You may be able to find some thrift store furniture pieces that have that rustic wooden look, which can add to the authenticity of your coastal theme.

5. Add Small Coastal Accents Throughout The Bedroom To Save Money

Coastal Decor Accents

You don’t have to spend a fortune to spread the coastal theme throughout your bedroom. Instead of investing in large coastal decorations that will ultimately go beyond your budget, stick with smaller beach themed decorative accents. This will give you a more low-key transformation but still have an impact on the overall style of the room.

How To Decorate With Coastal Accents On A Budget

  • One of the most low cost coastal decorating ideas on this list is to use seashells and natural elements as your bedroom decor. You can easily collect your own shells from the beach and display them in a glass jar on your dresser or side tables.
  • Use small vases in your color scheme and fill them with faux plants or flowers.
  • Transform your table lamps by painting them to match your new room or simply swapping out the lampshades to complement your theme.
  • Place simple pillar candles around your room in the same color scheme that you created.

6. Print Out Coastal Pictures & Place Them In Frames For Easy & Cheap Wall Art

Coastal Wall Art

Wall art is an important element of giving your room the ultimate beach vibes. But wall hangings and artwork can quickly add up, especially if you want to go all out to make your room feel more complete. Luckily, there’s a more affordable way to get the coastal look on your walls.

A great, easy way to get coastal wall hangings is to print out coastal and beach themed photos and display them in frames on the wall or on your dresser. You can find photo inspiration all over the internet or even use your own vacation photos for a more personal touch. There are a lot of different routes you can take with these photos but here are some ideas that fit into the the coastal style:

  • A beach scene
  • The ocean
  • A lakefront
  • Symbols such as anchors, buoys, starfish, and seashells
  • Quirky and calming coastal quotes or sentiments

7. Use Simple Bedding With Coastal Patterned Throw Blankets & Pillows

Coastal Bedding

Last but certainly not least, bedding is an important part of your coastal bedroom transformation because your bed is the biggest piece of furniture that stands out the most in your room. Unfortunately, themed bedding collections can cost a fortune, and while they will give you the authentic look that you want, they aren’t the only option.

Instead, opt for more simple bedding. Choose a solid color from your color scheme for the sheets and bedspread, or even a subtle striped pattern. Then, bring in the fun coastal patterns with the help of a throw blanket and throw pillows. This will allow you to add a touch of the theme to your bed without spending too much.

You can also choose to have sheets with a coastal pattern instead. This will still give your bed a fun beachy look while sticking to an affordable budget. For instance, you can have a seashell patterned sheet set with a simple blue quilt on top. This will give your room that authentic coastal style without breaking the bank.

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