5 Coat Closet Organization Ideas To Reduce Clutter

The coat closet can easily become disorganized, especially if you have a full household. While this closet is the main hub for everyone’s outerwear, it doesn’t have to be a stressful space. You can easily transform your closet into a clean and tidy area where everyone can keep track of their coats. From quick changes to storage tools and more, here are 5 coat closet organization ideas to reduce clutter.

1. Store Hats & Winter Accessories In Boxes On The Top Shelf Of The Coat Closet

Coat Closet Organization - Store Accessories In Boxes

Winter accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarves can quickly become cluttered in your coat closet if you don’t have a specific place for them. A lot of times, they may even become a disorganized pile on the top shelf of your closet. This makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for and it’s hard to keep track of which accessories belong to which family member.

An easy fix for this issue is to simple organize the accessories into bins or boxes on the top shelf. It can be helpful to use multiple bins for each type of accessory, and then label them accordingly. You can even assign a bin to each family member so each person can keep track of their own items.

If you have a small closet or limited space on your shelf, you may want to store your winter accessories elsewhere during the off seasons. Move the accessory bins to the basement or to another closet and then move them back to the coat closet when the winter season begins. This will leave you some room for warm weather items or other necessities. You can even add some shelves inside your closet if needed.

2. Upgrade Your Hangers For A Consistently Organized Coat Closet

Coat Closet Organization - Upgrade Your Hangers

If your closet has a mixed collection of hangers with some coats barely hanging on, it may be time to get some new hangers. Having a matching set of hangers will not only look more tidy in the closet, but it will also keep you more organized.

Swap out your old hangers for some nonslip ones instead. This will keep your coats hanging on and you won’t have to worry about them looking messy and cluttered. It’s well worth it to get some high quality hangers because they’ll last a long time and will keep your closet in check.

You may also want to get some other types of hangers if you have other items to store in that closet. Scarf hangers or even pants hangers can be a great way to organize winter scarves. Additionally, if you store bags and purses in your coat closet, it can be worth it to get a special hanger to organize them neatly.

3. Install Hooks On The Coat Closet Door For Extra Storage

Coat Closet Organization - Install Hooks On The Door

When it comes to organizing in a smart and efficient way, you usually need to think outside of the box in order to find new ways of storing items and keeping everything clean. This type of thinking is especially important when organizing your coat closet because it’s a small space that holds a lot of items.

Over the door storage is a solid solution for a lot of closet clutter. You can either install hooks on the back of the door, or use over the door hooks that don’t even require installation. Use these hooks to hold things such as umbrellas, backpacks, purses, scarves, and any other accessories that you want to keep in that closet.

These hooks are also good for storing extra cleaning supplies, if you have no where else to put them. Hang a wire basket from the hooks to hold the supplies, or hang other necessities such as your broom and dust buster. This is a great way to expand your storage space without creating any extra clutter or messes.

4. Stay Organized In The Coat Closet With A Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Another thing that can quickly create clutter in your coat closet is the selection of shoes that you and your family has. They can easily become a disorganized mess on the closet floor, making it hard to find the pair that you’re looking for. Getting this mess organized will immediately alleviate a huge part of your closet’s clutter.

The easiest fix to organize shoes in your coat closet is to use a shoe rack on the floor. Find a shoe rack that’s wide and short so that it won’t interfere with the coats hanging above. Prioritize the shoes that everyone wears daily to be front and center on the rack. If there are any extra shoes that aren’t worn as often, you might want to consider moving them to a different storage area.

If you’d rather free up your closet floor space for something else, you can also use a hanging shoe organizer. These typically come with large pockets to fit most types of shoes. These might not fit taller boots, so keep in mind that you may need to place winter boots in a different location.

5. Organize Coats By Length For A Clean And Tidy Closet

Organize Coats By Length

Lastly, for true coat closet organization, it’s highly important that you hang up your coats in an orderly fashion. If you take some time to re-hang up your coats in tidy way, it’ll help you out a lot in the long run.

The best way to organize coats is to hang them up according to length. Start on the left side of the closet with the shortest coats and continue on to each longer coat as you get to the right side. This type of organization style works especially well for families with young kids, so everyone can find their coats more easily.

You can also organize in a variety of other ways. This can include: organization based on season/type of coat, organization by color, organization by who owns the coat, or any organization style that works best for you. Keep up with this organization method to make sure your closet stays clutter free for a long time.

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