7 Lodge Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Like A Cozy Cabin

The lodge decor style can make any space feel warm and comfortable. Its themes of rustic materials, woodland animals, and cozy accents makes this style a popular choice for decorating. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to live in a log cabin to establish this decor style. You can transform any type of home into a woodsy and natural space. Here are 7 lodge decor ideas to make your home feel like a cozy cabin.

1. Use Leather Furniture For A Cozy & Classy Cabin Look

Lodge Decor Ideas - Leather Couches In Cabin Home

Since furniture is such a large part of each room, the style and materials of these items are incredibly important for establishing a lodge decor theme. If you’re willing to invest in some nice pieces of furniture, you can easily create a cozy cabin style in any room of your house.

Leather furniture and room accents are the best choices if you want a cozy and classic cabin look. A brown leather couch in your living room can set up a warm environment that you can combine with rustic decorative accents. You can also bring in a distressed wood coffee table to complete the furnishings.

To include leather furniture in the rest of your home, consider a leather ottoman at the foot of your bed, leather cushions on kitchen chairs, and a leather office chair. Faux leather can work just as well for a more affordable option. Make sure to mix in some pieces of wooden furniture for a fully establish lodge style look.

2. Decorate With A Mix Of Materials In Addition To Wood

Lodge Decor Ideas - Galvanized Metal Flower Planter

Many lodge decor ideas feature the typical elements of distressed wood and wood logs. However, that doesn’t mean that every single accent in your home has to be made of wood. It’s better to mix up the materials for more variety in your space. Simple touches of other materials displayed through small decorations can really bring a room to life.

Keep in mind that the cabin decor style is closely matched with the rustic decor style, meaning that most rustic materials will fit in well with this theme. In addition to wood, you can decorate with galvanized metal, burlap, stone, canvas, and more. Here are some ideas of decorative accents you can add to your lodge themed home to mix up the materials:

  • Galvanized metal planter or vase
  • Stone or concrete picture frames
  • Canvas wall art of cabin themed images
  • Distressed wood floating shelves
  • Cast iron statues of woodland animals

3. Add Some Coziness To Your Cabin Theme With Rugs & Blankets

Lodge Decor Ideas - White Fur Rug

While all the wood and other rustic materials will add the warm appearance that the lodge decor style is centered around, you also have to establish some physical warmth. Physical elements that are warm and cozy to the human touch will really amplify the comfortable cabin feeling that you want to achieve.

Soft and cozy materials can easily and simply be incorporated through rugs, throw pillows, blankets, chair cushions, bedding, and towels. These are all aspects of your home that will physically feel warm and give you that idea of a cozy cabin, no matter what type of house you have. Feel free to use the type of soft textures that you enjoy the most, and find creative ways to coordinate them with your lodge themed decorations.

Soft Materials To Use In Your Lodge Decor Style Home

There are many different types of soft materials you can use in your lodge style home; however, there are some main ones that will work better with your theme than others. Try to stick with one or two of these for an easier method of decorating. Find various ways to include these materials and fabrics in your decorations throughout your home.

Faux Fur






4. Have A Stone Accent Wall In Your Living Room Or Kitchen For A Unique Lodge Style

Lodge Decor Ideas - Stone Fireplace

As mentioned in the previous lodge decor ideas, stone is a great material choice to include in your cabin themed home. If you like the look of this material and want a bigger way to incorporate it, consider a stone accent wall or even a stone fireplace.

A stacked stone fireplace or a small accent wall can add some variety to any room and give it that unique rustic touch. If you’re aiming for an accent wall, consider adding this to your living room behind your couch, the backsplash in your kitchen, or in your bedroom behind your bed.

If you’re looking for an affordable cabin decor alternative, you still achieve the stone wall look through peel and stick wallpaper. Not only is this a cheaper option, but it’s also an easier to apply with quick transformation results.

5. Incorporate Wild Animal Decorations Into Your Cabin Theme

Lodge Decor Ideas - Cabin Living Room With Deer Antlers

Now that you’ve established the main materials of the lodge decor style, it’s time to get creative with cabin themed symbols and patterns. One of the main symbols in this decorating style is woodland animals. For an authentic lodge appearance, include elements of animals throughout your home decor.

Typical woodland creatures to include are:

  • Deer
  • Wolves
  • Owls
  • Bears
  • Birds

You can decorate with these animal themes with faux deer antlers on the wall, a bear patterned rug, small wolf figurines on the coffee table, or wall art that features nature scenes with these creatures. You can mix and match the animal theme throughout your home; however, if you want a more concise look, you may just want to choose two animals to feature.

6. Include Candles & Lanterns In Every Room For A Warm & Cozy Lodge Theme

Lodge Decor Ideas - Lantern On Wood Slices

Lighting is another crucial element to consider when setting the warm and cozy theme in the rooms of your home. Start by using soft white bulbs in the relaxing areas of your home, such as the living room and bedroom. From there, you can start to add lighted decorative accents to fill in the warmth even more.

Lanterns and candles are a solid choice for bringing in warm lighting while maintaining the rustic style. Distressed wood and metal lanterns will fit in the best with your decor style, along with natural wood or tarnished metal candleholders. Bring in candles with your favorite scents for an extra relaxing home.

Use lanterns on the centerpiece of your dining table, spread out candles around your living room on the mantel and coffee table, display lantern wall sconces in the bedroom above bedside tables, and hang a candle chandelier above your kitchen island. Be as subtle or bold as you want with your lighted decorations. Either way, it’ll result in a rustic cabin space.

7. Bring Natural Elements Into Your Home For Decorative Cabin Accents

Lodge Decor Ideas - Branches and Candles Decor

A final yet crucial part of the lodge decor style is the continuous theme of nature. The idea is to maintain a calming and woodsy look with a touch of natural elements that you’d find out in the forest.

An easy way to bring those touches of nature into your home is through small accents. The simple addition of these subtle decorations will tie your theme together and make it feel complete. Whether you go outside to find natural items to decorate with or you buy faux versions of these items, you’ll still achieve the ideal look. Combine this idea with the other lodge decor ideas, and you’ll be good to go!

Natural Decorative Accent Ideas For A Cabin Themed Home

  • Faux birch branches in a small vase
  • Wood slice coasters
  • Pinecones in a decorative bowl
  • Wood log flower vases
  • Dried leaves and flowers
  • Artificial bare branch trees

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