7 Easter Decorating Ideas For A Festive Home

With the excitement of springtime around the corner, Easter cheer is quick to follow! Decorating for Easter can be a fun way to incorporate that bright and cheerful feeling into your home. If you want to transform your home for the spring with a full Easter theme, you can easily do so by combining different elements. From decorative accent ideas to springtime symbols and colors, here are 7 Easter decorating ideas for a festive home.

1. Set Your Dining Table With Festive Easter Table Linens

Easter Decorating Ideas - Hippity Hop Easter Bunny Decor Collection

Your dining table is a great place to start when decorating for Easter. Not only is this the main hub for your Easter meal, but it’s also a nice spot in your home to display festive cheer.

Start with a themed tablecloth or table runner. If you want a more fun and bright look, go for a tablecloth or runner with Easter sentiments and symbols like bunnies and eggs. If you want something more simple, go for a solid pastel color.

Next, add some placemats for each seat. These can match the tablecloth or table runner as part of the same set, or they can stand out on their own with a different pattern or color. Just make sure to color coordinate for a stylish look.

After adding the placemats, you can create each place setting. Use pastel colored plates and cloth napkins for the ultimate springtime look. You can also get more creative and fold your napkins to look like bunnies.

Finally, add a beautiful centerpiece to make the table feel complete. This can be things such as a basket of decorative Easter eggs, a large bunny figurine, or a batch of fresh flowers inside of a pastel colored vase.

Hippity Hop Easter Bunny Decor Collection

2. Use Interchangeable Decor To Decorate For Easter & All Holidays

Easter Decorating Ideas - Interchangeable Sentiment or Icon Sets

Sometimes buying all new decorations for each holiday and season can get a little bit pricey. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to decorate for Easter and more, use interchangeable decor for your home.

Interchangeable decorations usually come with various icons to display that represent each holiday and season. This makes it easier to decorate all year round without having to get brand new decorations.

For instance, you can display an interchangeable sentiment sign on your mantel or on your entryway table. Then, you can simple swap out the seasonal icon for Easter, and then each time a new holiday or season arrives.

You can also use other types of interchangeable decorations such as a wall sign with hooks, a doormat for your front porch, or even wall hangings that have interchangeable wreaths.

The interchangeable home sentiment sign featured here is the perfect sign to display because it’s a very simple saying. It comes with the bunny icon for Easter, along with other icons to use throughout the year.

Interchangeable Sentiment or Icon Sets

3. Decorate Your Home With Pastel Colors For A Springtime Easter Feeling

Easter Decorating Ideas - 6-Pc. Easter Bunny Set

When you’re looking for Easter decorating ideas, a big part of creating a festive home is using the right color scheme. Decorating with pastel colors can amplify your Easter look.

You can use almost any pastel colors throughout your home to get the perfect Easter and springtime environment. But some of the best colors to use for Easter are pink, blue, yellow, and green pastels. White is also a good color to incoporate.

Start by decorating with specific pastel colored Easter decorations. This can include decorative accents such as a bunny figurine, an Easter sentiment sign, or a bowl of decorative Easter eggs.

Then, you can start to add in some general pastel decorations. Decorate with pastel colored flower vases, plates and dishes, kitchen towels, rugs, and throw pillows.

Bringing all these pastel colors into your home will give you a beautiful scene for Easter. You can even keep up most of the decorations up all spring long.

6-Pc. Easter Bunny Set

4. Incorporate Easter Decor On Your Front Porch For An Extra Festive Touch

Easter Decorating Ideas - Spring Truck Carrot Patch Doormat

In addition to decorating the inside of your home with Easter cheer, you can also decorate your front porch to amplify the holiday theme this spring!

Transform your front porch by decorating with an Easter themed or pastel colored doormat, a large basket of decorative Easter eggs, and plenty of colorful flowers inside of themed vases and planters.

You can also hang up an Easter themed wreath or welcome sign on the door. You can even jazz up a wreath on your own, if you enjoy DIY projects! Take a simple green wreath and wrap on some colored tinsel along with small bunny and egg figurines.

In addition to decorating your front porch for Easter, you can also bring some of that festive cheer into your springtime garden. Add some bunny garden stakes, carrot shaped planters, and other themed garden ornaments.

Your outdoor decorations can nicely complement these other Easter decorating ideas that you include inside your home.

Spring Truck Carrot Patch Doormat

5. Mix Bunny Decorations With Other Springtime Symbols For Your Easter Theme

Vintage Springtime Showers Figurines

When you think of Easter, your mind probably goes right to bunnies! Bunnies make the best Easter decorations, but combining them with other symbols can amplify your festive cheer even more!

Along with bunnies, you can decorate with chicks, ducks, Easter eggs, lilies, and carrots. These are all very fitting for the Easter holiday. You can also include general springtime icons like butterflies and flowers.

Incorporate these symbols and icons through various decorations like tabletop figurines, sentiment signs, garden stakes, wall art, centerpieces, throw pillows, hand towels, and other accents around your home.

Feel free to use one main symbol or icon as the theme of your Easter decor spread, or get creative and use a combination of multiple symbols. It truly depends on the look you’re going for.

Decorating with these themed icons and symbols will give you a wonderfully festive home all springtime long.

Vintage Springtime Showers Figurines

6. Give Your Home A Magical Touch With Lighted Easter Decorations

Lighted Ceramic Eggs

If you’re looking to add a magical and fun touch to your other Easter decorating ideas, make sure to include lighted Easter decor in your home this spring.

Lighted decor is a great idea for adding beautiful centerpieces on your Easter dining table, unique accents on your mantel or coffee table, or adding a beautiful glow to your front porch or garden.

Decorate with lighted Easter accents such as lighted ceramic eggs, LED bunny figurines, light up sentiment signs, or even pastel colored lanterns.

You can bring that magical glow to your outdoor space with solar Easter decorations like garden stakes, outdoor statues, or even Easter themed string lights.

These lighted home decorations will give your space some bright and cheerful springtime feelings throughout the entire season.

Lighted Ceramic Eggs

7. Used Themed Vases With Real Or Artificial Flowers To Add More Colors To Your Home This Easter

Colorful Easter Flower Bud Vases

Easter decorating is all about those spreads of colors that remind you of the beauty of everything blooming in the springtime!

Amplify those springtime feelings within your Easter decor spread by decorating with themed vases filled with beautiful flowers.

You can use simple pastel vases or you can go for a more fun look with a bunny shaped vase, one with an Easter egg pattern, a cute carrot vase, or one with another spring icon or symbol.

Fill these vases with real or artificial flowers; either way, you’ll get the springtime look. Tulips, lilies, daisies, or roses are some of the best flowers to choose for your Easter theme.

This floral spread, along with these other Easter decorating ideas, will make your home feel extra festive and happy during the spring season.

Colorful Easter Flower Bud Vases

Now that you’ve gathered some fun Easter decorating ideas for your home, make those ideas come to life by shopping our selection of Easter Decor! Find festive tabletop accents, wall hangings, kitchen collections, outdoor decor, and much more!

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