6 Tips For Decorating An Entryway Table

The entryway is the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so it’s only fitting that it’s decorated nicely. A console table is the perfect way to add a decorative display in your foyer that can transform any blank wall area. Whether you have a small entryway or a large open one, you can easily decorate a table that fits into your space. From decorative accent ideas to table symmetry and more, here are 7 tips for decorating an entryway table.

1. Create A Symmetrical Entryway Table With A Lamp On Both Ends

Decorating an Entryway Table - Use Symmetry With Lamps

Most times, a simple look is all you need for an entryway table, especially if you have a smaller sized table. A symmetrical set up is one of the easiest ways to achieve that simple look because it usually only has to involve a couple of items.

Create your symmetrical setup with a decorative lamp on each end of the console table. You’ll typically want to use tall and thin lamps to get a good balance on a long and slim table. However, if you have a small table, you might just have room for one lamp in the center. If you have neutral walls, use colorful lamps to add an eye-catching element to your foyer. On the other hand, if you already have a colorful theme, use neutral colored lamps to balance it out.

Lamps are also a great choice because it adds some brightness to your entryway area. This can be nice if you have a smaller entryway with limited windows nearby. The lamps can also bring a warm and welcoming feeling at nighttime, which is an ideal environment for dinner parties.

2. Add Greenery To The Console Table To Bring Life To Your Entryway Space

Decorating an Entryway Table - Decorate With Plants

If you’re looking for decorative accent ideas for your entryway table, greenery is always a solid go-to choice. It not only brightens up the area, but it also fills up a lot of empty space on the console table.

While you can always use artificial plants to create a beautiful setup, it’s even better to use real greenery to bring even more cheer to your home. Real plants of course require more maintenance and upkeep, but they are well worth it for the decorative effect. You can find many types of plants that are easy to take care of if you don’t have time to consistently care for them.

Once you find the plants that you want to decorate with, use a variety of planters to display them. Different sizes and shapes of planters can bring a unique touch to your table alongside small accents. You can also include fresh vases of flowers on your table to amplify the fresh and bright look.

3. Bring A Pop Of Color Into Your Foyer With A Bright Console Table

Decorating an Entryway Table - Use A Colorful Console Table

Sometimes you need to play around with colors in order to branch out on your design style. Whether your home decor needs a splash of color, or if you already enjoy decorating with colors, a bright and colorful console table is a fun idea to add to your entryway.

If you have a neutral color scheme in the main areas of your home, bring in an unexpected color with your console table. The idea is to draw attention to this area and to create a unique display of decorations. Decorate the tabletop with more neutral colored or toned down accents to let the table’s color stand out on its own.

You can even paint a console table to get the color that you want. Find a nice affordable console table at a thrift store or garage sale and revamp it with paint. You can also paint a framed mirror to color coordinate with the table. This DIY project is so easy, even beginner crafters can make it look nice!

4. Use A Tray To Display Decorations On Your Entryway Table

use A Tray To Display Decorations

If you’re decorating a large entryway table, it can sometimes be a challenge to fill up the countertop space with decorative accents. In order to take up more room, you can create a second layer on the table with the use of a tray.

Use a decorative tray to hold accents in a stylish and sleek way on top of the table. If you just want a simple centerpiece on the table, center your tray in the middle. Otherwise, angle the tray on one side of the table. If you’re angling the tray, just be sure to balance out the table with another defining decoration on the other end.

You can arrange decor on the tray in a multitude of creative ways, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Set up the tray in the center of your table and display a large vase of flowers in the middle of the tray.
  • With the tray angled on one side of the table, set up a small vase of flowers on one side of the tray with three different sized candles on the other side of the tray.
  • Set up a couple of books on the tray with a decorative figurine on top.
  • Display several framed photos on the tray alongside some decorative candles.

5. Set Up Decorations In A Variety Of Heights To Give Your Entryway Table A Unique Look

Entryway Table Decorations

In order to give your entryway table a unique look with a lot of interesting elements, decorate with various heights. Make sure to set your decorations out in an order that feels balanced and well arranged. You don’t necessarily need a symmetrical look for this idea, but each accent should be purposefully placed.

Lamps or large vases work well for your tallest decorations while trays are great for your lowest level decor. You can also add height to shorter items by stacking decorative books or using a box as a platform. This can bring some eye-catching variety to your table and give it an unexpected appearance.

Make sure to have a balance of different sized items on the table – you don’t want to have too many tall items or not enough medium height items. You can give it a symmetrical look if you want it to feel elegant, or you can place different decorations on each side of the table for a more artsy look. Match the style of your home to tie everything together in a stylish way.

6. Set Up Creative Storage In Your Entryway With Baskets On A Console Table

Entryway Basket Storage Console Table

When you’re decorating an entryway table, you can also add storage into the mix. If you need some more clever storage areas in your home, the entryway can be a great place to store some extra items.

There are several ways to use your entryway table as a makeshift storage unit. There are many larger console tables that have drawers or cabinets within them – these are great to use if you have a bigger entryway space. However, if you want a smaller entryway table, you can instead place baskets underneath the table for your storage.

Entryway storage is best for shoes, purses, extra electronics and cords that don’t have a place in your living room or family room, extra blankets, and any other small “quick grab” items that you use on a daily basis.

Now that you have some ideas on decorating an entryway table, check out our selection of Home Decor. Shop candles and candle holders, tabletop accents, unique trinkets, storage solutions, and much more to transform your entryway!

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