7 Garden Decor Ideas For A Welcoming Spring Space

As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, you can easily transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and welcoming area. There are so many ways to add spring decorations to your garden to make it feel bright and uniquely yours. Decorating your garden in the springtime is a great way to make your home feel fresh and new after a long and cold winter season. From planters and solar lighting to yard statues and more, here are 9 garden decor ideas for a welcoming spring space.

1. Decorate Your Garden With Unique Planters

Garden Decor Ideas - Colorful Metal Bird Planters

An easy and simple way to add garden decor to your space is to combine it with flowers and plants. This makes it a seamless decoration that combine style and function.

Using a unique planter can make your garden look bright and interesting. It’s a fun way to display some of your blooming plants and it’s a great alternative to simple terra cotta pots.

Find planters that represent springtime through the help of symbols and icons such as butterflies, bicycles, bees, flamingos and other birds, and more. Using planters shaped as these symbols can make your garden look extra festive for spring.

You can also use planters that match the general themed of your home decor or your other outdoor decorations. For instance, if you have a country theme, you can use old barrel planters or rustic pail planters. Coordinating your garden planters with a theme will make your yard look very put together and fresh for the warm weather seasons.

Colorful Metal Bird Planters

2. Add Some Fence Wall Hangings For A Unique Touch

Garden Decor Ideas - Metal Wall Flowers

Another great way to decorate your garden and yard is to take advantage of all the empty space on your fence. Accenting your fence will bring some extra life to your space.

Decorate your fence after you decorate the rest of your garden so you can nicely coordinate your entire space. You can alternatively use fence decor that contrasts the rest of your garden accents.

There are so many ways to decorate your fence to make your garden look unique. You can hang up wall hangings such as metal flowers or garden sentiment signs. Additionally, you can even decorate with hanging planters to display your flowers in a different way.

If you don’t have a fence, you can also decorate the outside walls of your home in your backyard. This is a fun way to bring something extra and stylish to your garden.

Metal Wall Flowers

3. Take Up Vertical Space In Your Garden With Hanging Decor

Garden Decor Ideas - Colorful Solar Scroll Lanterns

An interesting way to decorate your garden is to take up vertical space. Most garden decorations are focused on the ground, so taking it up a level will give it an unexpected touch.

There are several ways to decorate the vertical space in your garden and yard. Depending on the layout of your space, here are some ideas:

  • Hang solar decorations from trees
  • Use tall yard stakes with hooks to display planters higher up
  • If you have a balcony overlooking your garden, hang decorations cascading down from there
  • Display window planters outside on the back of your house to add even more flowers to your garden space

Colorful Solar Scroll Lanterns

4. Accent An Area Of Your Garden With A Decorative Fence

4-Pc. Decorative Fence Sets

If you want to create some eye-catching spaces in your garden, you can easily amplify any area in your yard with the help of a small decorative fence.

You can place a small fence around a bed of flowers to create a unique section of your garden that will stand out in the yard with the other garden decor ideas.

Additionally, you can even choose to put a fence around the bottom of a tree and place some plants in the enclosed area. This will make your yard look like it has different sections, creating some dimension within your space.

Whether you use a decorative fence or create a section with the help of garden stakes or solar light stakes, you can easily make your garden look beautiful.

4-Pc. Decorative Fence Sets

5. Use Garden Gnomes & Characters To Add Personality To Your Space

Garden Gnome Friend Statues

A great way to amplify your garden space is to add some personality and quirk with the help of garden gnomes and other decorative characters.

Garden gnomes are a classic spring and summer character that will always look nice in the yard. Place them on top of rocks in your flower beds or place them along the trail leading to your garden.

You can also use gnomes in other outdoor decorations such as patterned throw pillows, garden stakes, and patterned flower pots. You can easily find gnome patterns in a wide variety of decorations.

If you don’t want to use garden gnomes, you can also incorporate other warm weather characters and symbols into your yard such as butterflies, bees, ladybugs, or other unique statues.

Garden Gnome Friend Statues

6. Brighten Up Your Plants At Night With Solar Lights

Solar LED Plant Lights

Solar lighting is another wonderful addition to your garden and yard because it can brighten up your outdoor space while you’re relaxing at night.

A great way to amplify your potted plants and flowers is to add solar lights to them. Solar light stakes are an easy way to do that – simply place them inside the container with your plants and watch them light up at night.

To light up your garden even more, you can include other solar decorations in your outdoor space such as solar statues, lighted wind spinners, and other solar stakes leading up the pathway to your garden.

No matter what type of solar decorations you use in your garden, you are sure to have a bright and magical space that you’ll enjoy seeing every single night.

Solar LED Plant Lights

7. Bring Your Garden To Life With Wind Spinners & Chimes

Bright Metallic Spinners

Another unique way to decorate your garden is to add a selection of wind spinners and wind chimes to bring in some interesting elements that will catch your eye.

There are so many different types of wind spinners you can add to your yard such a pinwheels, metallic spinners, and other materials. You can add some beautiful decorative elements by using different types of spinners throughout your garden.

Wind chimes also make fun additions to your garden because their sounds add to the relaxing environment that you want to create. Hang up wind chimes from your backyard trees, and even add some to your front porch for some extra charm.

The addition of chimes and spinners can give off an interesting aesthetic to your yard when combined with these other garden decor ideas.

Bright Metallic Spinners

Now that you’ve learned some garden decor ideas to transform your space, check out our Garden Center! Find even more outdoor decorations, planters, solar lighting, live plants, and much more to make your outdoor space feel complete.

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