How To Decorate For Spring On A Budget

Freshening up your home for spring is a great way to celebrate the warm weather and make your space feel as bright as the outdoors. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to transform your home for the new season. There are so many simple ways to decorate your home for spring without breaking your budget. Get the look you want for less with a little creativity and effort. From small accents to linen swaps to colors and more, here is a simple guide on how to decorate for spring on a budget.

Decorate With Faux Flowers For An Affordable Spring Look

Decorate For Spring on A Budget - faux flowers

Flowers are a big part of springtime, so it’s only fitting that you include florals in your decorations. However, it can get pricey to buy fresh flowers every week, especially if you’re displaying them in multiple rooms in your home. Instead of spending a large portion of your budget on fresh flowers, opt for faux flowers for a more affordable alternative.

Many people are weary of decorating with faux flowers because they don’t want them to look gaudy or cheap. But if done correctly, faux flowers can actually look very nice and vibrant and help your home feel more spring-like. With a little bit of strategy and planning, you can easily display faux flowers throughout your home in a classy and beautiful way.

How To Decorate With Faux Flowers: Tips & Tricks

  • Use unique planters and vases to amplify to look of your artificial flowers.
  • Find faux flowers that come in natural colors instead of overly saturated colors.
  • Decorate with faux flowers made of more natural materials – plastic ones will look and feel even more fake.
  • Create an artificial arrangement by incorporating some greenery into your group of flowers.
  • Find stems that are bendable – real flowers vary in size and height, so bending your faux stems will help you achieve that look.
  • Display faux flower garlands to add a pop of spring colors into any room.

Incorporate Spring Colors For Cheap With Small Accents

Decorate For Spring on A Budget - spring colored accents

You don’t have to change up the whole color scheme of your home to get the spring look; however, you’ll want to incorporate some spring colors to make your space feel brighter. Small pops of color throughout your home can surprisingly transform your environment and make it feel fresh and new. If you’re look to decorate for spring on a budget, this tip is one of the easiest and simplest ways to do it.

The first step is to figure out which spring colors you want to include in your home. It’s best to coordinate with your current color scheme, but you can also add some surprising colors within your space to stand out for spring. You can decide on the shades of colors you want in your home, but generally speaking, these are some of the top spring colors to use in your decor:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Teal
  • Orange
  • Lilac

Include these spring colors in small ways through various decorative accents like throw pillows, candles, hand towels, picture frames, and flower vases. You can use just one accent color to create a bold color block in a room, or you can even use several different spring colors to make your accents look even brighter and more fun. Make sure to also include spring decor themes and symbols within your decorative accents for another touch of seasonal relevance. Symbols can include things such as florals, bees, lemons, butterflies, bunnies, and birds.

Decorate For Spring On A Budget With Framed Print-Outs

Decorate For Spring on A Budget - framed spring print-outs

Another cheap way to decorate for spring is to be creative when it comes to artwork around your home. While floral canvases and spring art prints can be stunning to display when the seasons change, they also tend to be pricey. Instead, find alternative ways to bring spring themes into your home.

One simple cheap decor hack is to print out spring artwork at home to display in frames. You can easily print out a fresh spring sentiment, a nature scene stock photo, or a floral patterned image. Alternatively, you can even use your own photographs from a tropical vacation or you can go outside and take some photos of flowers to print out. Find a picture frame to hang on the wall or to display standing on a shelf. If you buy a cheaper picture frame, you can even paint it to freshen it up with spring colors.

In addition to decorating with spring print outs, you can also try your hand at crafting if you’re feeling creative. You can make your own spring block sign, paint up a floral patterned canvas, or DIY some spring scented candles. There are endless possibilities when it comes to spring crafts. If you’re good at DIY projects, you can easily make your own decorations to save money on your spring spread.

Swap Out Your Furnishings & Linens For Light Spring Fabrics

Spring bedding

As the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to swap out all your heavy winter fabrics for light and breezy ones. It’s best to make your home feel fresh and light in the springtime to match the environment of the outdoors. Swapping out your linens and fabrics doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you can make some quick and simple changes that will transform your home for cheap.

Instead of getting a whole new bedding set and investing in new curtains for your entire home, you can make some smaller changes that will still make a big difference. While you may want to change up the look of your home in a big way for the spring season, taking it down to a smaller scale will save you money in the long run. Some small changes can surprisingly transform your space in a bold way. Here are some easy and affordable ways to swap your linens for the spring:

  • Swap out your comforter for a light blanket
  • Replace your window coverings with sheer curtains
  • Store away winter throw blankets and replace with thin blankets
  • Add a sheer tablecloth or a brightly colored table liner to your kitchen table
  • Replace your kitchen towels and bathroom hand towels with spring themed ones
  • Get some white sheets for a lighter and brighter look

Rearrange The Decor You Already Have To Refresh Your Home For Spring

Spring home decor

Lastly, another great way to decorate for spring on a budget is to make use of things you already have in your home. Repurposing and rearranging is always a smart way to save money on your home decorations as you transform your space through the seasons. You just have to put in some time and effort, along with some creativity, and you can get the decorative look of your dreams for cheap.

Your redecorating and rearranging will depend on what you already have displayed in your home, but there are so many different ways to rearrange your home for spring. Whether you make some big changes or some subtle ones, you can easily switch up the look of your home for the spring season.

Spring Decor On A Budget: Redecorating Ideas

  • Rearrange your furniture for a fresh spring look
  • Swap accents from different rooms for a subtle change
  • Display accents you already have on stacked books to elevate them
  • Keep your candleholders but replace the candles with floral scented ones
  • Exchange some wall art from one room to another
  • Paint your furniture, picture frames, and other decor for a new look

Now that you’ve gathered some inspiration on how to decorate for spring on a budget, check out our selection of Home Decor to find even more ideas! Shop affordable wall art, window curtains, decorative accents, furniture, rugs, and much more to freshen up your home for spring.

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