7 Patio Furniture Ideas For A Comfortable Outdoor Space

Warm weather means outdoor entertaining and relaxation. You can transform your space this spring and summer with patio furniture to make your space feel homey. If you’re looking for new ways to bring comfort to your patio and outdoor areas, Lakeside has you covered with our selection of outdoor furniture and some spring inspiration! From outdoor dining to seating and much more, here are 7 patio furniture ideas for a comfortable outdoor space.

1. Add A Patio Hammock For Relaxation

Patio Furniture Ideas - Hammock Chair Stand or Striped Hanging Chairs or Pillows

When you picture spring and summer relaxation, you probably envision yourself lying on a hammock under the sun with a nice book.

Adding a hammock to your patio is a great way to set up a comfy environment that you’ll want to relax in every single day! Setting it up on your patio is great for those who have small yards or anyone who needs some extra outdoor seating.

Combine your hammock with other cozy items such as outdoor pillows and an umbrella for some shade. Match these items to your other outdoor decorations to make your patio feel bright and complete.

These hammock chair stands, striped hanging chairs, and pillows featured are the perfect addition to any small patio! Choose from different colored stripe designs to add some spring cheer to your space.

Hammock Chair Stand or Striped Hanging Chairs or Pillows

2. Use Outdoor Stools For Space-Saving Tables

Patio Furniture Ideas - Metal Lattice Barrel Stools

If you have a small patio, it can sometimes be a challenge to work with such limited space. However, with a little creativity, you can still work through some patio furniture ideas no matter how small your space is.

To create some space-saving tables, you can easily use tall stools as makeshift tabletops. These can also double as seating, making it even more convenient for your space.

You can also use some tall round bar tables for another alternative. These are great for outdoor entertaining and still allow you to enjoy your small patio space.

These featured metal lattice barrel stools will add color, flair, and functionality to your patio! Get one in every color or one that matches the rest of your outdoor decorations.

Metal Lattice Barrel Stools

3. Amplify Outdoor Relaxation With Awnings & Umbrellas

Patio Furniture Ideas - Sunshade Awning Gazebo

Another important part of outdoor relaxation is getting the right balance of sunshine and shade. Awnings and umbrellas can help to keep you cool on the warmest days!

If your patio need some extra shade or just some extra comfort, awnings and other coverings are a great go-to addition.

No matter what size patio you have, you can very easily add some shading to your space to meet your needs. Here are some ideas:

  • A sunshade awning gazebo (featured in the image)
  • An outdoor standing umbrella
  • An outdoor table with an umbrella attached
  • A large patio canopy
  • Patio curtains
  • A closed off gazebo

Sunshade Awning Gazebo

4. Make Your Patio Comfortable With Outdoor Rugs

Patio Furniture Ideas - Indoor/Outdoor Border Runner Rugs

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to outdoor comfort. Outdoor rugs are an unexpected addition to your patio, but they’re well worth it to achieve the ultimate relaxation.

Rugs will not only add comfort to your patio, but they’ll also add a nice decorative element. You can easily match the rest of your decor or bring out a splash of color with the rug.

Make sure to only use rugs that are meant to be used outdoors. Certain materials won’t hold up very well through the rain and outdoor elements, so be careful if you want to use a rug that will last long.

These indoor/outdoor border runner rugs featured are a great addition to your patio space! They come in three different border colors including black, brown, and red.

Indoor/Outdoor Border Runner Rugs

5. Enjoy The Sun Even More With Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Outdoor Metal Furniture Collection

Outdoor seating should feel comfortable, fun, and unique to your space. That’s why adding a nice rocking chair or bench to your patio can make it feel fun for spring.

There’s nothing like sitting on your patio, enjoying the sunshine with a cold drink in hand, and rocking back and forth in a nice chair. You’ll feel like you’re living the life this spring and summer!

Rocking chairs and benches can also add a lot of unique style to your patio and will look nice when combined with other outdoor decorations.

The outdoor metal furniture collection featured here is a beautiful collection that includes a rocking chair, rocking bench, and side table. They all have an elegant scroll design that come in white or brown.

Outdoor Metal Furniture Collection

6. Make Outdoor Eating Portable With A Folding Table

Folding Picnic Table with Shelf

Small patios can benefit from portable furniture because sometimes you just need some simple, temporary seating and tables when entertaining.

Use foldable tables and chairs for your patio to save space. Simply set them out when you want to entertain for a backyard BBQ or outdoor gathering. Then store them away in your garage or shed when you’re not using them.

Foldable furniture can also be dressed up with tablecloths, placemats, and stylish drinkware and dishes. You can transform a simple table into a beautiful spring display.

This featured picnic table will make a great functional piece for any small patio. It has cup holders, a lower shelf, and it folds up nicely for storage or to take on the go!

Folding Picnic Table with Shelf

7. Cozy Up Your Patio With New Cushions & Pillows

Outdoor Cushion Collection

To finish off these patio furniture ideas, the ultimate comfort for your patio and outdoor space comes down to cushions and pillows for your chairs and benches!

If you have cushions and pillows already, consider refreshing them for the spring season. Sometimes a brand new look can make your space feel more relaxing and more appealing.

You can also add pillows and cushions to unexpected types of seating. This can include things such as simple plastic chairs or a metal bench. Adding this extra level of comfort will make you feel more relaxed all spring and summer long.

This outdoor cushion collection features soft and comfortable cushions and pillows for your outdoor seating needs. With fresh spring designs, these will look nice displayed with your other decorations.

Outdoor Cushion Collection

Now that you’ve learned some comfortable patio furniture ideas, get even more inspired by checking out our full selection of Outdoor Furniture! Find hammocks, seating, outdoor umbrellas, and much more to create the ultimate cozy patio.

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