5 Rustic Spring Living Room Ideas For 2021

The rustic decor style can make any room feel homey, welcoming, and charming. If you’re looking to add a spring touch to your rustic living room, there are many ways to easily brighten up your space. Combining the rustic style with a spring flair can make your space feel fresh and bright while still maintaining that unique country charm. With the help of small accents, color schemes, and new fabrics, you can transform your space for the spring season. Here are 5 rustic spring living room ideas for 2021.

1. Use Rustic Planters To Display Spring Flowers

Rustic Spring Living Room Ideas - Rustic Planters and Vases

Springtime is all about blooming flowers and plants and the overall fresh feeling that the warm weather gives us. It’s important to include that element with your other rustic spring living room ideas because it’ll help give your home a proper transformation. Fresh flowers are a must for your living room, but bright blooms seem to contrast a soft rustic style. However, there’s a way to combine these elements to flow nicely in your space.

Use rustic planters and vases to display all your spring flowers in the living room. This will help you achieve a mixed style that goes together perfectly. These planters and vases will look stylish displayed on your coffee table, mantel, bookcase, and side tables. Fill them with fresh spring flowers such as tulips, lilies, daisies, or other greenery. If you choose an unconventional style planter for a plant, make sure to drill holes at the bottom. Otherwise, almost anything will do for a simple flower vase.

Rustic Planter & Vase Ideas

  • Galvanized metal watering cans and jugs
  • Distressed wood box planter
  • Rustic teapot
  • Mason jars
  • Tin can planters
  • Wine bottle vases with burlap
  • Rope wrapped flower vase

2. Decorate With Muted Spring Colors To Fit A Rustic Theme

Rustic Spring Living Room Ideas - Muted Spring Colors

The rustic decor style is typically filled with warm and welcoming colors that give off a sense of nostalgia and comfort. On the other hand, springtime is filled with bright pastels and sunny colors that provide a refreshing feeling of renewal. When it comes to decorating a rustic spring living room, you have to find a middle ground with your color scheme to make sure it includes elements from both themes.

One of the best ways to do this is to decorate with a muted spring color scheme. That way, you can still include the fresh spring colors but tone them down to match your farmhouse rustic style. Include these new colors through throw pillows, wall art, tabletop accents, and even new pieces of furniture. You’ll probably still have touches of bright colors thanks to your fresh flowers and plants; however, these won’t be too overwhelming to your space. Find your favorite spring colors and select the soft versions of those colors to fit into your living room. You can also decide on colors based on what you already have in your living room.

Rustic Spring Living Room Ideas: Color Schemes

When deciding on a color scheme for your rustic spring living room, try to stick to a maximum of three colors. That way, it’ll be easier for you to decorate and everything will flow together better. Pick a main color from your color scheme to use for your bigger decorations and use the other two colors for small accents around the room. This will help you establish a clean look. Here are some color scheme ideas to get that rustic spring look:

  • Pale pink, light gray, and muted teal
  • Light lavender, white, and natural brown
  • Sky blue, muted coral, and white
  • Light green, pale pink, and light gray

3. Accent Your Rustic Living Room With Natural Elements

Rustic Spring Living Room Ideas - Natural Decorations

When you’re decorating with a rustic style, you want to focus on natural elements and materials that can make your home feel charming. Luckily, spring decor also typically features elements of nature because it focuses on plants and renewed life. Combining these ideas of natural decorations with both spring and rustic styles can help make your living room feel fully connected for the new season.

There are so many ways to decorate with natural elements or materials that emulate a natural feeling. Whether you’re going for a full woodsy look, or just want to create a fresh and calm look, you can easily do so without breaking the bank. Combine these natural decorations with spring flowers and sentiments to get the ultimate combination. Here are some ideas on natural decorations to include in your rustic spring living room space:

  • Branches: There are many ways to decorate with branches. You can include a full faux branch tree in your living room, fill a vase with branches, or simply include decorations that feature a branch pattern.
  • Tree Trunks & Slices: You can decorate with a tree trunk side table, wood slice drink coasters, or woodsy wall art.
  • Burlap: Use a burlap wrapped flower vase, burlap throw pillows on the couch, or a burlap area rug under your coffee table.
  • Wood: Display a rustic wood tray on your coffee table, wooden picture frames on your mantel, or wood candle sticks on a shelf.
  • Galvanized Metal: Set up a galvanized metal flower vase, a galvanized metal bin for extra blankets, or hang up some galvanized metal wall art with spring sentiments.

4. Combine Farmhouse Themes With Spring Themes

Farmhouse Decorations With Spring Themes

Farmhouse themes are typically seen with the rustic decor style because they feature things that give off a charming and homey appeal. Spring themes, on the other hand, give off a brighter and typically more modern feeling, as shown in some of these other rustic spring living room ideas. Combining these themes can help you establish a solid look for your living room without sacrificing the style that you want. You can easily bring in some spring themes while maintaining a charming farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Decor Themes

As mentioned previously, farmhouse decor themes give off a charming and comforting feeling. This can include a number of symbols, patterns, and sentiments. Make sure to mix these into your spring decorations with the help of coordinating colors and some similar elements here and there. Here are some farmhouse decor themes that can fit into your living room space:

  • Farm animals
  • Plaid or checkered patterns
  • Barn inspired sentiments
  • Warm colors
  • Hearts and stars
  • Galvanized materials

Spring Decor Themes

To include some spring decor themes into the mix, make sure to decorate with anything that provides a bright and light feeling. Spring colors are a must, as mentioned before, but should be muted down to match your farmhouse themed decor. Spring decor themes also incorporate certain symbols and patterns to make your space feel fresh. Here are some spring decor theme ideas for your living room:

  • Butterflies, bees, and birds
  • Lemons and citrus fruits
  • Floral patterns
  • Light and flowy fabrics
  • Warm weather sentiments

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5. Use Light Fabrics To Freshen Up Your Rustic Living Room For Spring

Sheer Fabrics

With the warm weather of springtime, you want to decorate your living room in a way that feels breezy and light. You can easily do this while continuing to maintain a rustic theme in your space. Whether you have thick fabrics and linens that you need to swap out for the spring, or if you want to include more fabrics in your living room, you can do this in a seamless and stylish way.

One simple way to make your space feel lighter is to swap out your current curtains for thinner ones. This can include anything from basic sheer white curtains to flowy curtains with a checkered pattern. Match the colors and patterns in the rest of these rustic spring living room ideas to make your space feel more complete and coordinated. Curtains can do a lot for your living room; let the sun shine through to brighten up your room during the day and showcase your beautiful curtains in the evening.

Other Fabric Ideas For Your Rustic Spring Living Room

  • Swap out your throw pillows for ones that come in a selection of fresh spring colors.
  • Use thin throw blankets with frayed edges to give it that rustic touch.
  • Display a sheer mantel scarf with a farmhouse style pattern.
  • Place your flowers and plants inside cloth wrapped vases and planters.
  • Swap out your current rug for a thinner one with farmhouse spring themes on it.

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