7 Easy Small Porch Decor Ideas To Open Up Your Space

Having a small porch doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your outdoor space in style. You can create a relaxing and decorative porch area even with limited space. It simply takes a little bit of creativity and visual planning to make sure you use your small porch to the fullest without overcrowding it. The idea is to use up your vertical space combined with bright colors and comforting lighting to make it feel welcoming and warm. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these 7 easy small porch decor ideas to open up your space.

1. Use Vertical Planters For Fresh Flowers On Your Small Porch

The spring and summer are wonderful times to showcase fresh flowers and plants on your porch. However, if you have limited porch space, you don’t want to overcrowd it with planters.

To open up your small porch, opt for vertical planters with multiple tiers. This way, you can still display a variety of flowers and plants while maintaining an open feeling.

Consider a planter stand with multiple levels to hold several baskets of flowers. These types of planters can be nicely displayed next to your front door – just make sure you use flowers that thrive in the shade.

You can also use hanging planters that can be displayed on the walls of your porch or can even be hung from hooks on your porch railing. Anytime you can decorate vertically on your small front porch is a great solution for using your space wisely.

Tiered Planters with Coco Liners

Small Porch Decor Ideas - Tiered Planters with Coco Liners

2. Display A Doormat With Cutouts For A Minimal Decorative Look

Doormats are a wonderful addition to your front porch thanks to their stylish appearance. But with a smaller porch, you don’t want to cover up too much floor space because you want to give the illusion of a bigger area.

That’s why doormats with cutouts are a great solution! These types of doormats can still add a unique design and bright colors to your porch without covering up too much of the floor.

Find a cutout doormat with spring and summer symbols such as butterflies, sunflowers, bees, lemons, and other relevant patterns. This will give your porch that fresh feeling without overwhelming the space.

Coordinate your doormat by matching it to other small accents on your porch or even other decorations as described within these small porch decor ideas.

Novelty Rubber Doormats

Small Porch Decor Ideas - Novelty Rubber Doormats

3. Hang Up Wall Accents To Decorate Your Small Porch

Porch signs are always a good idea because they help you add some welcoming sentiments to your outdoor space. But standing or leaning signs tend to take up a decent amount of space.

If you want to add a sign to your small front porch, opt for a hanging wall sign instead. Wall signs will give your porch that unique decorative touch without taking up floor space.

In addition to sentiment signs, you can also hang up other fun wall art that include warm weather character and symbols such as gnomes, flowers, birds, and lady bugs. These can be featured in wooden signs or as metal accents.

You can also hang a decoration from your door to add even more style to your porch. Whether you hang a seasonal wreath or a welcome sign, it will instantly freshen up your space.

9-Pc. Seasonal Home Porch Sign

Small Porch Decor Ideas - 9-Pc. Seasonal Home Porch Sign

4. Brighten Up Your Front Porch With Colorful Throw Pillows

An easy way to open up a small porch space is to add a lot of bright colors. Colors can make your porch feel more vibrant and fresh and can ultimately make the area feel bigger.

You can add colors to your porch with almost any accent, but a great place to start is throw pillows. Adding some bright throw pillows to a chair on your porch will liven up your space while simultaneously providing some comfort.

Find throw pillows with colors to match your chairs or symbols and sentiments that reflect a cheerful theme. This can include pillows with floral patterns, charming sayings, or bright solid colors.

You can also bring color to your porch with accents such as decorative statues, unique planters, a small side table, or even a garden flag displayed right in front of the porch.

16″ Indoor/Outdoor Floral Pillows

Small Porch Decor Ideas - 16" Indoor/Outdoor Floral Pillows

5. Add A Warm Glow To Your Porch With Lanterns & String Lights

A big part of making the most out of your small porch is setting up an environment that feels warm, welcoming, and comfortable. A small cozy space can be just as wonderful as a large spacious setting.

One of the quickest ways to give your small porch a cozy feeling is to incorporate warm lighting. Lights can be magical for your porch, especially if you like to relax outside at night.

Outdoor lighting comes in many different forms. Lanterns can be beautiful on your porch steps or hanging from hooks, string lights look magical wrapped around your porch railing, and solar decorations can add a unique touch to your space.

No matter what type of lighting you choose for your porch, adding a warm glow will amplify your small area and make it feel more homey.

Solar Sentiment Spring Lanterns

Solar Sentiment Spring Lanterns

6. Lighten Up Your Pathway For A Brighter Front Porch Space

In addition to creating a warm glow on your porch, you can also add other lighting to your front yard to make your small porch feel brighter and more welcoming.

A great way to do this is by lighting up your front pathway that leads to your porch. This can help give the illusion that your porch is bigger and can generally make your entire front space feel more open.

Use solar stake lights along your front pathway for an easy way to brighten up your space. You can alternatively use solar statues alongside the path for a more decorative and unique look.

If you only have a small sized pathway, you can instead place two large solar lantern stakes on each side in front of your porch for a grand welcoming appearance.

Solar LED Plant Lights

Solar LED Plant Lights

7. Hang Decor From The Ceiling To Take Up Vertical Space On Your Small Porch

As mentioned in some of the other small porch decor ideas, taking up vertical space is a smart way to make your porch look bigger.

Hanging decorations from the ceiling can help you make the most of your vertical space while still creating a beautiful and satisfying setting. It can also make for a visually appealing outdoor space all year round.

There are many different types of decorations you can hang from the porch ceiling. You can display decor such as solar mobiles, wind chimes, or other lighted decorations with moving parts.

Match the symbols and colors to the rest of your outdoor decorations to create a theme that blends seamlessly throughout your entire space.

Colorful Solar Butterfly Mobile

Colorful Solar Butterfly Mobile

Now that you’ve gathered some easy small porch ideas, check out our selection of Outdoor Decor and start decorating your space! Find a variety of decor for your porch including unique statues, solar lights, outdoor throw pillows, doormats, and much more.

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