How To Decorate The Ultimate Coastal Patio

The coastal decor style can make any area of your home feel like a beachside oasis! This style features seaside themes and patterns, tropical colors, natural materials, and more to give your space a coastal look no matter where you live. Decorating your patio with the coastal style can give your outdoor area a bright new look for the spring and summer. A coastal themed patio will amplify your outdoor relaxation and make it feel uniquely decorated. From throw pillows to seating to accents and more, here are some ideas on how to decorate the ultimate coastal patio.

Create A Comfy Patio Look With Coastal Throw Pillows

Decorate a Coastal Patio - Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Pillows

Every patio needs a touch of comfort to make it feel nice and homey. Outdoor throw pillows are the perfect addition to any patio space because they’re not only comfy, but they also add a decorative element to the space.

Add coastal throw pillows to your patio furniture to emphasize the theme. The pillows, combined with other matching decorations nearby, can truly be some eye-catching elements on your patio.

Use pillows that have coastal patterns or colors to make the theme shine through. Here are some ideas for pillows if you don’t know where to start:

  • Ocean patterns such as seashells, starfish, and anchors
  • Beach themed sentiments
  • Pool and beach patterns such as flip-flops
  • Bright coastal colors like aqua and coral

Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Pillows

Decorate Your Patio Beachside Oasis Style With A Hammock

Decorate a Coastal patio - Cabana Striped Hanging Chairs

Another big part of the coastal decor style is the overall idea of a calming and peaceful environment. In order to get a coastal style patio, you’ll want to incorporate as many relaxing elements as possible.

A great way to create that environment is to add a hammock to your patio or backyard space. Hammocks are the perfect representation of a tropical beachside oasis. Adding one to your patio can do wonders!

Hammock style can vary depending on the look and level of comfort that you want. Whether you hang up a canvas hammock seat on a stand or hang a rope hammock from your backyard trees, you can easily create a comfortable area.

To amplify the coastal theme, use a hammock with tropical colors and patterns. For instance, a blue stripe hammock will fit in nicely with the rest of your coastal themed patio.

Cabana Striped Hanging Chairs

Give Your Patio The Coastal Look With Outdoor Wicker Accents

Decorate a Coastal Patio - Wicker LED Candle Lanterns

In addition to colors and patterns, another way to display a coastal or beachside theme is to use natural materials to decorate. These materials can emulate an outdoor style that will transport you to a tropical location.

There are many different materials you can add to your coastal patio space. Incorporate elements such as:

  • Distressed wood
  • Rattan
  • Wicker
  • Seagrass
  • Jute

Include these materials in a variety of ways on your patio to get the ultimate coastal look. For instance, you can add some wicker chairs and wicker lanterns, or you can even bring in a throw pillow with a wood plank design on the front. Be creative with how you include these elements.

Wicker LED Candle Lanterns

Transform Your Coastal Patio With An Outdoor Rug

Indoor/Outdoor Rules Rugs

As you’re creating your coastal patio look, you should keep in mind all the various creative ways you can decorate the space. Sometimes thinking outside the box is a great way to get the look that you want.

Outdoor rugs, for instance, are an unexpected accent that you can add to your patio. They not only add a touch of comfort to the area, but they also splash in some new elements of color and design.

Add a coastal rug to your patio to really make your theme come to life in an exciting new way. Find a rug with a charming beach sentiment, oceanside patterns and symbols, or bright tropical colors.

You can either add a small area rug outside of your patio door, place one by a simple seating area, or set a large one up underneath an outdoor dining table for the ultimate decorative look. No matter where you place it, an outdoor rug will give your patio the perfect coastal touch.

Indoor/Outdoor Rules Rugs

Use Themed Table Linens To Amplify The Coastal Patio Look

3-Pc. Picnic Table Covers

Much like rugs, other fabrics can work wonders for your patio space. Fabrics and linens can make any space feel extra comfortable and homey, which is the perfect complement to any beachside oasis!

Table linens are a great way to add some comfortable materials to your patio while also maintaining a decorative coastal look. With seaside patterns and colors, you can instantly brighten up any seating or dining area on your patio.

There are many ways to bring table linens into your patio space, whether it’s a temporary set up for guests or a permanent seasonal setting. Here are some ideas:

  • Coastal picnic table covers for a backyard BBQ
  • Tropical themed placemats on an outdoor dining table
  • Unique beach themed drink coasters for a side table
  • Seaside style table runner or tablecloth for a special outdoor dining occasion

3-Pc. Picnic Table Covers

Make Your Patio Seating Comfortable With Coastal Themed Cushions

Outdoor Cushion Collection

As mentioned in the first coastal patio idea, comfortable seating is a key part of creating a relaxing beachside patio. In addition to add coastal pillows to your space, you can also add cushions to really amplify your comfortability level.

Add cushions to your patio bench, outdoor dining table chairs, lounge chairs, and other seating areas to make it feel extra cozy and extra decorative.

You can choose to match your throw pillows and other decorative coastal accents, or you can make the cushions stand out with different colors and patterns. As long as they complement the overall theme, having them stand out can bring an extra touch of uniqueness to your patio.

You can also pair them with coastal style furniture pieces such as wicker benches, rustic wood chairs, or brightly colored metal benches. This will simply add another layer of the coastal theme to your patio space, making it shine even more.

Outdoor Cushion Collection

Now that you’ve learned some ideas on how to decorate a coastal patio, shop our Garden & Outdoors section to get started on decorating! Find everything you need for your patio space including outdoor decor, solar lighting, outdoor furniture, planters, live flowers, and much more.

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