How To Create A Beach Decor Theme In 2021

Bringing a beach decor theme to your home can transform your space into a fresh, calming, and happy environment. With the mix of coastal color schemes, tropical patterns, and natural materials, you can easily bring the beach decor style into your home. Whether you want to turn your entire home into a beachside oasis or if you just want to decorate one room in this theme, this simple guide will help you get started. Here are some easy ways on how to create a beach decor theme in 2021.

Get A Fresh Beach Decor Theme With A Blue & White Color Palette

Beach Decor Theme - Blue and White Colors

A beach themed decor style can involve a variety of color schemes depending on the look you’re going for. For a more vibrant look, you can go for bright tropical colors; however, for a more authentic beach look, go for calming colors instead. This can include colors that remind you of the ocean and the sand or even a spa. The overall concept of a beach decor theme is to create an environment that feels like a beautiful getaway.

There are many calming colors that work for a beach theme, but generally you’ll want to go for a blue and white scheme. Use a variety of shades of blue within your decor – this can range from deep navy blue to a light sky blue. You can start with white walls and incorporate colored accents, linens, and other decor throughout the room. Instead, you can also bring the blue to your walls with paint or peel and stick wallpaper for an extra unique look.

Additionally, you can also pair this color scheme with some other neutral colors such as beige/tan, gray, and brown. This works well for furniture like a wooden dresser or for storage items like natural wicker baskets. As long as you keep your color scheme mostly white and blue, these other natural elements won’t interrupt the calm and breezy vibe you’re going for in any room of your home.

Use Rattan & Wicker Furniture For An Authentic Beach Theme

Beach Decor Theme - Wicker and rattan furniture

In addition to calming colors, the beach decor theme also include natural looking materials. These types of materials work well with a beach theme because they emulate a soft feeling that reminds us of the coziness of the outdoors. The combination of these materials with the calming color scheme will make the main elements of your space feel complete.

The best way to include natural-look materials is through rattan or wicker furniture. Place a rattan ottoman in your living room, wicker dining chairs around your kitchen table, use a wicker bench on your front porch, or place wicker baskets around your home for storage. There are so many different ways to bring rattan and wicker into your home, whether you want a bold look or a more subtle appearance.

In addition to rattan and wicker, you can also decorate with other natural looking or rustic materials to fit in with your beach theme. These materials can be included through decorative accents along with some fabrics. The other natural materials can include:

  • Distressed wood
  • Galvanized metal
  • Burlap
  • Soft cotton

Decorate With Small Beach Themed Accents For A Subtle Look

Beach Decor Theme - decorative beach accents

While colors and materials can bring out the overall calming feeling of the beach decor theme, you can bring in some more details that really amplify the feeling of a beachside oasis. Adding some simple and small details can surprisingly do a lot for your space and transform it to a completely new environment.

Add accents that include beach symbols, sentiments, and typical themes. Common beach symbols include seashells, starfish, ocean scenes, palm trees, anchors, flip-flops, and a variety of sea creatures. Bringing these types of accents into your home can make the entire theme come to life and add a little bit of personality into your space. Including beach symbols and sentiments in a smaller way can help you maintain the calm and pleasant aesthetic throughout each room.

Ideas For Beach Themed Accents

  • Beach sentiment throw pillows
  • Decorative bowls of seashells
  • Patterned bedding
  • Ocean scented candles
  • Rustic wood lanterns
  • Beach sentiment wall hangings
  • Patterned rugs and doormats

Set Up Your Dining Table With A Full Beach Theme

Beach Dining Table

Another specific way to make the beach theme come alive in your home is to create a full beach themed table layout in your dining room. Keeping your table decorated with this look will help you keep an eye-catching element in your home. It’ll also help you entertain in style whenever you have a dinner party or special gathering.

How To Set Up A Beach Themed Dining Table

  1. Start with a simple white tablecloth.
  2. Place a burlap runner across the table.
  3. Decorate the runner with decorative starfish or seashells.
  4. Set up rattan placemats at each seat.
  5. Use beach patterned dishes at each setting, along with a blue cloth napkin folded nicely.
  6. Optionally, add a main centerpiece in the middle of table such as a vase of blue flowers, a rustic lantern, or a beach sentiment block sign.

Bring The Beach Theme To Your Porch For A Complete Look

Beach Style Porch

Lastly, in order to tie your entire beach theme together, you can incorporate the theme onto your porch. Bringing the beach theme onto your porch will help you create a calming seating area outside that will give you the illusion of living by the ocean. If you want a comfortable and cozy outdoor area for the spring and summer, this is a perfect way to achieve that.

Decorating your porch with the beach theme can essentially include a lot of the other elements mentioned previously. This includes blue and white colors, natural looking materials, and detailed beach accents. Whether your porch is large or small, you can easily bring most of these elements out. You can also transform your patio area in a similar way for another beach themed seating space.

How To Create A Beach Themed Porch

  • Add a rustic wood bench or swinging chair
  • Use blue throw pillows or pillows with beach symbols and sentiments
  • Decorate with a rattan welcome mat
  • Place a beach sentiment sign on the wall
  • Hang up some seashell windchimes
  • Plant blue flowers in white planters and pots

Now that you’ve gathered some inspiration on how to create a beach decor theme in 2021, check out our selection of Home Decor to get started! Find furniture, decorative accents, home collections, rugs, candles, and much more to transform your space.

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