7 Summer Kitchen Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Space

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen each and every day, so why not freshen it up for the summer season! You can easily make your kitchen feel bright and new with the help of decorative accents, table linens, themed storage accessories, and much more. Bring the summer feelings of warmth, happiness, and cheer to your kitchen with decorations and a beautiful color scheme that will instantly put you in a good mood while you’re cooking. Whether you want a complete transformation or just a simple shift to match the new season, here are 7 summer kitchen decor ideas to freshen up your space.

1. Add Summer Themed Hand Towels & Accessories To Your Kitchen

summer kitchen decor ideas - 7-Pc. Themed Kitchen Sets

Sometimes summer decorating can be as simple as swapping out your kitchen towels for themed ones. Displaying summer themed hand towels can instantly set the stage for a bright cheerful environment!

Use hand towels that show off a summer pattern such as florals, symbols such as butterflies, or lemons, bright colors like yellow or teal, and charming warm weather sentiments.

In addition to hand towels, you can also display other themed kitchen accessories to match or to coordinate. This can include things like oven mitts, potholders, a dish drying mat, and cooking utensils.

Hang some these accessories on wall hooks near your oven to amplify your theme even more. You can even display brightly colored serveware to match your new kitchen accessories and tie the whole look together.

7-Pc. Themed Kitchen Sets

2. Hang Up A Charming Wall Sign In Your Summer Kitchen

summer kitchen decor ideas - Lemon Grove Kitchen Sign

Wall art does a great job at transforming almost any room in your home. It can simply accent a theme or it can completely transform the overall feeling of the environment.

Add some new wall art to your kitchen for a brand new summer look. Whether you replace the wall art you already have display, or add more to empty wall space, you can easily decorate with style.

Hang up wall art that contains a charming kitchen sentiment with bright summer colors and patterns. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, you can opt for a humorous sentiment or something short and sweet.

Lemons and florals are both perfect summer themes, so find wall signs that contain these elements. If you have limited wall space, find smaller signs that can fit in clever areas, such as leaning against your backsplash.

Lemon Grove Kitchen Sign

3. Display A Coastal Theme On Your Kitchen Table For Summer

summer kitchen decor ideas - Coastal Home Collection

The coastal decor style is a great theme for summer because it contains so many themed and symbols from the beach. This makes it very fitting for the warm weather season.

Set up this theme on your kitchen or dining table to established a vibrant and interesting look. You can keep this set up throughout the entire summer season to make your theme shine through.

Use coastal themed placemats and a table runner as the main eye-catching elements of the table. Then, set up a coastal centerpiece with a wooden tray and seashells, or a tropical vase with fresh flowers.

You can also use themed plates and dishes on the table to amplify the coastal theme even more. Making the table look as bright and vibrant as possible will give you a fresh summer feeling.

Coastal Home Collection

4. Use Beautiful Greenery For Your Summer Kitchen Decor

summer kitchen decor ideas - Floral Pillar Candleholders

Summer is all about fresh flowers and greenery that are blooming beautifully outside. Bring that same feeling indoors by adding decorative greenery throughout your kitchen.

There are so many ways to add either fresh or faux greenery to your kitchen to brighten it up. Here are some ways to get the perfect summer look:

  • Display faux greenery with candleholders on your kitchen counters
  • Add a live plant to your kitchen table
  • Set up a kitchen island centerpiece with faux greenery on a tray mixes with accents
  • Set up a faux tree in the corner of your kitchen

Adding this greenery, combined with flowers and other natural elements, will instantly make your kitchen feel more refreshing and bright for the summer season.

Floral Pillar Candleholders

5. Showcase Your Dishware In Style With Summer Themed Storage

From Sunrise to Sunset Coffee and Wine Decor

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen for the summer in an easy way, consider finding new ways to display your dishes and mugs. Combining function and style is a great way to get that fresh summer look.

Whether you want a more simple look or beach themed elements, here are some ideas for stylish storage and useful accessories for your summer kitchen:

  • A coffee mug or wine glass wall hanging rank
  • A floating wall shelf to show off brightly colored dishes
  • A decorative cutting board to display on the counter
  • A large tray or basket with your themed dishware

Combining function and style is an especially great idea if you have a smaller kitchen with limited storage space. Find creative ways to show off summer themes while maintaining an organized space.

From Sunrise to Sunset Coffee and Wine Decor

6. Display Summer Fruit On Your Kitchen Island For A Decorative Touch

Glass Domed Serving Plates

When you think of summer foods, your mind probably goes to fresh fruits! The great thing about fruits is that they are so vibrant and colorful, that they can make unique and unexpected decorations.

Much like the previous idea, this idea also combines function and style. Since you’re already buying fresh fruit for the summer, consider displaying it loud and proud to make it the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Display the fruit on your kitchen island to instantly brighten up your space. You can show off vibrant lemons and limes in a glass bowl, bananas on a decorative hanger, or a wooden tray filled with apples.

You can also opt to use faux fruits instead for more longevity. Consider faux grapes, watermelon, and cherries to create a fresh summer theme. Bring the fruit theme to the rest of your kitchen with patterned towels and a window valance.

Glass Domed Serving Plates

7. Swap Your Kitchen Rug For A Fresh Summer One

55" Themed Kitchen Runners

To tie together all these summer kitchen decor ideas, you can finish off your kitchen with a brand new rug or runner. This will make your kitchen feel more complete.

Choose a rug or runner with a bright summer color like teal, red, or yellow, one with nature or fruit patterns, or one with a charming sentiment. Match your current kitchen theme or pick something that’ll stand out in the room.

If you want a more polished look, you can decorate with a matching rug, towels, and wall art that all coordinate with each other. This will help you establish a clear theme throughout the kitchen.

In addition to style, you’ll also want to choose a kitchen rug that is comfortable. Memory foam rugs are great for the kitchen because they’ll provide a lot of comfort while standing at the sink for long periods of time.

55″ Themed Kitchen Runners

Now that you’ve been inspired by some summer kitchen decor ideas, shop our entire selection of Kitchen & Dining items to transform your space! Find kitchen and table linens, storage, serveware, and other decorative kitchen accessories.

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