How To Decorate A Small Guest Room

A guest room should feel comfortable, welcoming, and stylish. Even if you have a small space to work with, you can still include all these elements into the room. Having a small sized guest room doesn’t mean you can’t establish a relaxing and unique space. With a little creativity and planning, you can transform your small guest room into a cozy space that feels like a hotel getaway. From decorative accents to clever storage ideas and more here is how to decorate a small guest room.

Make Your Guest Room Extra Cozy With Some Simple Touches

decorate a small guest room - add cozy decor

One of the most important aspects of a guest bedroom is the level of comfort it exudes. A small room doesn’t need to feel boxy and cold. Warm it up with some comfy decorations and elements for an instant guest room transformation. Whether you already have it decorated, or you’re starting from scratch, you can easily cozy up your small guest room with some simple additions.

When it comes to cozy decorations, you can use almost any color scheme and design style in the room. Many of these comfy additions can fit into any style that you want to create. You can easily set up a balance of style and comfort by combining these comfortable decorations with other decorative accents throughout the room.

How To Cozy Up Your Small Guest Room

  • Add some extra throw pillows and a throw blanket to the bed. This will instantly make the bed look more welcoming and help keep your guest warm on a chilly night. You can also keep additional throw blankets in the closet for easy access.
  • Place a faux fur rug in the room. Whether you have carpeting or a hardwood floor, a fur rug provides an extra layer of comfort in the space.
  • Set up some scented candles throughout the room in calming scents. You can also set up an essential oil diffuser with a variety of scented oils for guests to choose from.
  • Include a basket of books and magazines in the room. Reading materials can make evening relaxation even better.
  • Hang up blackout curtains. The space can feel even more comfortable to sleep in without the sun making an early morning disturbance.

Give Your Guests Some Clever Storage Space In The Room

decorate a small guest room - add extra storage space

A big challenge of having a small guest room is typically having a lack of storage space. This can become an issue for long term guests who want to put their clothing and items away. It can also be a problem for you if you want to use the guest room as an extra storage spot in your home.

Luckily, you can incorporate some useful storage areas in the room without sacrificing too much space. Some storage solutions can include things such as storage furniture, decorative containers, and other clever hidden storage. Check out these storage ideas and tips to give both you and your guests some extra storage space in the small room.

Small Guest Room Storage Ideas

  • A storage bed with built in drawers and cubbies
  • A storage chair or bench in the corner of the room
  • Under-the-bed storage bins
  • A large decorative basket that doubles as a side table
  • A tall and slim storage tower with open cubbies

Incorporate Some Bold Colors Into A Small Guest Room

decorate a small guest room - add bold colors

While a more neutral color scheme can easily turn your guest room into a hotel or spa-like environment, a more colorful layout can make it feel more homey and unique. Even if you want the room to have a relaxing spa aesthetic, you can still incorporate a couple bold colors throughout the space to make the most out of the small room.

Different colors can give off different moods in the room. Decide on what type of feeling you want the guest room to have and choose your color scheme accordingly. Also keep in mind that lighter shades are typically better in a small room because darker colors will only make it feel smaller. Here are some popular decor colors based on the mood they give off.

Popular Bedroom Colors & Moods

  • Blue: Calmness, relaxation, and serenity
  • Red: Excitement and creativity
  • Yellow: Joyfulness, happiness, and fresh energy
  • Green: Calmness, comfort, and togetherness
  • Purple: Comfort and serenity
  • Pink: Playfulness, happiness, and comfort
  • Gray: Peacefulness, brightness, and balance

Keep in mind that these colors can be accent colors and don’t necessarily need to be the main color of the walls. You’ll want to be careful with the wall colors of your small guest room because you don’t want to create an unsettling environment. For instance, red is a great accent color for throw pillows and small decorations; however, red walls can be too overwhelming. Neutral walls such as gray or white can help the room feel bigger while still allowing you to decorate with colorful decorative accents. Having a proper balance of colors will help you keep the room feeling comfortable and open.

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Add Some Mirrors To Make A Small Guest Room Feel Bigger

Decorative Mirror

In order to make your small guest room feel a little more comfortable and refreshing, it’s best to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is. There are many different ways to create the illusion of extra space, but an easy way to do this is to decorate with mirrors.

Mirrors reflect natural light and bounce it around the room, making the space look brighter and more open. The addition of multiple mirrors can also help open up the room because the various reflections tricks the eye. Use decorative mirrors on the walls to establish a spacious and stylish room. You can also opt for a large mirror leaning against the wall in the corner of the room. Find unique ways to incorporate mirrors in the space without overdoing it.

In addition to mirrors, there are other ways you can make the room look bigger than it is. Check out some easy tips below!

How To Make A Small Guest Room Look Bigger

  • Take up vertical space to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. Opt for tall and skinny storage towers, and other slim pieces of furniture.
  • Use striped patterns to make the room look wider. This is best done through an area rug.
  • Keep the walls white or paint them a light shade of a calming color.
  • Hang up sheer curtains to let more natural light in. This will make the room feel brighter and more open.
  • Check out these other ideas for how to make a small room look bigger!

Use Decorative Lighting To Brighten Up The Guest Room With Style

Decorative Lamp

As mentioned in the previous idea for how to decorate a guest room, brightness levels can have a strong effect on the overall feeling of the room. While windows can let in natural light during the day to open up the small space, other lighting is also crucial in creating a welcoming guest room space.

Adding decorative lighting throughout the room can help establish a bright, bold, and stylish guest room. Having a variety of lighting throughout the room can give your guests the option to adjust the brightness of the room to their liking. With the use of decorative lights, you can easily incorporate some fresh feelings into the room without sacrificing the style of the space.

Decorative Lighting Ideas For A Small Guest Room

  • Large decorative lamps on the bedside table or dresser
  • A unique chandelier light hanging from the ceiling
  • A tall floor lamp in the farthest corner of the room
  • String lights hanging down from the wall behind the bed
  • Lighted decorations displayed on the dresser
  • LED scented candles throughout the room

Now that you’ve learned some tips on how to decorate a small guest room, check out our selection of Home Decor to get started! Find storage solutions, wall art, candles, curtains, rugs, lamps, and much more to make your space feel complete.

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