7 Coastal Living Room Ideas For Summer

The coastal decor style is perfect for summertime because it reflects the feeling of a tropical vacation through the help of beachside symbols and colors. If you’re looking to completely transform your living room for the summer, including a coastal theme can really elevate your space for the warm weather. Whether you want to go all out with a complete coastal filled room, or if you just want some small elements from the coastal style, this guide will give you some decor inspiration! From accents to furniture ideas to color schemes and more, here are 7 coastal living room ideas for summer.

1. Decorate With Wicker Furniture & Accents For An Easy Coastal Look

coastal living room ideas - wicker furniture

When creating a coastal style living room, you should keep materials in mind because they can easily amplify the look you’re going for. Wicker is a top material for the coastal style because it gives off the feeling of a calming beachside oasis. It’s such a versatile material that you can easily include in your living room in a variety of ways.

While you don’t want to overdo the wicker look, adding a lot of core wicker elements to the room can really showcase the coastal look in a bold way. Create a nice mix of wicker items with wooden items for a stylish space. For Instance, if you use wicker for most of your furniture, add wood and ceramic accents throughout the room to balance out the look.

Wicker Decor Ideas For A Coastal Living Room

  • Use wicker baskets on bookshelves for storage
  • Display a wicker coffee table or side table
  • Set up a wicker accent chair
  • Add a wicker bowl to your coffee table
  • Place a large wicker basket in the corner to hold extra blankets
  • Hang up some wicker wall art for a unique look

2. Add Coastal Style Throw Pillows To Your Couch

coastal living room ideas - coastal style throw pillows

Throw pillows are such a standout element in the living room – using themed pillows will definitely help you bring out the coastal style in your space. Add a large mix of throw pillows on your couch for a decorative and cozy look that will look nice with other coastal accents in the room.

If you want a unique look, decorate with pillows that have coastal style patterns. Make sure to mix in some solid colored pillows as well to balance out the patterns. Depending on the type of look you want, you can either go for simple and chic coastal patterns, or more fun and whimsical patterns. If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out some of the main coastal patterns below.

Coastal Decor Patterns

  • Seashells
  • Tropical fish
  • Anchors
  • Beach scenes
  • Lighthouses
  • Flip-flops

In addition to patterned pillows, you can also use throw pillows in a variety of coastal colors such as blue, beige, or coral. You can even find fun pillows that have beach themed sentiments, which is a great way to add some personality to your space. Just make sure to match the color scheme of your room by coordinating your pillows with your other main decorations.

3. Use Seashells To Amplify The Coastal Decor Style

coastal living room ideas - seashell decorations

A huge symbol of the coastal decor style is the seashell. Seashells are such a common element to this style because they give off the most beach-like feeling. They can make your home look like it’s by the beach, no matter where you actually live! Including real seashells within your decorations can amplify the coastal style and make your home feel cheerful and tropical for the summer season.

How To Decorate With Seashells

There are so many different ways to decorate your living room with seashells. Using real seashells from a past vacation can elevate the look even more; however, you can also opt for fake seashells that you can find at most craft stores or home decor stores. Either way, you can create the ultimate beachy look. Check out these ideas on how to decorate with seashells.

  • Set up a bowl or tray of seashells on the coffee table
  • Display large shells on a bookshelf
  • Fill two tall glass containers with shells and display each one on each side of your television
  • Show off your seashells in a variety of containers on your mantel
  • Hang up large shells on the wall inside of shadow boxes

4. Set Up A Themed Gallery Wall For A Unique Coastal Living Room

coastal living room ideas - costal gallery wall

Gallery walls can always add some extra style and flair to your home. The great thing about gallery walls is that you can set them up in so many different ways. You can create a uniformed look by lining your wall art up in rows, or you can stagger your wall pieces for a more artsy look. Either way, you can instantly transform the style of your room.

Set up a coastal themed gallery wall in your living room to create a festive and bright beachy appearance. Whether you use frame photos, canvas paintings, or other types of wall hangings, you can create a fresh wall layout for your coastal style living room. Check out some ideas below to get some inspiration for your gallery wall.

Coastal Gallery Wall Ideas

  • Frame your own photos you took on your last tropical vacation
  • Hang up seashells in shadow boxes
  • Set up a gallery wall of framed images of different types of fish
  • Create your wall using beach scene paintings
  • Mix it up by creating a gallery wall filled with wicker wall hangings

5. Accent Your Mantel With Beach Style Decorations

Beach themed mantel

The mantel is the perfect place in the room to display your main decorations. It helps you create an eye-catching setup in the living room to establish the overall decor style. If you have a mantel in your living room, take advantage of it by starting your coastal theme in this area.

With the help of various decorative accents, beach sentiments, and other decorations, you can easily set up a coastal style mantel in a matter of minutes. Once you establish your themed mantel, you can then complement your display with other decor throughout the living room. If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out these coastal style mantel ideas below to get started.

Coastal Style Mantel Ideas

  • Display jars of seashells
  • Set up beach sentiment signs
  • Use tropical candles such as salt air, pineapple, coconut, sandalwood or citrus
  • Hang up a large wicker mirror above the mantel
  • Display decorative coastal plates
  • Bonus: you can even paint your fireplace white to freshen it up for your coastal style

6. Create A Tropical Beach Look With A Bright Color Scheme

Tropical beach living room

If you’re looking for a more vibrant version of the coastal style, consider decorating with a bright tropical color scheme. This will instantly freshen up your living room and make it feel like you’re on a fun tropical island. This is a great choice if you currently have a neutral colored living room that could use some pops of colors.

Tropical Colors For Your Coastal Theme

  • Teal or aqua
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Coral

You can incorporate these bright tropical colors through decorations such as throw pillows, flower vases, painted shells, real or faux plants, beach wall art, and other decorative accents. Choose a couple main colors to use, or decorate with a variety of colors for a bolder look. Make sure to balance out some of your bright colors with some neutrals throughout the room using colors like white, beige, brown, or gray.

7. Display A Coastal Accent Wall In Your Living Room

Rustic coastal accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to add a unique touch to your living room. If you want a stylish coastal space, create an accent wall in the room to elevate the theme even more. Set up the accent wall behind your couch or on the wall with your mantel. These areas give you the perfect setup to differentiate it from the rest of the room.

Coastal Accent Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

  • Wood plank wall
  • Patterned wallpaper such as seashells, anchors, palm trees, or fish
  • A bright tropical color to contrast the other walls
  • An coastal gallery accent wall
  • Navy blue coastal stripe wall

Now that you’ve gathered some coastal living room ideas for the summer, shop our selection of Coastal Home Decor to get started! Find a variety of coastal decor including rugs, beach themed accents, throw pillows, baskets, and much more to transform your space.

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