7 Outdoor Products To Use All Summer

Summertime is all about outdoor fun, entertaining, and relaxing. The warm weather makes everyone want to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the season. Whether you want to have some outdoor fun with your family in the yard, entertain with outdoor dining, or just indulge in outdoor relaxation, Lakeside has everything you need for the perfect summer! From BBQ and grill tools to water toys to outdoor accessories and more, here are 7 outdoor products to use all summer long.

1. Create A Cozy Space With An Outdoor Privacy Screen

An important part of creating a relaxing outdoor space is having a strong sense of privacy and calmness, especially when you’re in the comfort of your own yard.

You can easily set up a secluded area by using a privacy screen around your backyard fence or around your deck. This will give you the illusion of a more private and comforting space.

Additionally, you can use other outdoor products to make your patio and yard feel secluded. Items such as outdoor curtains, a gazebo, or even an outdoor umbrella can create a cozy outdoor area while also protecting you from the sun.

These 15 foot deck and privacy screens are the perfect addition to your backyard! Featured a stylish striped pattern in a variety of color selections, these screens will give you the ultimate relaxing space.

15-Ft. Deck and Fence Privacy Screens

15-Ft. Deck and Fence Privacy Screens

2. Give The Kids Some Backyard Summer Fun With Water Toys

Summer should always include fun outdoor activities for the kids! Water toys are a great choice for kids to play in backyard on a hot summer day.

Water toys such as sprinkles, inflatable pools, and water slides are all fun choices for kids to play with. You can even get some water toys that the entire family can enjoy together in the yard.

If you already have a pool in your backyard, you can easily get some pool toys and inflatables to amplify your summer enjoyment and relaxation.

This aqua drench splash park will be a game changer for your summer activity spread! Featuring a sprinkler, a water slide, and inflatable pool, this is a thrilling toy for any kids ages three and up.

Banzai™ 3-in-1 Aqua Drench Splash Park

Banzai™ 3-in-1 Aqua Drench Splash Park

3. Make Summer Relaxation Even Better With Picnic Accessories

Outdoor dining and picnics are another big part of summer activities and enjoyment. Amplify your picnic experience with the help of some simple accessories.

Items such as picnic blankets, baskets and bags, coolers, travel food containers, and more can help you have a wonderful picnic anywhere you want. Whether it’s in the comfort of your backyard, or on the beach, you’ll be prepared.

You can also find other picnic accessories to make your meal more relaxing. Things such as food covers can keep bugs away, and outdoor umbrella stakes can give you some much needed shade from the sun.

These multipurpose outdoor mats will give you the perfect setup for your summer picnics, beach outings, or camping adventures! The mats come with a carrying handle for easy travel and are water resistant.

Multipurpose Outdoor Mats

Multipurpose Outdoor Mats

4. Entertain With Ease With Outdoor Dining Accessories

Backyard barbecues and outdoor meals are a wonderful part of the summer season. Make it even better with the help of outdoor dining accessories.

Serving food outdoors in the summer heat can be made easier with coolers and food covers. Additionally, you can serve up your food on some summer themed dishes for a fun and festive meal.

Some new grilling tools and accessories can also amplify your outdoor cooking needs. Grill cleaning tools, serving tools, and grilling baskets can make your backyard barbecue even easier.

The inflatable buffet cooler is a useful item for all of your outdoor eating needs! Simply fill it with ice, display it on your table, and keep all your dishes of food nice and cold for the duration of your summer meal.

Inflatable Buffet Cooler

Inflatable Buffet Cooler

5. Stay Warm On Chilly Summer Evenings With An Outdoor Fireplace

While summer is known for hot weather, it also comes with chilly evenings once the sun goes down. If you enjoy relaxing outside on summer nights, it only makes sense to maintain your comfort with the help of some outdoor products for summer.

An outdoor fireplace is a great choice for summer nights because it can provide a warm environment with a comfy aesthetic in your outdoor space. Combined with a cushioned seating area, it’s a must-have for the summer.

If you don’t want to commit to an outdoor fireplace, you can instead go for a simple fire pit. Many fire pits give off that smoky campfire scent, which can create that classic and nostalgic summer feeling.

These outdoor clay chimineas will add a decorative and relaxing touch to your patio! Light it up with a warm fire near a comfortable seating area for the ultimate summer evening.

Outdoor Clay Chimineas

Outdoor Clay Chimineas

6. Brighten Up Your Yard At Night With Beautiful String Lights

String lights are not only versatile but they can also be the most magical addition to your outdoor space. Both decorative and useful, string lights can help you amplify your summertime enjoyment.

Solar string lights are the best choice for your outdoor decorations because they soak up the power of the sun all day to light up bright at night. Both efficient and easy, these can be displayed with your other summer accents.

Lighted decorations are another great option for brightening up your yard on a summer night. Items such as lighted garden gnomes, solar planters, and lanterns can add a calming vibe to your summer space.

These featured solar string lights come in a wide variety of colors including blue, green, orange, purple, and red. Wrap them around a tree, your deck, or a garden archway for a beautiful look.

100-Light Solar String Lights

100-Light Solar String Lights

7. Get The Whole Family Up & Moving With Yard Games

Outdoor games and activities are a great way to keep the whole family active and outside all summer long. They can also provide a lot of family bonding and fun!

Yard games and sports are perfect for kids of all ages, and can make a great summer addition to a large backyard space. Whether it’s a classic sport or an exciting new activity, the kids will want to be outside all season long.

You can also find outdoor games and activities that are portable. Take activities on the go to play at the beach, at a park, or anywhere you travel to. Stocking up on these activities will assure a summer filled with excitement.

This giant kick croquet game is a fun twist on the classic game! The whole family can have fun playing this game together in the yard, or you can easily take it on the go for some family bonding anywhere you want.

Giant Kick Croquet Game

Giant Kick Croquet Game

Looking for even more outdoor products for summer? Check out our Outdoor Living section to find grill accessories, outdoor and water toys, outdoor furniture, yard accents, solar lighting, and much more!

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