How To Mix Decorating Styles Like A Pro

There are so many different decorating styles and design concepts that can transform your home into a beautiful space filled with personality. Whether you want to do a room makeover or simply freshen up your home for a new season, taking inspiration from various decorating themes can make any space look stylish. A great way to bring out the full potential in any room is to combine decor styles for the ultimate impressive look. From farmhouse to coastal to vintage and more, mixing a couple styles can make your home feel unique. Not sure where to begin? Here are some simple tips on how to mix decorating styles like a pro.

1. Combine Decorating Styles That Have Similar Traits

How To mix Decorating Styles - combine styles with similar traits

The first step in combining decor styles is to choose styles that will make sense together. While there are ways to mix styles that are starkly different, it’s best to go with the less challenging route to avoid complications. Find two decor styles that have similar traits and elements so they can blend together seamlessly throughout a room.

An important element to be on the lookout for is similar materials within the design styles. For instance, both the farmhouse style and the coastal style feature rustic materials, such as distressed wood. These two styles would make sense to blend together because you can incorporate a lot of themed accents with rustic finishes. Using decorating styles that include similar materials will make it much easier to decorate in an organized fashion.

In addition to materials, you’ll also want to be mindful of the overall vibe of each design style. You wouldn’t want to combine styles that give off completely opposite feelings. For example, it may be difficult to combine a bright and funky retro style with a relaxed and charming country style. Mix styles that are similar in aesthetic, color schemes, and complementary patterns. You want the room to feel cohesive rather than cluttered and random.

Best Decorating Styles To Mix Together

2. Choose A Main Decor Style & Mix In Another In Small Doses

How To mix Decorating Styles - use second style in small doses

Once you’ve decided on which decorating styles you want to mix together, you have to then determine what you want your main style to be. Typically, one of the styles should stand out more to establish a strong theme in the room. Decide which style makes sense to take over most of the room. You’ll then be able to easily mix in the other style without disrupting the overall flow of the room.

Mix Decorating Styles With The 80/20 Rule

Mixing design styles can be done through what’s called the 80/20 rule. This simply means that 80% of the room should reflect your main style, and the other 20% is for the other style you’re mixing in. The importance of this rule is that it’ll give the room a balanced look. Many people overlook the importance of balance because they’re eager to dive into decorating. But taking the time to strategize will make the room look more organized.

An easy way to use the 80/20 rule in any room is to use large pieces in the room to reflect your main decor style and use smaller accents to include the other style. The larger elements can include things such as furniture, bold wall art, and area rugs, while the smaller accents can include things such as curtains, throw pillows, and tabletop decorations.

You can also choose to use a more classic and simple style for the 80%. This will allow you to set the room up with large pieces of neutral furniture and incorporate your design styles through various decorations. There are so many ways to set up a balanced room with this rule. Take note of your two decorating styles and think about the various ways you can mix them together with strategy.

3. Set Up One Standout Piece Of Furniture To Mix Decorating Styles In A Room

How To mix Decorating Styles - use a focal piece of furniture

Another great way to set up any room with two decorating styles is to start with a large focal point. This usually entails a funky piece of furniture or a tall statue in a standout color. This will help you establish the aesthetic of the room and it helps you have at least one bold element in your space without going overboard.

Having a focal piece can also help the room make sense if you’re mixing decor styles. Instead of hiding it off to the side, highlight your focal piece with other simple decorations nearby. This will really bring out a unique effect in any room without straying from an organized style. Focal pieces don’t always have to be furniture. It can also include thing like a collection of accents, a wall hanging, a rug, and other types of decorations.

Ways To Create A Decorative Focal Point

  • Set up a bold colored accent chair in your living room
  • Use a unique side table in your bedroom
  • Hang an elegant chandelier in your kitchen
  • Show off a large wall hanging in your entryway
  • Decorate a bookcase with a collection of funky accents on the shelves

4. Stick To A Cohesive Color Scheme When Mixing Decorating Styles

Green color scheme

When you mix decorating styles, it’s important to create a cohesive space that flows smoothly. A big part of this is the color scheme. Stick to a color scheme of up to three colors to make your decor styles make sense together. If you stray to far away from the color scheme, your decorations will just look out of place.

Be very selective when it comes to your color scheme. The more simple your color palette is, the more creative you’ll be able to get when mixing design styles. Try to stick to a couple shades of the same color and include a couple neutral colors to balance it out. For instance, you can go for a navy blue and teal for your main colors with gray and white for neutrals. Your neutral colors will shine best through furniture and large decorations, while your other colors will stand out through decorative accents.

Keep in mind that you can also include a pop of unique color in the room, as long as you do it in a small way. You can bring in your pop of unexpected color with a centerpiece on your coffee table, a couple of throw pillows on your bed, a special accent on a bookshelf, a bright colored mirror on the wall, and much more. Find a fun way to incorporate one extra color in your space to tie together your two decor styles.

5. Display Collections Of Accents Together To Seamlessly Mix Decor Styles

Decorative tray of accents

Another way to mix decor styles on a smaller scale is to create a display that features elements of both styles. While you’re already changing up some of the larger pieces in the room, along with the standout accents throughout the space, you should also focus on the details to make your room feel complete. A simple setup of small decorations on a tray or table setting will help you achieve this.

How To Create A Mixed Decor Style Display

  • Start with a tray, basket, or other type of surface that can display a variety of accents. This surface can be neutral or can be made of the material that best reflects both decor styles.
  • Place a couple of neutral pieces (such as candles) on the tray to set the stage for your decor styles. These neutral pieces should be the shortest pieces on the tray.
  • Next, use a tall decoration that reflects your main decor style. For instance, if your main style is country, you can display a tall galvanized metal vase.
  • Finally, add a medium height decoration that emulates your second decor style. For example, if your second style is coastal style, show off a medium sized glass canister filled with seashells.

Now that you’ve learned some easy tips on how to mix decorating styles like a pro, check out our Home Decor section to get started on your decorating! Find furniture, curtains, wall art, decorative accents, home collections, and much more to make your entire home feel stylish and fresh.

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