DIY Hacks: 7 Repurposed Summer Decor Ideas

Repurposing is an affordable way to decorate your home and refresh your space. Even if you aren’t into crafting, there are many easy ways to repurpose old items to use in new ways. Whether you want some new ideas for clever storage and organization, or if you just want to change up the look up a room, repurposing is an efficient and low-cost option. Not sure where to begin? Check out these 7 repurposed summer decor ideas to transform your home in new and unique ways.

1. Revamp An Old Picture Frame To Use Around A Mirror

Old picture frames are perfect for repurposing because they can be used in a variety of ways and they can be painted to look brand new. You can either use your old frames that are sitting in storage or you can find cheap frames at a thrift shop that can easily be transformed. There are so many different ways to repurpose frames for unique decorations.

One way to repurpose a picture frame is to DIY a beautiful mirror. Simply take an old frame, paint and restore it to your liking, and attach it to a mirror. The plain mirror can easily be found for cheap at a dollar store or even at a thrift store. You also might already have a mirror in your home; you can replace its current frame with your repurposed frame. Whether you use a small frame for a simple accent mirror, or a large one for a stunning element in the room, your repurposed picture frame mirror will look unique in your home.

Other Ways To Repurpose Old Picture Frames

In addition to creating a decorative mirror, there are also many other ways to repurpose old picture frames. Here are some more DIY ideas that you can use for home decor and more:

  • Transform a small picture frame into a decorative tray. Add a decorative photo inside of the picture frame and then attach 2 handles to the border of the frame.
  • Make a DIY headboard. Repurpose a large picture frame and attaching it to any comfortable material of your choice to fill in the headboard.
  • Use a repurposed picture frame as an earring display by filling in the center of the frame with a strong mesh material. You can then hang earrings on it.
  • Display repurposed picture frames as a collage on the wall. Paint each one a different color and layer them for a unique look.

2. Repurpose A Rustic Ladder To Use As A Shelving Unit

Ladder shelves are a popular decorative storage option, but they can get a little pricey. If you want a low-cost ladder shelf, the best option is to make one yourself. Repurpose an old wooden ladder from your home or find one at a thrift store for cheap, and transform it into a modern decoration.

How To Repurpose A Rustic Ladder

  • Start with a simple wooden ladder. It’s ok if it’s a bit distressed looking because you’re going to freshen it up anyway.
  • Sand down the wood if necessary. If you want a sleek looking ladder, make sure to sand down all rough edges as much as possible. On the other hand, if you like the rustic look, you can leave it a little bit rough.
  • Next, it’s time to paint your ladder. Opt for a neutral color for a simple look, or go for a bright color for a more bold appearance.
  • Finally, it’s time to display your shelf. You can use the ladder for decorations, for storage, or a combination of both. Ladder shelves make great storage for the bathroom, and can make a nice decorative addition to your living room or bedroom.

3. Paint Wooden Crates For Unique Storage & Shelving

In addition to ladder shelves, there are many other repurposing ideas to display unique and unexpected shelving and storage. With a little bit of paint and a little bit of creativity, you can easily make some DIY decorative shelving out of repurposed materials. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box…or outside of the crate.

That’s right, you can repurpose wood crates to use for shelving and storage. Paint them any color of your choosing, and create a full shelving unit by securely attaching them with nails. You can alternatively use a repurposed crate as a centerpiece on your coffee table, or as an accent on your dresser. There are many ways to make these crates useful in a decorative way.

Other Repurposed Shelving Ideas

  • Paint an old dresser drawer and hang it up flat against the wall for a unique decorative shelf.
  • Use half of an antique suitcase on the wall and fill it with wood planks for usable shelving.
  • Make industrial style wall shelves with repurposed metal pipes and wood planks.
  • Repurpose old books by turning them into makeshift shelves. Simply use metal brackets to secure each book to the wall to look like shelves.

4. Use Unexpected Items As Flower Vases & Planters

Summertime is all about fresh flowers and plants, but sometimes planters and vases can get expensive. Repurposing unexpected items to use as vases and planters will not only save you money, but will also result in an interesting decorative look that will feel unique to your home and personal style.

Repurposed Flower Vase & Planter Ideas

There are so many ways to think outside the box when creating a DIY flower vase or planter. Whether you want to keep it simple or make something more quirky, you can easily do so in an affordable way. You can repurpose something you already have in your home, or you can repurpose a cheap item from a thrift store. While the possibilities are endless, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Tea Kettle: Use an antique tea kettle as a planter. Simply drill holes in the bottom to allow for water drainage.
  • Rainboot: Display flowers in a rainboot vase. All you need to do is place flowers in a mason jar, and then place the jar inside of the boot.
  • Wine Bottle: Use empty wine bottles as flower vases. Feel free to paint them or leave the wine bottle design the way it is for a unique display.
  • Pencil Cup: Take an old pencil cup and turn in into a small flower vase. Use washi tape to create a unique design on the outside.
  • Perfume Bottle: An old empty perfume bottle can be used as an elegant flower vase. Make sure to thoroughly wash the perfume bottle out to allow for a clean environment for your flowers. You can also use faux flowers instead.

5. Repurpose Old Tires In Unique & Useful Ways

If you’re looking for an outside of the box idea, consider repurposing old tires to use as home decor. There are surprisingly many ways to transform tires and make them look decorative and interesting. Whether you want some unique outdoor decorations for your yard, or something special to add inside your home, repurposing a tire can help you achieve your ideal look. Check out some ideas below for how to repurpose tires and transform them into DIY decorations.

How To Repurpose Tires For Home Decor

  • Rope Ottoman: Simply attach a board at the top to cover the hole, and then attach a rope wrapped around the entire tire until covered.
  • Planter: All you need to do is paint the tire a beautiful summer color and fill it with your favorite plant or flowers.
  • Sandbox: Pain the tire a fun color and fill it with sand and toys – young kids will love this!
  • Side Table: Use a round board to cover the top, add legs to the bottom, and paint it a nice color.
  • Mirror Frame: Cut the tire to fit around a round mirror – this can look especially unique in the garage.

6. Organize Jewelry In A Fashionable Way With Repurposed Items

Another great way to repurpose items in a creative and useful way is to DIY some jewelry holders and displays. There are so many ways to create jewelry displays to make them look unique and decorative in your room. Whether you find old items in your attic, or you pick up some pieces from the thrift store, you can easily make something that fits your style and needs. Check out these ideas for DIY repurposed jewelry displays.

Repurposed Jewelry Display Ideas

  • Use old drawer knobs to create a necklace display. Simply attach the knobs to a sturdy wood plank and hang the plank on the wall.
  • Display rings and earrings in an egg carton. Just paint the egg carton a nice color and fill it with your favorite jewelry.
  • Hang necklaces from a DIY wine cork display. Glue wine corks next to each other and screw small hooks into them to hang necklaces.
  • Stack bracelets on a glass bottle. You can paint the bottle if you want, and then wrap bracelets around it.
  • Use an old hanger for necklaces. Paint the hanger, attach hooks on the bottom of it, and hang it on the wall to display necklaces.
  • Repurpose a cheese grater for an earring display. Paint the grater, and hang the earrings from the holes on the sides.

7. Make A DIY New Headboard With Rustic Materials

To round out these repurposed summer decor ideas, this DIY headboard idea is perfect if you’re handy and patient. There are plenty of materials and old items that can be transformed into a beautiful headboard for your bedroom. This is especially fitting if you want a rustic and charming look in your room. Whether you want something simple or intricate, you can easily create a unique headboard with repurposed materials and more. Check out some ideas below to make your own headboard.

DIY Headboard Ideas

  • Sand down and paint an old barn door as the ultimate farmhouse headboard.
  • Paint old window shutters for a unique looking headboard.
  • Attach old wood pallets together and paint them for a rustic headboard.
  • Secure decorative ceiling tiles together to make an elegant headboard display.

Now that you’ve gathered some repurposed summer decor ideas, shop our Home Decor section to find even more inspiration! Find decorative accents, home collections, wall art, curtains, furniture, and much more to make your home feel complete.

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