How To Decorate With Modern Farmhouse Style

If you’re looking for a charming and rustic decor style mixed with some sophistication and class, the modern farmhouse style is the way to go. This decor style combines the classic farmhouse look with a modern and fresh appearance. Modern farmhouse is the perfect choice for any room because it’s incredibly versatile. From materials and colors to other elements and more, here is how to decorate with modern farmhouse style.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

With so many different types of decor styles out there, you may find yourself wondering what modern farmhouse style even is. While traditional farmhouse style is typically defined with weathered wood and barn symbols, adding a modern twist requires a few adjustments and additions. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to to make the farmhouse style look fresh and new.

Modern farmhouse style maintains the cozy and warm side of the farmhouse style and mixes in sleek, contemporary elements for a brand new look. It showcases a healthy combination of natural materials, neutral color schemes, and subtle industrial style additions. Modern farmhouse style keeps your home feeling charming and comfortable while also feeling trendy and up-to-date.

This guide will give you some simple ways to decorate with modern farmhouse style. Whether you are completely transforming the look of your home or if you just want to make some small changes, these easy guidelines will help you get the look that you want.

Combine Rustic & Modern Materials For A Mixed Decor Style

How To decorate with modern farmhouse style - mix rustic and modern materials

A huge part of the modern farmhouse style is mixing together rustic materials with modern materials. These types of materials can go together surprisingly well, despite their opposite appearance. Create the perfect balance of these elements by including each of them in small amounts.

Rustic materials can include things such as distressed wood, galvanized metal, and anything that showcases a worn or weathered appearance. Modern materials, on the other hand, tend to have less imperfections and are more refined. Mixing rustic with modern can result in a unique combination if done correctly. To help you get started, check out some easy ideas below for how to mix the two styles seamlessly.

Ways To Mix Rustic & Modern Materials

  • Weathered wood barstools with marble kitchen countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances with rustic wood accents
  • Galvanized metal bedframe with dark wood bedside tables
  • Black wood entryway table with galvanized metal lanterns
  • Rustic wood floating shelves with sleek metal accents

Decorate With Simple Colors For A Fresh Modern Farmhouse Style

How To decorate with modern farmhouse style - simple color scheme

In addition to materials, you also have to consider the color scheme when setting up a modern farmhouse decor style. Colors are a strong element of any decor style, so being strategic can help you get the exact vibe you’re going for. Typically, you’ll want to decorate with a very simple color scheme to get the modern farmhouse look in your home.

The traditional farmhouse style usually features a mix of fresh and warm colors such as white, natural wood, browns, and reds. These colors help give off that welcoming and homey feeling that the style is known for. However, when you want to put a modern touch on this style, you have to bring in some other colors for a new look.

For modern farmhouse style, you’ll still want to maintain a fresh white space for your main color, and then add some muted versions of colors like pink, blue, or green. These unique pops of colors will bring that brand new look to your space without being overwhelming. Make sure to use these as accent colors while keep the space mostly neutral. If you use too many bold colors, it will take away the rustic farmhouse feeling of the style.

Use Oversized Pendant Lights In Your Modern Farmhouse Decor

How To decorate with modern farmhouse style - Oversized pendant lights in kitchen

A big part of the modern farmhouse decor style is the use of sophisticated and sleek designs. Sometimes these designs can even be similar to the industrial decor style with its bold metal structures. Lighting can make or break a space, so it’s always important to choose the right types of lighting to set up your home with the style that you want to achieve.

Oversized pendant lights are the perfect addition to any modern farmhouse look because they combine the charming feeling of farmhouse with the stylish elements of modern style. Bold metal pendant lights are a very popular option because they come in a variety of unique designs that can easily fit into any kitchen or other area of your home. Metal pendant lights also give off the ideal combination of modern and rustic.

Other Type Of Modern Farmhouse Lighting

In addition to hanging pendant lights, you can also incorporate other similar style lighting throughout your home. Whether it’s some lanterns on your mantel, some chic lamps on your bedside tables, or some lighted wall sconces in your bathroom, you can bring the sleek metal style into any room. Keep in mind that your lighting shouldn’t be too rustic, but it also shouldn’t be too modern. Maintain a balance with a subtle mix of both elements by choosing lighting with a very minimally distressed look.

Focus On Minimalism To Get A Chic Modern Farmhouse Look

Minimalistic modern farmhouse bathroom

When decorating with modern farmhouse style, you’ll typically want to keep everything fairly minimal. Overdoing the style or overloading your space with too many decorations will take away from the chic, stylish, and welcoming appeal of this decor style. Maintaining a sense of minimalism in your space is a great idea for getting the ultimate modern farmhouse look.

If you aren’t quite sure how to keep the modern farmhouse style going while staying minimal with your decor, below are some simple tips on how to keep that balance going.

How To Use Minimalism With Modern Farmhouse Style

  • Use simple lines, shapes, and patterns. Keeping these elements to a minimum will keep your space feeling clean and calm.
  • Incorporate decorative storage. A great way to keep your decor to a minimum is to make sure it’s useful and purposeful to your space. Decorative storage will give you the ideal mix of stylish and functional.
  • Don’t overload too much of the same material within one room. You want to maintain a healthy balance of materials in each room. For instance, if a room is filled with too many pieces of distressed wood furniture, it will reflect more of a full rustic look rather than a modern look.
  • Keep themed decorations to a minimum. You don’t want to overload your space with too many farmhouse sentiments or barn animals. Doing so will emphasize too much on the traditional farmhouse style instead of the modern farmhouse style. It can also make your space feel too crowded and not as sleek.

Show Off The Modern Farmhouse Style With Contrasting Elements

rustic kitchen table with new chairs

As mentioned before, the modern farmhouse style is all about having a mix of rustic elements with fresh and new elements. In addition to materials, that idea of contrasting elements can also be used in other areas of your decorating. Contrast is a huge part of this style because the whole idea of it is to mix together the old and worn side with the fresh and chic side. You can easily bring in a lot of different contrasting elements with this decor style.

How To Use Contrast In The Modern Farmhouse Decor Style

  • Mix together old and new pieces of furniture. For example, find a thrifted kitchen table and set up brand new chairs around it.
  • Use contrasting colors in the room. While you still want to maintain a mostly neutral look, you can include a couple of bold colored decorations to contrast a fresh white space.
  • Create an accent wall for a bold contrast in a room. The accent wall can be a different color than the rest or it can be a gallery wall of relevant images.
  • Combine modern and stylish sentiment signs with rustic accents for a uniquely contrasted setup.

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