7 Tips For Organizing A Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have an organized space. With a little bit of creativity and clever thinking, you can easily transform your small bedroom into a neatly organized area. Thanks to some clever storage ideas, you don’t even have to take up too much space or overcrowd the room. Whether you currently have too much clutter, or if you just want a fresh looking space, taking the time to organize can help you transform your room. Keep your room looking open, tidy, and clean with these 9 tips for organizing a small bedroom.

1. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space With A Ladder Shelf

Organizing A Small Bedroom - Use A Ladder Shelf

When you’re organizing a small bedroom, you have to find ways to make the room look bigger. Working with the vertical space of a room is a great way to trick the eye into thinking the room is taller than it actually is. Take advantage of vertical space with your storage and organization to keep your room neat and tidy without taking over the area.

A ladder shelf is the perfect choice for vertical storage space. Not only is it a nice decorative piece, but it’s also a very slim storage option that can fit in the corner or even next to your bed. Ladder shelves are great for storing all your bedroom essentials and you can also mix in some decorative accents to make it look even more appealing. These make wonderful alternatives to traditional shelving units in a small bedroom.

How To Store Items On A Ladder Shelf

  • Use baskets and decorative bins as catchalls for smaller items
  • Keep your book collection on the ladder shelf with decorative bookends
  • Place everyday items on a small tray on the ladder for easy access
  • Use clear jars and containers to hold cosmetics in a more decorative way
  • Make the ladder shelf look decorative with plants and candles

2. Use Bedside Tables With Drawers For Clever Bedroom Storage

Organizing A Small Bedroom - Bedside tables With drawers

When you have a small bedroom, it can be difficult to find extra storage spots without overcrowding the space. Bringing in too many shelving units or just adding an extra bookcase can easily make the room feel even smaller. That’s why you have to be a little creative and clever when it comes to small bedroom storage.

Instead of bringing in extra shelving and cabinets to use throughout the room, use bedside tables with drawers. The great thing about bedside tables is that they don’t need to take up too much space, and they make your room feel more complete. Bedside tables with drawers will help you create additional storage areas without sacrificing any extra space. These can also help you declutter your bedroom and dresser to make your room look more neat and tidy.

How To Use Bedside Tables For Storage

  • Store extra clothes in the drawers to save room in your dresser and closet.
  • Hide your perfumes, makeup, and other beauty items inside your bedside drawers to reduce clutter.
  • Use your bedside table drawers to hold your books as an alternative to a bookshelf.
  • Place small baskets inside of the bedside drawers for all your small catchall items.

3. Add A Shelving Unit Above Your Bed To Save Space In A Small Bedroom

Organizing A Small Bedroom - over the bed shelving unit

Another great way to organize a small bedroom is to take advantage of the space above your bed. Most of the time, people tend to add shelving units to other areas of their room. Instead, use a headboard with shelves or add a wall shelving unit above your bed to save space in the rest of your room.

Whether you use a unit with closet cabinets or an open shelving layout, adding this above your bed can give you extra storage space with a decorative touch. It’s especially beneficial to use a headboard with a built in shelving unit because the design will seamlessly blend into your room. Taking advantage of this wall of your room will help keep the rest of your area more open and tidy.

You can easily use these shelves and cabinets to store extra blankets and pillows, cords and electronic devices, cosmetics and beauty items, books, and much more. If you choose open shelving, you can also add decorative accents mixed in with your storage items to make your room feel balanced. This is a great way to create a beautiful display while maintaining an efficiently organized bedroom.

4. Create Extra Room In A Small Dresser By Rolling Your Clothes

Organizing A Small Bedroom - roll your clothes in your drawers

A small bedroom typically contains small furniture, which means it can sometimes be difficult to find enough space for your clothes and other items. Whether your dresser drawers are stuffed or if they are just disorganized, reorganizing your drawers in a new way can keep your room feeling clean and tidy.

Instead of folding your clothes the traditional way, a small dresser requires a new folding technique to make space for everything you have. Additionally, you can use drawer dividers or special baskets to separate you clothes into different categories. If you aren’t sure where to begin with your small dresser organizing, check out some helpful tips below.

How To Organize A Small Dresser

  • Organize your clothes by using the rolling technique instead of folding them. First, fold them normally, then carefully roll them up to make them more compact. Note: make sure to not roll up the clothes that wrinkle easily.
  • Use baskets to organize your clothing. Baskets work well for dressers that have deep drawers and a small width.
  • If your drawers are more shallow, you can use drawer dividers instead of baskets.
  • Sort your clothing by categories to make everything easier to find. For example, one drawer might contain a section with your graphic t-shirts, another section with shorts, and a third section with all your socks.
  • Depending on the amount of drawers you have and how many different pieces of clothing you have, the number of sections will vary. Organize based on your specific needs.

5. Use Hanging Organizers & Clever Closet Storage To Free Up Space In Your Small Bedroom

Hanging closet organizers

Another way to free up space in your small bedroom and to free up space in your small dresser is to focus on your closet storage. Even if your closet is also small, you can easily create a nice balance between your room and closet to maintain an organized and efficient space.

When it comes to clever closet storage, you have to think a little bit outside of the box. Your closet can hold more than just clothes; use it wisely to store extra items that are taking up space in your small bedroom. Whether you use special closet storage items or just simple organize your closet in a new way, you can easily create a clever storage space inside of your closet. Check out some ideas below to get started.

Clever Closet Storage Ideas For Your Small Bedroom

  • Use hanging organizers for your foldable clothes. This will free up some space in your small dresser.
  • Store jewelry and accessories on wall hooks inside of your closet to make your room look less cluttered.
  • Keep extra blankets, pillows, and more in baskets or bins on the top shelf of your closet.
  • Use rolling storage drawers inside of your closet to hold any extra items, clothes, or accessories.
  • Hang clothes on multi-level hangers to free up more space in the closet.

6. Organize Your Small Bedroom With Under The Bed Storage

Bedframe with storage drawers

Hidden storage is always a good idea for a small bedroom because the less clutter you have, the more open your room will feel. Keeping extra items and other non-essentials hidden away will keep your room feeling organized and maintained. With limited space to work with, you have to find areas of your room that can double as storage spaces.

Take advantage of the space under your bed for the ultimate hidden storage. Use bins and baskets to store shoes or other excess items underneath your bed. You can also use slim zip up bags to store out of season clothing under the bed. Additionally, the space under your bed can be used to hide away pillows, blankets, towels, and other linens that don’t fit in your closet or in other drawers.

You can even use a bedframe that comes with built in drawers or shelves. This is a great idea to keep your room looking stylish and chic while keeping everything neatly organized. Bedframe drawers can be used for extra clothing that doesn’t fit in your dresser or even extra pillows and blankets for easy access.

7. Use The Foot Of Your Bed For Seamless Storage Space

Foot of the bed bench and baskets

Lastly, another tip for organizing a small bedroom is to use the space at the foot of your bed for storage. This space can surprisingly be transformed to hold items in a clever way. Making use of this small area by your bed can free up space in another area of your room. This can easily trick the eye into thinking the room looks slightly bigger and less cluttered. These storage solutions can keep your bedroom both stylish and efficient.

Foot Of The Bed Storage Ideas

  • Set up decorative baskets
  • Use an ottoman storage bench
  • Add a wooden bench with decorative storage containers on top
  • Use a large decorative trunk or chest
  • Bring in a two level shoe shelf to hold any items
  • Add a short dresser or set of drawers

Now that you’ve learned some clever tips for organizing a small bedroom, check out our Bed & Bath section to transform your space even more! Find new bedding, comfortable sheet sets, stylish window curtains, and much more to make your bedroom look new for less.

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