7 Small Patio Decorating Ideas To Open Up Your Space

Having a small outdoor patio doesn’t mean you can’t create a stunning and welcoming space. You simply need to use your space wisely and add things that can make your patio truly shine. No matter how small your patio is, you can easily set up an outdoor area for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoyment. With some simple tips and tricks, you can transform your patio space. From furniture ideas to lighting to storage and more, here are 7 small patio decorating ideas to open up your space.

1. Keep Your Patio Furniture Simple To Save Space

Small Patio Decorating Ideas - use small outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture sets can look nice but can take up a lot of space. If you have a small patio, you have to be mindful of the way you use your space. Luckily you can still have a nice seating area on your small patio without taking up a sufficient amount of room. Using more simple patio furniture can help keep your outdoor area more open while still giving you a comfortable area to relax in.

Simple patio furniture can include chairs and tables that are thin, compact, and small. For instance, you can set up a small round table with a set of thin metal chairs. This will keep your seating area confined to a small section of the patio. To elevate this simple furniture, you can add seat and back cushions to your chairs, and you can put a tablecloth on the table when entertaining. This is a great way to mix comfort with efficiency.

In addition to using simple furniture, you can also opt to use foldable furniture. There are many folding chairs and tables that are both decorative and comfortable. This is a great option if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. You can bring the furniture out when needed, and then fold it up and store it to keep your space open.

2. Make Your Small Patio Feel Bigger By Using Vertical Space

Small Patio Decorating Ideas - use vertical planters

Another way to decorate your small patio is to take advantage of vertical space. Focusing on vertical space is a great way to great the illusion of a taller and grander area without actually taking up precious room. Whether you want to make your patio look decorative and comfortable or if you want to add a lot of plants and flowers, you can find creative ways to use your small space wisely.

If you have a fenced in area or a patio with walls, it’s even easier to take advantage of vertical space. However, no matter what your small patio setup looks like, you can still find the most efficient ways to use vertical space. There are so many different ways to use up your patio’s vertical space; check out some ideas below.

Small Patio Vertical Decorating Ideas

  • Hanging planters
  • Wall trellis
  • Hammock or hanging chair
  • Wall signs and decorations
  • Tiered planter stands
  • Patio umbrella with string lights

3. Use Outdoor Lighting To Open Up Your Patio Space

Small Patio Decorating Ideas - use outdoor lighting and string lights

Outdoor lighting is not only functional but it can also be a magical addition to your space. Lights are wonderful for outdoor entertaining, relaxing, and for making your small patio look bigger and brighter. There are so many different ways to light up your patio space, whether you want a purely decorative look or if you want to use it for a more functional purpose. Check out some small patio lighting ideas below for your outdoor inspiration.

Small Patio Lighting Ideas

  • Hang string lights above your patio or across patio walls
  • Display lanterns around the border of your patio
  • Use solar lighted stakes in the grass near your patio
  • Add lighted wall sconces to your patio for a functional space
  • Hang up mason jar lights above your patio
  • Use a solar lantern as the centerpiece on your patio table
  • Hang string lights from your patio umbrella
  • Install motion sensor lights on your patio
  • Decorate with solar lighted statues or solar planters

4. Hide Away Unnecessary Clutter With Clever Patio Storage

add a storage bench

When you have a small patio, you tend to have limited outdoor storage space. While you may be able to store some items in your garage or other areas of your home, storing things on your patio can sometimes be more convenient. Your patio is a great place to store gardening supplies, yard tools, and any other necessary backyard items.

You have to be a little bit clever when it comes to small patio storage. You don’t want to take up too much space on the patio but at the same time, you also want to efficiently store all your necessities. Combining function and style is the perfect way to store items on a small patio. This combination also typically helps you keep your storage hidden but within reach.

Functional and stylish storage on your patio can include things such as a storage bench, a storage ottoman, or even a storage box that doubles as an outdoor table. Anything that can double as storage and a functional or decorative piece will give you an efficient storage space on your small patio.

5. Make Your Patio Feel Bigger By Decorating With Bright Colors

red decorated patio

Another way to amplify your small patio is to decorate with bright and bold colors. Decorating with a nice color scheme can make your patio feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. Taking the time to choose a color scheme for your patio will help you make it even more enjoyable and fresh.

Keep in mind that different colors reflect different moods. For instance, if you want to promote cheerfulness and excitement, you’d probably want to use bold colors such as yellow, bright red, or orange. If you want a more relaxed and laid back space, go for softer colors like sky blue or muted green. You can also choose to have a more neutral space with small pops of colors throughout the patio for a unique look.

Small Patio Decorating: How To Add Colors

  • Add some colorful throw pillows to your outdoor seating
  • Set up a bold colored side table
  • Use an assortment of colorful planters and flower pots
  • Display a patterned outdoor rug for a unique touch
  • Decorate with different colored statues
  • Use a variety of colored solar lanterns

6. Use A Canopy To Amplify Your Small Patio

canopy on patio

Sometimes the best way to take advantage of your small patio is to frame it. Creating a physical frame around your patio will instantly turn it into a stunning outdoor space. It will also highlight the privacy and comfort of having a small patio rather than give off a cramped appearance.

A canopy is one of the best ways to frame your small patio. Having a purposeful structure surrounding your small patio will give you a great starting point to create a cozy dining area or a comfortable seating area. The great thing about a lot of canopies is that you can attach outdoor curtains to them. This not only brings a nice decorative touch, but it also provides privacy and shields you from the sun and bugs.

If you already have a structuring covering your patio, you can then simply hang outdoor curtains from your existing structure. You can do this by installing a curtain rod or hooks. Making your patio feel cozy is a wonderful way to get the best use out of your small space. Covering the area will make it feel more homey and more fulfilling.

7. Take Advantage Of Your Small Patio By Making It Cozy

cozy patio

Adding as much comfort and coziness as possible is one of the best ways to amplify your small patio and turn it into a stunning space. You want your patio to feel warm, welcoming, and homey, so it’s best to bring in elements that promote those feelings. There are so many ways to add coziness to your patio; check out some easy ideas below for inspiration.

How To Make Your Small Patio Cozy

  • Use outdoor cushions and throw pillows whenever possible
  • Add an outdoor rug
  • Decorate with softer furniture such as a wicker table
  • Hang up warm white string lights or display lanterns
  • Add some wall art to make your patio look more homey
  • Use a hammock or hanging chair for comfy seating
  • Add a small firepit to your patio
  • Display a lot of greenery and flowers
  • Bonus: check out these patio furniture ideas for a cozy space

Now that you’ve learned some small patio decorating ideas, check out our Garden & Outdoors section to find wonderful additions for your patio! Shop outdoor decorations, solar lighting, outdoor furniture, planters, and much more.

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